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anupriya chappals stilletoesShe runs her own blog, has her own collection called ‘Howrah Bridge,’ and can be spotted on various fashion portals (that’s how we spotted her too). And then we discovered her blog, which has a curious name- Chappals vs Stilettos. The owner, Anupriya Dutta Gupta, a lady with a pretty face and lovely smile, affably agreed to let her feature her blog on IMBB. Here she is ladies, answering the questions we threw at her.

1. When and how did you start blogging? Why did you choose the unique name for your blog?
A – One Sunday afternoon in August 2009, a newspaper article about Indian Fashion Bloggers caught my eye. What I read interested me greatly…and I thought I’ll try my hand at the trade too! Thus was born my humble blog “Chappals vs Stilletoes

The name came almost as a revolutionary rebuff towards the belief that one needs to wear heels to be stylish. I’m short (5’2”), and I still swear by my flats. So, I wanted my blog to represent the not-always-on-heels-yet-fashionable me! (Not that I don’t wear heels, but I only limit heel-wearing to special occasions)

[I’d like to mention here that I’m not totally against high heels or such; it’s just that you don’t NEED to kill your feet for the sake of style. I think, a real fashionista would wear flats with as much élan as she wears her sky-high heels!]

2. What do you cover on your blog? Any specific interest areas?anupriya dutta
A – My blog is all about my personal style. It’s a platform where I share my own style sensibilities with like-minded fashion-addicts from all over the world. It’s almost like my style diaries, whose pages I can turn back at any point of time & track my style evolution through the years.
Sometimes, I even share glimpses of my other passion, photography, with my fellow bloggers & readers. My pictures become the mirrors of my city, my country, my culture & my loved ones to people all across the globe and they get to see all these through my eyes.

3. How would you define your style?
A – My style is just an extension of my personality – fun, vibrant, easy-going, whimsical, care-free and definitely head-turning! 😉

4. What other style icons do you like? Is there someone you’d love to copy in terms of style?
A – I don’t really believe that you can copy someone else & be stylish – style is a very individualistic aspect & hence I always like dressing up like “myself” ( and not like some Page-3 socialite/celebrity/so-called style icon!)

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But, yes, I do appreciate the style sensibilities of certain well-known personalities who have an individualistic sense of style & who know how to carry themselves – Sonam Kapoor, Maharani Gayatri Devi, Sarah Jessica Parker & Emma Watson to name a few.

chappals stilletoes5. Share your makeup/ skincare routine.
A – I’m very much a minimalist as far as make-up is concerned. A stroke of kohl, a light compact & a dash of gloss is all that I need before stepping out. A sunscreen is a must for the hot & humid Indian summers and moisturizer & lip balm for the dry winters.

I’m really too lazy to follow rigorous beauty regimens, but there are certain things that I religiously do no matter what. I have to have my make-up cleansed & removed once I’m back home, and then wash my face with a face wash or rose water. Also, I regularly use body lotion before going to bed so that my skin is soft & moist at all times.

6. Current trends you are lusting after.
A – This summer, I’m absolutely going to OD on the Florals! This trend is big in runways as well as streets all over the world, and I’m going to follow it with my own unique twists. Another trend that I’m all hyped up about is Neons. But then, the color-fanatic that I am, it’s hardly surprising that I’ll fall for the fluorescents, isn’t it???

7. How much time and money do you devote for your blog?
A – When it comes to blogging, Time is Money! I don’t schedule time for my blog, but I try to give it as much time as possible. Maybe my readers find me missing in action for a week and then again, maybe I’m posting three times a week! But I tend to make sure, that when I’m giving time to my blog, I’m giving it my full undivided attention & enthusiasm. Something money can’t really buy, no?

8. Something special about your blog that you’d like to share with our readers.
A – Well……to me, my whole blog is special! I want to share everything on it with you guys – so get over there now!! If you are a part of my blog, you are a part of my life! 🙂

9. Quick style tips you could give to our readers.
A – I would keep this short & simple – be comfortable. If you are not comfortable in what you are wearing, you CAN’T feel good. If you don’t feel good, you’ll NEVER look good. Take my words for it. Or go see it for yourself.

Ladies, do post any questions you’d like to ask Anupriya in the comments below and DO check out her Blog.


38 thoughts on “We Love Your Blog! Chappals Vs Stilletoes

  1. I loveeeeeee anupriya’s purple bag in the first pic.. and the red pants are sooo hot.. :clap: :clap: :dance: :dance:

  2. I always felt that way too about heels 🙂 it’s about how you carry yourself not about wearing 6 inch heels all the time, I’m so glad there are others who think the same! Rati had also mentioned this for the contest – it’s about how you present it, not about many brands there are in your outfit or how high your heels are.

    1. Hi Vish,

      I blog about my own personal style which covers ethnic as well as western wear. I’m comfortable in flaunting both with style…..hence you’ll find both on my blog! 🙂

  3. Eye-catching & Interesting Blog Name… :yes: Lemme go check it.. :haanji:

    Loved your views…[I’d like to mention here that I’m not totally against high heels or such; it’s just that you don’t NEED to kill your feet for the sake of style. I think, a real fashionista would wear flats with as much élan as she wears her sky-high heels!]

    I absolutely subscribe to ’em..!! I love the grace added by heels but at the same time…comfort comes 1st in priority. So I sport my stilettos for ornamental use only… :specs: Am out & out Sneakers & Kolhapuris & Flat Boots gal..have collected ’em in many colours & styles.. :dance:

  4. hello – its very refreshing to come across someone like you who dosent let current trends take over just to look fashionable. Loved the simplicity..just one thought though it might be contradictory to what you believe in – i have seen that stilettos just gives a very sleek appearance and makes one look slimmer (my opinion ofcourse) and if one is comfy why not but I am a 5’3 1/2″ myself and i love flats too..:)

      1. That’s precisely what I wonder sometimes too – like the 9 inch Louboutins that were created recently – they were beautiful artistically, but if someone actually wore them they’d be killing their posture and feet. Like you said, fashion, yes, but not at the cost of comfort 🙂

  5. Loved reading about you anupriya. I love my flats as much as i love my heels. Both get my undivided attention all the time. 😀 I totally loving florals ..they are working like a magnet for me these days. 😆 😆 😆

    and i love your blog. :yes: :yes: :yes:

  6. A girl after my own heart! :love: I am rather vertically challenged too and not a big fan of wearing heels all the time. :waiting: I checked out your superbly named blog and it’s brilliant, Anupriya! :woot: Loved the red pants picture in this article too. 😀

  7. Even i have the opinion that since i’m short ill look good only if i wear heels n yu changed it now..you are looking super cool..love ur style… :))

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