Lush BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask Review

Lush BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask Review

Hello lovelies,

Today, I am going to review Lush’s fresh face mask – BB Seaweed.  As you all know, Lush face masks are handmade with the finest essential oils, fresh fruits, veggies, deep cleansing clay and rich herbs, so they are all made from natural ingredients. These are perfect for skin as they don’t cause any harmful reactions.  In my last review on Lush – Dream Steam tab, I had mentioned that I love to do home facials. I use this mask after scrubbing and steaming my face.


Product Description:

Locally harvested seaweed mask.  Finding the right mask when you are working with sensitive skin can be risky. Redness inducing, inflammation causing even painful! BB Seaweed is a best-seller for its ability turns every rough patch into smooth, supple skin. No surprises here, BB Seaweed is packed full of none other than the ocean greenery itself! Seven pounds of it in each batch, in fact. Finely ground almonds gently slough away dry skin, rose absolute balances skin tone and organic extra virgin olive oil moisturizes. Slather up in seaweed and feel your skin smile.


BB seaweed is for exfoliating the delicate skin without irritating it.

  • Made of seven pounds of nutrient rich seaweed.
  • Rose absolute oil in BB seaweed to improve skin’s texture and tone.


Lime Tree Flowers (Tilia europaea) , Sweet Violet Leaf Infusion (Viola Odorata) , Kaolin , Honey (Mel) , Glycerine , Ground Almonds (Prunus dulcis) , Bladderwrack Seaweed (Fucus gardneri) , Organic Aloe Vera Gel (Aloe barbadensis) , Millet Flakes (Panicum miliaceum) , Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Olea europaea) , Bentonite Gel , Fresh Rose Petal (Rosa centifolia) , Rose Absolute (Rosa damascena) , Patchouli Oil (Pogostemon cablin) , Rosemary Oil (Rosmarinus officinalis) , Seaweed Absolute (Fucus vesiculosus) , *Citral , *Geraniol , *Benzyl Benzoate , *Limonene , *Linalool , Perfume.

Lush BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask 2

How To Use:

Cleanse your face and pat dry. Smooth a good dollop of Fresh Face Mask over your entire face, making sure to avoid the eyes and mouth. Leave the mask on for about ten minutes (do not let the mask dry completely).Finally, wash off with warm water and follow with your favorite toner and moisturizer.


$6.95 for 2.1 oz jar.

Lush BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask 3

My Take on Lush BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask:

I am sold for anything that claims to be safe for sensitive skin. I used this product after steaming my face and applied a coat of the product on the face as instructed. I left it on for more than 10 minutes as it had an amazing smell and I loved the feeling of it on the skin. This product has a great fragrance to it. Once it dried, I splashed some warm water on the face and removed the product by gently massaging it on the skin. It has a nice grainy consistency which helps to scrub and exfoliate the face. You can see specks of lime tree flower leaves. It leaves the skin beautiful, soft and glowy after washing off and a subtle fragrance still remains on the face giving a fresh feel. The SA had advised that I could use the product every alternate day.

Lush BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask 4

Pros of Lush BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask:

  • Smells really good.
  • Ingredients are fresh and handmade. There are zero chemicals in it.
  • Suitable for any skin type and most importantly sensitive skin.
  • Has a grainy texture which exfoliates the skin without being harsh.
  • Helps to treat redness and post acne scars.
  • Leaves skin smooth, soft and supple.
  • Fragrance lingers for quite some time giving the face a fresh feel.
  • Mask gives a cooling effect.

Cons of Lush BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask:

  • Product has to be saved in the fridge and there is a short term expiry date (frequent power cuts may spoil the mask.

I don’t see any cons and I am totally loving and enjoying the product to bits and pieces.

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9 thoughts on “Lush BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask Review

  1. I have not heard about this product but after reading this review it sounds quite interesting *clap* but after finding that it has such a short expiry, i may skip this one *nababana*

  2. I am using catastrophe cosmetic mask since a few days as I am having a breakout phase right now n they have started healing in a slow pace…after they all r gone I will try this mask..

  3. wooooow i soo want to try lush but most of the online websites don’t have it *headbang* this face mask looks awesome and unique *hifive* *hifive* will try searching for lush *pompom*

  4. Where are LUSH cosmetics available these days? Their website has been down for quite some time and all the online cosmetics sites have an Out of Stock label on LUSH Products. Help! I am in urgent need of LUSH FRESH PHARMACY for the acne on my face 🙁

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