Lush British Nanny Review

Lush British Nanny

By Alaka Singh

Hi everyone,
I am super excited to send my review to IMBB. Hoping that you all would find it useful as well.

I have always liked Lush skin products. Whenever I am in Lush store I feel like I am in a wonderland.All the beautiful handmade products lure me and it is very hard to stop shopping at only one product.

I have an extremely dry skin so I always tend to reach for skin products, which can provide ample moisturization.
So lets see how much care did the ‘Nanny ’provide…shall we?

First Impression on Lush British Nanny

The cream comes in a black pot which is made of 100% recycled plastic…hurray for the environment. Also they do not test the products on animals.The texture is extremely thick and creamy due to the rich Shea butter and Candelilla wax content. The cream in an off white color with musky smell.Though it contains tiger lily flower infusions and fresh apple juice, it does not smell floral at all.And the sad part is the fragrance hangs around on the skin even after hours….so if you have a sensitive nose please watch out.Due to my dry skin, I generally find very easy to blend any moisturizer. But that was not true with this cream. It really takes an effort and time to blend it well.You can see in the swatch that the cream leaves a greasy look.




In summers I was not able to use this cream at all. Any sweating on the face would instantly give me shiny oily look with this cream.In spite of the dry weather and dry skin I was constantly blotting my face. Any compact or foundation used on top of the cream instantly gets ruined.However I found this cream more useful during winters. It kept my skin moisturized and healthy looking.The cream has SPF30 so that is a major advantage as I do not have to worry about including sunscreen when I use this cream.

Quick Tip

Since blending this cream was huge task in itself, I always take small amount of the cream and mix few drops of Dabur Gulabri in it. The rose water makes the cream more liquefied to use. You can see in the swatch that it has given a more even look on the skin.

Here is another tip; this cream is extremely good night cream for skin repair.
It contains cold pressed oilslike organic almond, coconut oil, jojoba oil and hibiscus seed oil. When I apply this cream and leave it overnight, my skin looks better the next day. The skin looks nourished and hydrated.


It is available currently in UK stores and 45g tub is priced at £27.50.

Pros of Lush British Nanny

• Good product only if you havedry skin.
• Has SPF30 for sun protection.
• Cream is more useful during winters.
• Comes in environment friendly packaging and not tested on animals.
• Has very good ingredients containing Shea butter,tiger lily infusion, almond oil, coconutoil and jojoba oil.
• Product lasts for a long time,as very little quantity is needed for use.
• More useful when used the product as night cream.

Cons of Lush British Nanny

• Not a good cream if you have oily or combination skin.
• Does not have a pleasant fragrance unless you are a fan of musk smell.
• Fragrance stays for hours after applying so caution for sensitive noses.
• Too pricey when compared to the benefits it provides.
• Has very thick consistency requiring lot of blending.
• Leaves a greasy oily layer appearance.
• Difficult to use when used as base for makeup or compact.
• No anti aging benefits.
• It also contains bee pollen, so if you are allergic please stay away from it.

IMBB Rating


The product is good only for extremely dry skin and more useful as nighttime moisturizer during winters.

Would I buy Lush British Nanny again?

I really love Lush products but for Lush British Nanny, my answer is sadly No.
It was not a very pleasant experience with this product. And I do not recommend it either.

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  1. Welcome to IMBB Alaka, looking forward to many more reviews from you. Lush has shut shop in India 🙁 this cream is not available in India 🙁

    1. Hi Jomol…thank you so much for your comments…. 🙂
      It is so sad that Lush closed in India… I was seeing that still hosts some Lush products.

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