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It’s World Vegan Day on November 1st, which also marks the start of World Vegan Month, and as a vegetarian company Lush is aware of the plight facing vegans to find beauty products that meet their strict criteria. Finding soap made without animal fat, or cosmetics without honey, milk, eggs or lanolin can be downright difficult if you are one of the small percentage of vegans.


Made with fresh, natural ingredients (organic wherever possible), all of Lush’s products are vegetarian and approximately 75% are suitable for vegans. And to make it even easier to identify these products, The Vegan Society logo adorns all that are suitable. This is our attempt to try and make the shopping experience as quick and simple as possible for all our vegan customers. Choose from our wide range of vegan products to get you started for the festivities. Have fun and go cruelty free!!

An effective way to prepare the skin for winter is to regularly use facemasks. According to Helen Ambrose, Lush Co-Founder & Product Inventor: “Facemasks containing clays such as kaolin are an excellent way to make sure you are cleaning your skin thoroughly, but at the same time they can deliver softening, protective and comforting benefits that are needed when weather conditions are extreme. They will also work to give the skin a little lift, as the clays tightening effect will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.” Use once a week as the perfect way to get lots of lovely, fresh ingredients onto your skin and leave them there for a while to work their magic.

A great choice in winter for vegans is the nourishing Oatifix (Rs 550 for 100gm), as it contains a blend of fine oatmeal and fresh organic bananas that will soothe and calm dry or sensitive skins and Illipe butter to reduce redness. Oatifix works to soften the surface of the skin, making it more pliable and flexible, which enables skin to function more easily, to absorb moisture and prevent its loss. Vegan


Going into Autumn/Winter Helen recommends using a more heavily weighted moisturiser, try something like SKIN DRINK (Rs 1,020 for 45g pot) if you have dry, parched skin. It has a heavier textured formulation that contains healing and soothing aloe vera, together with emollient oils and butters of evening primrose, sesame, cocoa and almond. Also contains fresh avocado, which is packed with oils and antioxidant vitamin E, and is a very rich skin conditioner, perfect for the winter months. Vegan.

Skin Drink
Skin Drink

Bought by Angelina Jolie and Darryl Hannah.

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  1. woudnt mind checking the skin drink…me too a victim of dry skin…but i dont want it to be very thick …(heavier textured formulation) not sure what that means…

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