Lush Celestial Moisturizer Review

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On my last visit to Lush store, guess who decided to come home with me – Lush Celestial Moisturizer. I have used this moisturizer earlier and was really impressed with it. So it was no surprise that I picked it up again as this is one of my favorite moisturizers from Lush, let me go ahead and tell you why.

Lush Celestial Moisturizer

Product Description:

Redness. Stinging. Irritation. Sound familiar? Having sensitive skin can be incredibly frustrating (even painful!), which is why we invented our most gentle moisturizer, Celestial. With its creamy cocoa butter base, Celestial effectively moisturizes without irritating ingredients like citrus oils or alcohol. We blend vanilla water, to help the skin retain its moisture, with hydrating almond milk and fresh dove orchid extract to keep delicate skin in soft, glowing condition. Celestial also doubles as a fantastically softening night cream for all skin types.

Lush Celestial Moisturizer Packaging:

The Lush Celestial cream is packaged in a black recycled plastic tub. Being packaged in a recycled tub makes it environment friendly. However the sad part is that if the tub tumbles or if I keep the tub in my handbag, a lot of cream ends up in the crevices of the tub lid cover causing wastage. The cream is white in color with a very smooth silky creamy texture. The cream has faint almond and vanilla aroma to it as it contains almond oil and vanilla water. The fragrance of the cream fades away soon after application. Another flaw in the packaging is that I have to dip my fingers to take the cream out, so I have to make sure my hands are scrupulously clean or I have to use a clean spoon. The cream has been made from natural organic products, so it comes with a time label within which it should be used.


It is priced at $24.95 for 1.5 oz.

Directions To Use:

Lush Celestial Moisturizer

Lush Celestial Moisturizer Ingredients:

Lush Celestial Moisturizer

My Experience with Lush Celestial Moisturizer:

I take a very small amount, almost pea sized and it is enough to use for my entire facial skin. The moisturizer is creamier than a lotion, but as I apply on my face, it blends very well. Due to the orchid-infused cocoa butter and almond oil content, the moisturizer leaves a very slight film on my skin.  Since I have dry skin, it works well for me as I do not feel any greasiness on my skin.  I do not feel that my skin is not able to breathe.

When I apply this cream in the morning, it lasts me the whole day without having to reapply again. I use this cream by itself as well as layer with serum and it always gives me good results. When I use this moisturizer overnight, the next day, my skin feels softer and skin texture feels smoother as well.  I prefer to use this moisturizer during night-time in summers and daytime during winters.

Lush Celestial Moisturizer

The almond oil and glycerin content hydrate my skin very well and my skin feels refreshed.  It gives protection to my skin from the dry air.  I find it very moisturizing on my dry skin.  This moisturizer is specifically targeted towards sensitive and dry skin.  The presence of cocoa butter and almond might be slightly heavier for oily skin. Overall, my skin feels healthy and supple while using this moisturizer.

Lush Celestial Moisturizer

Though Lush products are mostly natural and organic materials, the disheartening thing about this moisturizer is that it contains methylparaben and propylparaben.

Pros of Lush Celestial Moisturizer:

  • Contains mostly natural and organic products like almond oil, dove orchid infused in cocoa butter, almond milk and vanilla water.
  • Very hydrating and nourishing cream for dry skin.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Can be used as day and night cream.
  • Small pea-sized amount is enough for application.
  • Easy to blend and gets absorbed into the skin.
  • Leaves a very mild veil on the skin to provide protection from environmental elements.
  • Very nourishing and soothing on skin.
  • Mild almond and vanilla fragrance, which does not stay after application.
  • Skin feels moisturized for whole day.

Cons of Lush Celestial Moisturizer:

  • Would not be suitable for oily skin due to cocoa butter and oil content.
  • No sunscreen benefits.
  • Price.
  • Availability in India.
  • Packaging is not very good as a lot of cream ends up in lid cover crevices.
  • Contains parabens.

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Would I Repurchase Lush Celestial Moisturizer?

I had previously bought this moisturizer and would continue to do so.  It is one of my favorite moisturizers from Lush. The pros outweigh the cons of this moisturizer,so Lush Celestial and me are buddies for now.

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