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Hello girls, New Year has come and with it brought lots of happiness, health and love for all. Belated wishes to everyone! My review today would be on lush charity pot I bought in November haul along with other items from lush and new u. My main idea with charity pot was the necessity for a hand and body lotion plus to help with the charity it supported. Hence the purchase. The experience at the lush store was filled with different smelling soaps along with various colorful bath bombs in sight. It was so cute! Perfect experience to cheer up my weekly off from clinic. 🙂

lush charity pot

What the product claims
Charitable body lotion that keeps on giving. Fair-trade, organic cocoa butter moisturizes and gives Charity Pot an incredibly rich chocolate scent. Charity Pot has always been a quality product, but since we started using Fair-trade organic cocoa butter, it smells like a pot of rich and creamy chocolate. This was one of our first lotions. It’s made with skin-softening cocoa butter and almond oil to make your skin feel lovely, and it has a scent you’ll want to sniff all day long. Mark was touched by a product created for an AIDS charity and wanted to have a product that would be solely for charitable giving. Every penny that you pay for a pot, excluding the VAT, goes to grassroots charities all around the world. Geranium essential oil is balancing and lends a delicate fragrance.

What it contains
lush charity pot ingredients
water(aqua), almond oil( prunus dulcis), fair-trade organic cocoa butter(theobroma cacao),glycerine,stearic acid,ylang ylang oil(cananga odorata),geranium oil(pelargonium graveolens), tagetes oil(tagetes minuta), trithanolamine,cetyl alchol,gerniol,cintronllol,linalool*,limonene* perfume, gardenia extract(gardenia jasminodies)methylparaben, proplyparaben
*occurs naturally in essential oils

I really like the ingredients they put and the fact that this product is all vegan (ie no animal derived ingredients). Lush is a firm believer in fair-trade and their products are not tested on animals, only on humans 😉

Price and pack- 240g for Rs 990. It’s in black tub like some of the ice cream tubs in market. However it’s made from 100% recycled plastic.

lush charity pot socare

The charity this particular batch supports is the SO CARE; society’s care for the indigent. To make a difference in the lives of the indigent children and make them contribute positively to the society.

I have used it for exactly one month now. I used it in night time before going to bed for my arms and hands. This was what was left after one month of religious use.
lush charity pot product
Around 100 Gms or so. Let’s start with the lab test report 😉

Pros of Lush Charity Pot

• I liked the fact that its all vegan and not tested on animals
• I liked what they put in the pot…all organic butters with lots of essential oils and all n those of you who have read my article on aromatherapy know how much of a fan I am of essential oils..
• I liked the smell of this lotion compared to other body lotions at lush. its has subtle cocoa smell but more of geranium essential oil (if anyone of you have smelled it, you’ll know exactly what I am talking of) ylang ylang again has very subtle smell compared to the above
• The texture is light and easily spreads.
• The fragrance lingers for long time but with time it becomes lighter and lighter. After 6 hours I had to smell the skin for the fragrance. That time the geranium was not strong however that time it was a mix of cocoa butter and ylang ylang oil.
• I used it after my body scrub routine and it was perfect after that too… 🙂
• I have normal to a little dry skin for body during winters. Hence for night time use it was perfect for my skin type.
• It does moisturize me during the night time
• I likes the fragrance a lot…very geranium types 🙂
lush charity pot swatch

lush charity pot

Cons of Lush Charity Pot

• It does not contain SPF hence I did not use it for day time. I used my normal body sunscreen for moisture and sun protection
• It’s in a tub form. I know some of you don’t like it that way but it was like ok for me. But a travel size tube should  be introduced by lush in my view
• It’s price. ( 990/- for 240 gms). Price could be a major problem especially for students and all… even for people who don’t like spending much on cosmetics. But for me it was worth the ingredients they put
• My sister didn’t like it for the oiliness it left behind. It was not a problem for me though.
• The texture is nice, however you need to wait for some time for it to absorb completely. The finished look is like of you applying little almond oil for moisturizing. The kind of oily sheen but not too much; it was like that.
• The fragrance is again personal. My sis and I liked it but not my Mom. Again mixed reactions to it.
• For very dry skin types lush has other alternatives, for them to buy it would not be waste of money they would have to reapply frequently making the product to finish very soon.
• For oily skin types for body, people with back acne, arms etc could use dream cream for the ingredients it has.

Overall it was like a mixed reaction even from my side… Again to love it or hate it personally you need to buy it experience it yourself. I would give 1 star for ingredient 1 star for the vegan, not tested on animals and fair-trade and 1 star for the moisturizing effect it had. Half additional star for the texture

Would I buy it again?
I would buy other lotions from lush to actually find my HG hand and body lotion from them. And they are sooo many of them to try. Why miss the fun 😉 next on my list is dream cream. so until the next time love and light.

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  2. I wanted Lush body butter but somehow I opted for TBS instead….would love to try Lush body butters and Hand creams soon :))
    Nice review :yes:

    1. Me too almost bought the You snap the whip…but then the images of my recently purchased TBS and Bath and Body works body butters flashed in front of me and i resisted 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 … I m soo proud of myself!!! Will get it one day though 😉

  3. I have not got anything from Lush so far. I have a small list with me and might add this one to it 🙂 Btw what is the shelf life of this product?

    1. the product was made on 28/10/10 and use by 28/12/11 almost 14 months.. 🙂 but it’ll get over 2.5 months :toothygrin:

  4. If you do decide to try the Dream Cream, smell it before you buy it. It’s one of the least fragranced of Lush products – by that I mean they have not added any much extra perfume – so it has a very strong smell – of tea tree oil I think..I am not really is not a “fragrant smell” if that makes any sense! It’s really light though, but it still is great for sensitive/dry/itchy skin.

  5. Very nice review 🙂
    I am not that much into foody scents but I like this one. I always buy the charity stuff from Lush and others (MAC kids helping kids cards and so on) – love the idea of giving and spending my money on helpful things 🙂 So I bought this one as well and I used it pretty good – till the daughter of a friend discovered it in the bathroom 😀 She fell in love with the smell and got permission to take it with her when they left my place :))

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