Lush Liquid Lipstick – Perspective

Lush Liquid Lipstick – Perspective

Hello beautiful ladies,

Today after a gap of many days, I am back with a review of another lip product and this time it’s a lip color from Lush. Lush as we all know, is a brand famous mainly because of its handmade stuff. It’s a brand made of all natural products which will not harm our skin, they will actually help us to gain our natural beauty. They have many products ranging from bathing products, perfumes to handmade cosmetics. I brought 3 products from Lush and Perspective is one of those. This is my first cosmetic product from Lush and whatever I will say about Lush’s lip colors will be purely based upon my experience with Perspective.

Lush Liquid Lipstick - Perspective

Product quantity: 5g


£14.50, I am not sure about its price in India, but I read in a random site, that it is more than INR 1300


This liquid lip color comes in a small glass bottle with a screw top cap which resembles the bottle of an eye drop, the only difference being the applicator instead of a dropper.


Quantitative Ingredients:

Jojoba Oil, Candelilla Wax, Titanium Dioxide. Rose Wax, Tin Oxide, CI45410, CI177019, CI77491.

Lush Liquid Lipstick - Perspective (5)
Featured Ingredient:

Rose Wax: Rose wax is derived from the concrete obtained in the process of rose absolute. This concrete contains the aromatic chemicals and the waxy element of the rose.

How to wear:

• Follow the outline of your lip with the tip of the sponge, and then fill in.
• For a more subtle colour, use less.
• You can use your lip colour as a cream blusher

Product Description:

This patent applied for recipe for the Liquid Lipsticks is a super softening base, which is a simple blend of organic jojoba oil, Candelilla wax and rose wax. As well as being intensely skin-softening and soothing the base also carries pigment incredibly well.

Lush Liquid Lipstick - Perspective swatch

My take on the Lush Liquid Lipstick – Perspective:

Perspective is a natural looking shade of pink, and this is the main reason due to which I selected this. The site describes it as a ‘natural dusky rose color’. Starting with the texture of the lip color, it is extremely smooth to apply. It feels light on lips; it almost gives the feeling of having nothing on the lips. It is easy to apply and extremely easy to spread. I don’t know the exact reason, but whenever I apply this color, it makes me feel good. The color is easy to carry, even for daily office wear because it is extremely natural looking. But natural looking does not mean that it is not well pigmented. The color is extremely pigmented, and 1 swipe is sufficient to give a natural flush to your lips. The lip color is non-sticky and free of any kind of fragrance. When applied, it gives a glossy finish, so gloss can be avoided. Also it does not dry lips and spreads amazingly even without a balm, and hence balm can also be avoided.


After listing out so many good points about this lip color, I want to tell about not so good points. This lip color is transferable; it transfers everywhere, on cups, hands, tissues (anywhere your lips touche). And due to this, the staying power of the color is not so good. If you do not drink or eat anything, then it stays for around 3 hours, but if you eat something, even a small meal, the color is almost gone. So if you eat something, or even speak a lot, then you have to reapply it faster, which is not so good for your pocket.

Pros of Lush Liquid Lipstick – Perspective:

• Handmade
• Natural looking color (good for everyday use)
• Soft and creamy texture
• Extremely smooth to apply
• Amazing pigmentation
• Gives a glossy finish
• Does not dry lips
• Non-sticky

Cons of Lush Liquid Lipstick – Perspective:

• Pricey
• Shade might not be visible on pigmented lips
• Transferable
• Average staying power

Would I buy Lush Liquid Lipstick – Perspective again?

I would love to, but it is so costly that I will think twice before going for it.

Do I recommend Lush Liquid Lipstick – Perspective?

If you love natural cosmetics and can buy such costly products, it is a must have for your kit.

IMBB Rating: 4/5 (only due to the high cost and being transferable)

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