Lush Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo Review

Lush Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo

Hello Everybody, I am so happy to get back to you with another review. Today, its gonna be on Lush Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo. This is the first ever solid shampoo I am trying. I was quite skeptical to pick a solid shampoo from Lush all these days and finally decided to give it a try.

Lush Ultimate shine solid shampoo

I have dry, dull, frizzy hair (so many bad adjectives ). So, among all the solid shampoos they had, there was a tie between this one and the Godiva solid shampoo. The SA told me that the Ultimate shine shampoo would last for 80 washes (I know that was too much to claim) and the Godiva shampoo has conditioner in it, so would last lesser than that. I know that I wouldn’t skip a conditioner even if I use Godiva, so thought of trying Ultimate shine first.

Price: INR 590 for one piece.
I always like the way Lush describes their product. Here it is for you.

From Lush :
Ultimate Shine – Exotic flowers and twinkling bits give you the shiniest of hair.

For glossy hair, a few golden sparkles and the ultimate shine. With Ultimate Shine, essential oils make your hair shimmer, not the golden sparkles. We have fragrant ylang ylang oil to keep hair shiny and sensual; violet leaf to decongest your scalp and elemi oil to tone and calm your nerves, so you can shine socially, too.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Perfume, Water, Ammonium Laureth Sulfate, Elemi Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Violet Leaf Absolute, Gardenia Extract, Golden Glitter, *Benzyl Benzoate, *Limonene, *Linalool

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Lush Ingredients

* Occurs naturally in essential oils.

My Experience with Lush Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo:

As you may know, in Lush, they stick the label with ingredient list and price etc., only when we go for billing of that product. I was a little upset to see SLS as the first ingredient in the list (at least for a product from a company like Lush). Nevertheless, I made my mind to pick my first ever solid shampoo.

It is in white color with a few golden glitters here and there in it. I don’t know what was that for ?:) . It has very mild floral scent to it, but hair does not have any smell after using this.

Lush shine shampoo

How Did I Use?

I wet my hair completely. Then, I rubbed the shampoo between my hands a couple of times and applied it on the hair. You can even rub it on hair directly. I was thinking that I had to use a lot of product to wash my long hair, but to my surprise, it lathered pretty well with just a few rubs, thanks to SLS, the main ingredient.

The good thing is, even when I have oiled my hair lightly, it lathered well. Just that, I had to use a few more swipes of the shampoo. After lathering well, I rinsed it off with warm water and it leaves my hair super clean.

For the first time, I tried this shampoo without conditioner to see how it works. This “Ultimate Shine” shampoo does give a bit of shine to my otherwise dull and lifeless hair, but nothing dramatic. Also, it combats the frizz to a small extent, but nevertheless, I can’t skip the conditioner or my hair will be dry and hard to manage. On its own, it does not make the hair soft. It is just a shampoo bar and can’t expect it to do that :haanji:

Lush Glitters

Usually my hair will look good on the day I wash it with any shampoo. From the next day onwards, it used to look drier, but after using this shampoo, my hair looks good for a couple more days.

I have used it for about 10 times now in one-and-a-half month and the bar has reduced to nearly 2/3 of its original size (1/3rd over). So, I guess it would last for another 25-30 washes. This is pretty good considering the fact that I have thick long hair and I mostly oil my hair before washing.

What I Like about Lush Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo:

1. Lathers pretty well.
2. Adds a little shine to hair.
3. Leaves my side bangs more controllable.
4. Hair looks nice on the second and third day of washing.
5. Does not make my scalp oily.
6. Good for environment (one shampoo bar equals to 3 liquid shampoo bottle).
7. It would easily last for 3-4 months for me (35-40 washes). On short, medium hair, it would last for even more.
8. Easy to carry while travelling.

What I Don’t Like about Lush Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo:

1. Contains SLS as a main ingredient.
2. Doesn’t give me the “ULTIMATE” shine.
3. Though it is easy to carry while travelling, it will be difficult to pack it immediately after use. You need to wait for that to dry.

Overall Verdict:

Overall my experience with my first solid shampoo is pretty good. I am gonna try their other solid shampoos once this is over.

See you all in next post.

Bye :puchhi:

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36 thoughts on “Lush Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo Review

  1. Lovely review,Kaps!~ :thumbsup:
    But I’m not one for solid shampoo bars! 😛 Then there wouldn’t be any variety in the textures of my bath products. 😐

  2. i gues sthe travelling tip is so awesome. i always struggle to carry shmapoos during the trips. :(( and it sounds so aweosme… :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: I’d love to see your hair kaps. :-*

  3. Never knew we had shampoos coming in solid..just like solid perfumes :toothygrin: :toothygrin:
    Sounds a decent shampoo..i guess it will be very helpful in travelling :waytogo:

  4. Great review! The only “shampoo bars” I’d ever heard of before Lush were those weird ‘Kesh Nikhar’ navy blue thingies. :silly: So, I’ve been wary of using such stuff but considering my hair is dry and a little frizzy, I am tempted to try this one. Is it worth the high (for a shampoo bar, that is) price? ?:)

    1. Jabberwocky, this is a simple shampoo in form of a bar. And cleans my hair like any other liquid shampoo would do. But gave a bit of shine to my hair. This is not enough to keep my hair soft. So I can’t skip my conditioner. Else my hair will be dry after using this :haanji:

    1. I don’t use lot of shampoo Bee. I just use how much is needed to remove oil and dirt. The more shampoo I use, the more dry my hair would be.

    1. Oh really? I thought Godiva would be better than this as he SA told me that it contains conditioner in it ?:)
      This one leaves the hair squeaky clean with bit of a shine Rads :haanji:

  5. very nicely reviewed Kaps :yes: :yes: .. i always pass by Lush store.. if my hubby sees me buying all these weird luking n named stuff at this price, he’s nvr gonna let me go near the store even.. i soo want to try sumthing out from lush.. but wud shop when my hubby is not around.. 😀 😀 😀

    1. hehe, tats the best thing to do nids. Luckily my boyfriend also started liking lush products. So he started browsing the shop with me now 😀 😀

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