LUSH Vanishing Cream Review

LUSH Vanishing Cream Review

Hi everyone!! I have been a follower of IMBB for a couple of weeks now and let me say how much I’m enjoying this addiction..Yes! its quite an addiction with me now as every spare minute finds me hooked to IMBB, reading the product reviews and other things. It’s such a favour when I have something on my mind that I want to buy and find a worthwhile review here on IMBB. Saves  a lot of hassles really.

Ok , coming to the Vanishing Cream from LUSH. Well I have been a fan of Lush products for an year now and Vanishing cream was one of the first purchases.

lush vanishing cream
lush vanishing cream

According to Lush,

The Vanishing Cream is a  low fat moisturizer, making your skin troubles vanish. If you have acne, oily skin, spots on your T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) you could use a pot of our new Vanishing Cream. It’s not magic, though, it’s beautifully traditional natural science. We make it with a new low-fat base, so it’s light as a feather and sinks in. There’s no cocoa butter; although we love it, we know it’s not for everyone. Instead, we use shea butter and deeply softening linseed gel, with low-fat camellia, grapeseed and jojoba oils. Of course, you don’t have to have problem skins to use it; if you’d like a comforting, balancing moisturizer that keeps your skin clear with lavender, neroli and geranium essential oils, then walk this way. But if your skin torments you every day, making you over-oily, spotty, red or sore then you definitely need this. Use it with Herbalism, Angels on Bare Skin, Fresh Farmacy, Tea Tree Water, or a new Tea Tree Toner Tab.

Price: INR 2490.

Well my skin is oily and blemish-prone(though not in winters) and most troublesome in the rainy season when its deluged with breakouts…sigh!! So on my quest for a moisturizer for my skin, I went to LUSH as I quite liked their products after checking the website.I liked the vanishing cream product description and its feel on my skin when the store SA put a sample on my face and I went ahead with the splurge.

lush vanishing cream swatch
lush vanishing cream swatch
lush vanishing cream swatch
lush vanishing cream swatch

What I liked about LUSH Vanishing Cream:

1. It really is a low fat moisturizer. True to its name, it simply vanishes within minutes leaving your skin well moisturized, soft and supple without a trace of greasiness.Love that!!!
2. I so so love the smell of this stuff…I find it calming(perhaps becoz of the essential oils).Its not overboard.
3. It has never ever given me a breakout which I must admit should have been the top most point.Oh! its such a blessing  when you actually find a product that’s suiting your skin..I have used this cream in the peak summer months in Delhi weather and not a single breakout..What more could I ask for??
4. I have noticed a reduction in the blemishes on my face ever since I started using this cream.And I can say that because I am only using this moisturizer apart from my cleanser, toner and sunscreen.My face is clearer and stayed clearer in summers which is such a happy feeling.Ofcourse the cleanser and the night cream has a big role to play in this. I will review them separately.
5. The quantity one requires is simply pea-size..that covers my face and neck (though I don’t use on neck much.i prefer sunscreen there).So the pot lasts for a good duration. I have been using mine since before the beginning of summers except during monsoons when I avoided all moisturisers in general.And I still have half the pot left.

What I Don’t Like about LUSH Vanishing Cream:

1. The price as is with most LUSH products. Though I must add that they sell much cheaper in countries outside India esp UK.

Other than the price I havnt got any negatives for this product really!. All in all I am liking this moisturizer and I will enjoy it all the more in winters. Its something that I don’t have to think about before putting on my face.It will deliver what it promises.

If you have any comments regarding your experience with this product, please do share. Cheers!!


26 thoughts on “LUSH Vanishing Cream Review

  1. Sounds good , but as you said, mighty expensive…….I have been using their black face cleanser which I must admit was the cheapest product in the store but I am loving it.

  2. Anupam..Great review


    What’s the one “must have” product you would suggest to a first timer in Lush products? ?:-) 🙂

      1. I have only used 1 product- Dark Angels Face Cleanser which I bought after reading a review here. It’s a charcoal based cleanser for oily skin which I use a few times a week & am loving it. It also exfoliates, besides absorbing oil from the face. It’s relatively cheap….Rs 700 for 100 gms.

    1. Thanks Debashree!! well I would suggest you try one of their cleansers according to your skin type..You will not be disappointed.And gradually you can go on with trying their moisturisers.Their soaps are quite tempting!! 😛

    1. They have good stuff for dry skin too – I have tried a few of them but I had pretty bad acne so my skin reacted to almost everything. The Angels on Bare Skin cleanser worked very well for me for a good 2-3 months, then my skin reacted and I had to stop it.

      The moisturizer I was recommended was Enzymion and Imperialis. I heard that if you’re unsure which moisturizer to get, you should get Imperialis.

      Lush stuff is really good – like their Enchanted Eye Cream that does not give me milia (I have very sensitive skin). I’ve been using it for a good year now and it really helps in cold, dry weather.

        1. Well!! I dont have dark I wouldn’t know if its gonna work for that!!Maybe I can get back after doing a little research on that!!

      1. Fieran!!..I do have Angels On Bare skin…!! and I really love that one apart from Herbalism which has been my saviour in the summer months..Its sad your skin reacted to it after a good 2-3 months..!!

    2. Hi priya!! well yes..I do think that its more suitable for oily skin as you can see in the product description..generally for blemish prone skin which again is generally oily only!! Probably you can try it in summers!!(DElhi summers I mean)…You can go for their Skin Drink…Its literally a drink for Dry skin..!! quite a heavy moisturiser.. 🙂

  3. I love love love love Lush. However, I find it way too expensive. 🙁 But their products work wonders. I just ‘tried’ making their cupcake mask for teenage skin today, and its come out quite well. 🙂

  4. Hey Anupam!
    Thanks for the review! It’s really cold here now and I need a good cream for my dry acne prone skin…yes ugh!
    Does this help with acne scars and is it specifically made for use on the face?

    1. Hi Devie!! yes its for use on the face!! as far as acne scars are concerned I will suggest use this in conjunction with a good cleanser!! I have been using with Herbalism and my night cream..and yes I did find an improvement in my skin condition..(mine is sadly acne prone …)but again I cannot put the credit for this only on this cream.. :-))

      1. My personal experience says use a vitamin C based cream..I am planning to do a review on my night cream..lets see by tomorrow..It will help lighten those scars!! :-))

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