Lux Magical Spell Fine Fragrance Elixirs Body Wash Review

Lux Magical Spell Fine Fragrance Elixirs Body Wash Review

Hello IMBB Sweeties! :puchhi:

A couple of days back, I was scanning the shelf of a super market in search for a shower gel. I never buy a shower gel twice as I get bored easily with them. As I wanted something new, my eyes fell upon the newly launched Lux magic spell body wash. It has three variants but I loved the fragrance of this Purple beauty a lot! :woot:


What the Company Says:

lux info



Rs 99 for 250 ml.


My Experience:
This shower gel is one of the best I would say from all the variants launched by Lux. It has got a magical fragrance. This fragrance lingers for a long time. It lathers really well with a loofa and does not dry my skin at all. This shower gel is much better than the ones launched by Palmolive, dove or Fiama di wills. It leaves my skin squeaky clean with a drop of the body wash. I don’t need much to get a rich lather. I am for the first time impressed so much from a product by Lux. I feel extremely refreshed after taking a bath with it. It’s a must have for everyone desiring the fragrance of their body wash to linger for a long time.
Pros of Lux Magical Spell Fine Fragrance Elixirs Body Wash:
-Contains fragrance of Black orchid and Juniper oil.
-Contains wild lotus flower oil, Cetaryl alcohol, Soya bean oil, peach fruit and strawberry fruit extract.
-Very moisturizing, glides like cream on body :makeup:
-Does not dry my skin at all.
-Very reasonable price. Rs 99 for 250 ml :yahoo:
-It will last me for a long time.
-It’s the best body wash from all the available body wash from Lux range.
-The fragrance lingers for a long time comparatively to other brands.
-It refreshes me after a tiring schedule. :happydance:
-Attractive packaging.
Cons of Lux Magical Spell Fine Fragrance Elixirs Body Wash:
-It contains Sodium laureth sulfate. :((
-A bit of the product always gets deposited near the mouth of the bottle.
Rating: 4 out of 5.
Will I repurchase again?
No, as I get bored with same shower gel easily and this is a big bottle, will last me long.
Overall Recommendation:
Yes I will recommend this body wash to everyone here. Try it, for the price you getting it, you would never be dissatisfied :thumbsup:

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32 thoughts on “Lux Magical Spell Fine Fragrance Elixirs Body Wash Review

    1. :lol2: Absolutely true!! Then saara tension hi khatam !! Specially if we could smell perfumes reviwed here 😀 Thanks a lot! :thanks:

  1. wowww lux — no drying
    i have nrmal skin bt sumhw lux alwaz dries my skin
    sounds v good esp fragrance description :yahoo: :woot:
    wil give it a try
    my next item in bodywash list 🙂

    1. I was never this satisfied with any product from Lux, but this one is awesome, particularly its fragrance, the purple look and the Price ! :yahoo:

  2. yes, i will also buy this one….
    when i saw the add first time, i was impressed with the colour of the bottle!!!

    i mean, err…, after i finish the 3 new body washes stacked in my cupboard 😐

      1. Kya karu Tapaswini… whenever i go out, these body washes attract me the most!!!
        actually… :secret2: i have decided i will buy this one this weekend… anyways, dekho, i will need bodywash na.. so waste to nehi hoga na…

  3. sounds amazing…..but i have so many bath products to finish :(. Recently picked up all the soap variants from Patanjali…. & loving them!!

    1. I have all the soap variants from Patanjali, the mogra and multani mitti soaps are fabulous! Hey na dear?

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