Lux Silk Nourishment Body Wash

Lux Silk Nourishment Body Wash

Hello Everyone,

Today I am going to review a Lux Bodywash, it is with Lux that I have started using a bodywash but that was a different variant. This Bodywash had made my shower more enjoyable for some time by now and its fragrance just gave my mornings a kick start. It even made my skin smooth and the bumps at the root of hairs on my body disappeared.

I really love the fact that soaps are being replaced with body washes as they are not just luxurious but they help to exfoliate the body with the loofah. I believe soap is just rubbed on the skin, lathered and washed off. With body wash skin is consciously exfoliated with circular motion of loofah and the difference is just amazing. So after finishing up the whole bottle here is the review.

Body Wash


Hidustan Uniliver Limited

Lux Silk Nourishment Bodywash

Lux Silk Nourishment Bodywash


250 ml

Use Before:
24 Months



Product Claim:

Intense Loving Moisturization for Irresistibly Silky Skin
Indulge your body with this gorgeous blend of nourishing creamy yogurt, light natural honey & Mediterranean olive extracts, blended into this luxurious shower cream, which deeply moisturizes your skin, leaving it with a silky feel.

How to Use:
Pour a little Lux Bodywash onto a wet loofah or into your hand and apply on skin. Indulge in the rich creamy lather. Rinse off.

(Information from the back of bottle)

My Experience with the Product:

First Impression:

Third Pic

• Isn’t Rs.80/- just a cool price?
• With Lux I was sure if it is not going to be great it is just going to be O.K, not at all a waste of money kind of product.
• I personally prefer a Bodywash that gives soft skin and is rich in texture and not like those that comes in beautiful colour, fragrance & makes fancy claims like relaxation, spa feel etc. But does nothing for skin texture.
• Amongst other Lux body wash I picked up this because of its ingredients mentioned in front of the bottle.

First Impression

• Creamy Yogurt, Honey and Olives it sounds Oh So Yummy…. and all these ingredients can work wonders for skin.

During Application:

• Nice-joyful mild and very yummy smell engulfs me as soon as I put it on my loofah.
• Texture is smooth & thick.
• Lather easily and super smooth on body.
• Imparts amazing fresh feel.
• I feel while using this that I am doing some good to my skin by using this. It feels nourishing.
• Body shines.

After Application:

• Skin is super clean.
• Body is fragrant and smooth.
• With regular use skin texture improves.
• Roughness, dark skin and bumps on hair roots are all gone.

Pros of Lux Silk Nourishment Bodywash:

• Amazing smell.
• Awesome thick- luxurious texture.
• Provides needed moisture to skin.
• Makes skin soft and smooth.
• Great Price.
• Easily available.
• Improves skin texture.

Cons of Lux Silk Nourishment Bodywash:

• It certainly does everything that I expect from a bodywash. It’s only that to really enjoy it you need a little extra quantity otherwise No Cons. 🙂



Worth a Try for anyone looking for a Bodywash with rich feel.

Will I Buy It Again??

Well…No. Actually, I really liked it, but still there are so many others in the stores wanting to be picked up. But it is in my good books. I would definitely buy this again if I didn’t like anything else as I do like it very much.

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  1. I’m great. Just super tired. Had to clean the whole house today. How is Ur throat now???? Please don’t watch it. Even the language is so bad.

  2. Mamta, I love lux body washes. i find them a little drying for my skin but the fragrance and everything si so refreshing. It totally makes the whole bath experience exotic. 🙂

  3. wawwoooooooooooo me used another one but this time i will deff pick this……… :yahoo: :yahoo: Roughness, dark skin and bumps on hair roots are all gone :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa:

  4. I have tried this once before, but I don’t remember whether it was good or not! :headbang:
    I currently have the green one. I find it drying :(( , but the smell is really nice :haanji:

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