Lux Styling Sorceress Fix Water Hair Spray Review

Hi guys!

I have been looking for a drugstore heat protectant. After having a lot of success with Shiseido hair gel and none with Stephen Knoll heat protectants, I decided to try out the Lux spray.

Lux Styling Sorceress Fix Water

This product comes in a plastic rose gold bottle with a nozzle. The nozzle is very small, so the mist it creates is very fine. I really appreciate this because it spreads the product very easily with minimal effort. There is 190 mL of product in the bottle.

My Thoughts on Lux Styling Sorceress Fix Water:

I have medium length, very very dry, curly hair with bangs that I straighten. I heat treat my hair about once or twice a week. This product looks exactly like water in the bottle. I comb my hair out after using this, just to distribute it all through my hair evenly.  It is recommended to wait a minute or two after this step to straighten, but I am rarely that patient (being lazy and impatient is a terrible combination).

Lux Styling Sorceress Fix Water

Its 3 main claims are – to protect hair from heat, to moisturise hair, and to protect hair from UV radiation. It does 2 out of the 3 claims well. While it does not cause frizz, weigh my hair down or contribute to shininess, it does help to lock moisture down a bit. It does not change the texture of my hair, but I do notice a difference when I straighten with and without this product.

Lux Styling Sorceress Fix Water

That being said, I use it solely as heat protectant and use a separate cream or oil for providing moisture to my hair. It has a light rosy scent, but I find that it does not linger on my hair. I pretty much smell it only during application.

Lux Styling Sorceress Fix Water

To get a hit hair product that makes me want to repurchase, that’s rare for me. Because it is so easy to use, I definitely recommend this to everyone and will be repurchasing.

Pros of Lux Styling Sorceress Fix Water:

  • Very fine mist.
  • Product spreads easily.
  • Protects hair from heat.
  • Does not cause frizz.
  • Provides a little bit of moisture.
  • Protects hair from UV radiation.

Cons of Lux Styling Sorceress Fix Water:

  • Does not contribute a lot of moisture to dry hair – I need a separate cream or oil for that purpose.

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4 thoughts on “Lux Styling Sorceress Fix Water Hair Spray Review

  1. this sounds absolutely brilliant rama. love how it adds protection from UV rays. and the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. wish we could get this in india…

  2. I also cannot wait for even a minute after spraying heat protectant 😛 I think it works gud but moisturising properties are much needed cos heat anyway takes away all the moisture. Love the way it looks though. 🙂

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