Lux White Glamour Whitening Body Wash Review

Hello dearies,

We are always on a hunt for those whitening products that may just help us to get our skin tone back! But most of them don’t seem to work, they are just some false, super attractive claims that we all fall for. And I took a chance to fall for one more lol :-p This one belongs to the Lux newly launched range called “World Class Perfume”. I actually had to buy a new body wash because I am a hardcore shower gel/wash fan, so why not this! Read more to know whether this actually whitened my skin or not.

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Price: Rs 160 for 220 ml

Product description:
With Lux white glamour, reveal precious fair, smooth skin that dazzles! Infused with unique triple-ingredient system: mulberry extract known to lighten, honey known to moisturize, micro-crystals known to gently exfoliate dull skin.

My experience with Lux White Glamour Whitening Body Wash:

Lux whitening body wash comes in a decent white bottle which is little bigger than the palm size. It has a press and open cap which is the most convenient one; as such caps always prevent spillage. It is a big bottle and a little heavy so I personally wouldn’t carry it but I think there might be a smaller size available for sure. The bottle has a label which is full of sparkling and dazzling diamonds which resemble that it will make our skin like that. I feel it is too good to be true! The body wash is pure white in colour and the consistency is a little runny. The fragrance is definitely their USP. It has a heavenly perfumed fragrance which will make your bathroom smell like a perfume store.

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It does contain that HG lux smell which we know since our childhood because Lux really used to be a premium soap back then. But ultimately, the fragrance does not stay long on the skin, it stays for like 15-20 minutes then fades away. It lathers up so much when used with a loofah and it was like a puddle of bubbles and lather, and I would rightly say that this is the most lathering body wash I have used till date! And not only at lather, but it is the most moisturising body wash I have used too. I could literally feel that it was moisturising my skin when I was using it. The honey in it definitely does a brilliant job. It did make my skin smooth, soft, supple and what not! But the main thing with this one was whether it whitened my skin or not. Every-time I use this I feel my skin looks brighter and fresh but not whiter!

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It actually cannot just make your skin fair, but just makes it look fresh by removing all the dull and dead cells that have accumulated. With regular use, I felt that my skin colour was on the way to match my face’s colour because my body had picked up tan; and this was helping me get rid of it. It made my skin look healthier but it cannot make your natural skin colour even fairer. It just helps to get rid of tan, that’s it! But I think it is better than the others because it does what the other shower gels do plus it helps maintain my skin tone.

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Pros of Lux White Glamour Whitening Body Wash:

  • Will last for a long time since just 2-3 drops are required at once
  • Convenient packaging and available in various sizes
  • It lathers up more than anything else in the world and that indeed make the skin super clean
  • It is like a giant boost of moisturisation and there is no need to follow up with a moisturiser
  • Makes the skin soft, clean, smooth and bright
  • The fragrance is heavenly and has a strong perfumed smell with that HG lux smell
  • It removes the dull and dead cells and makes the skin look super fresh and bright
  • It helps to get rid of tan and bring my skin back to its normal skin tone

Cons of Lux White Glamour Whitening Body Wash:

Does not whiten the skin.

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Will I repurchase/recommend Lux White Glamour Whitening Body Wash?
Yes, I will because it is a better than the other body washes, because it does everything you need and in addition to that helps maintain your skin-tone and get rid of all the tan that the sun has blessed you with! 😛

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

I am not a big fan for lux but this body wash did not fail to impress me.

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  1. saloni I got one too and was quite impressed, creamy n fresh it is
    This is like the “master perfumers” tag on imperial leather washes 🙂 I love body washes too!

    1. yes the new perfume range is quite impressive than the previous washes.. atleast they made something worth it 🙂

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