M.A.C. Old Gold Pigment Review, EOTD

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How is everyone doing? In today’s post, I will be reviewing one of the M.A.C’s much talked about loose pigment in the shade Old Gold. Beauty experts say that if you have a handful of these loose pigments, you can easily depend on them to complete your whole makeup. Read on to know how you can use these loose pigments and how it worked out for me.

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Product description:
Pigment is a highly concentrated loose color powder that contains ingredients to help it adhere to the skin. Create a subtle wash of color or an intense effect. Does not streak or cake. Easy to blend and long-lasting. Please note: pigments are sold by weight not volume. Containers can appear to be less than full due to settling of the product.

Price and quantity:
INR 1250 for 4.5 grams.

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My experience with M.A.C Old Gold Pigment :

The packaging of these pigments is nothing fancy. These pigments come in a small cylindrical see-through tub with a matte black screw lid. Honestly, I prefer how Inglot has packaged their loose pigments than how M.A.C has housed these beauties. Anyways, the packaging is sturdy enough to not open up by itself, travel-friendly and the jar/tub won’t break upon falling. Also, there is a small sticker pasted on the bottom of this product, indicating name of the shade.

True to its name, the shade is a lovely gold, packed with thousands of golden micro-shimmer that sometimes reflect different colors under different lightening and angles. Sometimes, you will spot red shimmer, green shimmer and even blue shimmer depending on the lightning of the place that you are at ( I don’t know if I am making any sense at all but, trust me I have stared at it for a very long time).

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Texture and pigmentation:
The texture of this pigment is really fine. It is super-finely milled and easy to blend. The pigment looks clumped in the jar but, becomes very soft upon usage. It is not too powdery or gritty, looks moist in the jar and does not float away in thin air when I open it up. Texture-wise, this is one of the best loose pigments that I have used till date. Also, it is insanely pigmented and one can easily go overboard with it if not used without caution. My suggestion is that you start using these pigments with brushes initially instead of dipping your fingertips in it.

Staying power:
Excellent! The pigment does not fade or smudge once it settles. 8 hours is the maximum that I have tested this.

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How I have used M.A.C. Old Gold Pigment:
1. I made my own shimmer gloss with this pigment by mixing a teeny bit of amount with my clear gloss. This way, it gave a glossy twist to my matte lipsticks and gave me the freedom of regulating the amount of shimmer that I wanted (something that makes me hate actual shimmer glosses that have way too much shimmer). I also noticed that this particular pigment is very useful to tone down very bright lip colors. So, if you end up buying a lipstick that’s too bold for your liking you can always fix it up with these pigments in right shades.

M.A.C Old Gold Pigment Makeup Look

Shimmer was left behind when the gloss faded however, the leftover shimmer did not look bad at all.
2. I used it as how we would use a regular eye shadow with a little added caution so as not to go overboard. Never ever skip a primer underneath while using this as an eye shadow.
3. Made my own body and face illuminator. I just mixed a teeny bit amount of this pigment with my regular lotions/moisturizer then it was ready to use. 😀

Some other ways in which these pigments can be used:
1. As an eyeliner. You can mix it up with contact lens solution or INGLOT’s Duraline and you are good to go!
2. As a nail polish. Mix it up with your clear polish and you are done. Personally, I would never do this with my pigment because it is expensive, very dear to me and I am afraid that what would happen if I don’t like the end product after turning it into a nail paint. However, if you end up buying a shade that you despise or the one that doesn’t suit your skin tone you can always make a nail paint out of it.
3. As a blush. You can use your M.A.C pigment as a blush if you decide to buy it in a red or pink hue. However, given my shade there’s no hope of using it that way.
4. As a highlighter-if you buy it in a shade like Vanilla moon.

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So summing up the pros and cons of M.A.C Old Gold Pigment :

Pros of M.A.C. pigment in shade Old Gold:

• Travel-friendly and breakage-proof packaging.
• Not too powdery or chalky.
• Blends in a jiffy.
• Can be used in a number of ways.
• Quantity is more than enough.
• Affordable if we look at how versatile the product is.
• Shade is a perfect gold for most Indian skin tones.
• A little goes a long way.
• Stays on for hours.

Cons of M.A.C. pigment in shade Old Gold:

Can’t think of any: D

IMBB rating:

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Will I repurchase/do I recommend M.A.C. Old Gold Pigment?
I might get one of these pigments in a different shade this time. I highly recommend these pigments to all of you.I hope I have been able to do justice to this wonderful product. Please give me suggestions in the comment box below on how to use this particular shade in other ways.

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