M.A.C. Penultimate Rapid Black Eye Liner is Not Value for Money!

M.A.C. Penultimate Rapid Black Eye Liner

Applying eyeliners could be a much hassled task – especially when you are not a pro. You really have to be patient and master this art. As if mastering one style wasn’t hard enough – now there are 100 other styles to try and experiment with – not to mention that winged eyeliner look – which leaves you matching the length of your wings with exact precision. 😀

I guess in times like this, having eyeliner that helps you achieve that perfection with just one stroke is nothing less than a miracle. No wonder, Pen Eyeliner’s have become the must-have’s to achieve the most stylish eyeliner looks in the most effortless fashion! Keeping in mind the ongoing fad about the effortless new magic pen eyeliners, I too wanted to buy one and hence I vouched for none other than M.A.C Penultimate in Rapid Black. M.A.C. claims that this is an ultimate liquid pen-style liner that helps you achieve those precise, rich, deep, bold lines without any hassle. Let’s found out how many of the claims made are true.

Cost– Rs. 3,819 for 1g


My experience with M.A.C. Penultimate Rapid Black Eye Liner:

I have had Penultimate Rapidblack eye liner for 2 months now, and I have to say when I first bought it, I couldn’t be more pleased. M.A.C. claims that Penultimate liner range has been designed to help you experiment with varied liner styles, with single stroke of a brush/pen – and trust me it really does. Infact, I would say applying eyeliner using Penultimate is more like drawing in easy strokes. 😀 It glides on smoothly and does not smudge either. The tip of the pen is fine and soft, it comes with just enough hardness to help you apply your liner in a smooth manner.

Also, this eyeliner is more on the lines of charcoal black which in my opinion is a great alternative to jet black eye liners – which tend to appear harsh at times. I find this shade really pretty and delicate. Also, what I absolutely like about this charcoal black eye liner looks stunning with most of the eye shadow shades! 😀

However, what I don’t like about M.A.C. Penultimate Eye Liner is that it tends to dry up really quick – mine dried within one month.  This is a big BIG turn off. You really don’t want to spend close to 4k on a product which just dries off in a month! Also, this liner is not well pigmented too- as against the claims it won’t leave you with deep, bold liner with a single stroke.


Pros of M.A.C. Penultimate Rapid Black Eye Liner :

  •  Smudge Free.
  •  Smooth glider tip.
  •  Beautiful Charcoal Black – Looks stunning with almost all eye shadows.
  •  Stays on for long – 6/8 hours


Cons of M.A.C. Penultimate Rapid Black Eye Liner :

  •  The price – Rs. 3,819 for 1g – need I say more?
  •  Dried off quickly – Applied it like 4 -5 times and after that it just dried up. (So, I am really happy, I waited this long to review Penultimate for you guys – else this review would have been so different!).
  •  Not well pigmented.
  •  Going hard on the tip will result in softening the tip – making it hard to achieve precise winged liner look.
  •  Expiry – 5 months.

IMBB Rating :


Would I repurchase M.A.C. Penultimate Rapid Black Eye Liner ?

Would I recommend M.A.C. Penultimate Rapid Black Eye Liner ?

No, I guess that’s obvious. This is one product you can skip from M.A.C as it does not offer value for your money.

I hope you liked the review. If you have purchased this one too – Please do comment below – I am sure others would like to hear your take on M.A.C. Penultimate too.
Till we meet next – Take Care .

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12 thoughts on “M.A.C. Penultimate Rapid Black Eye Liner is Not Value for Money!

  1. I agree its totally not worth it if it dries up so fast. I am a huge fan of felt-tip liner and I was glued to Oriflame stylo until I found this Chambor eye-definer. It’s one-stroke eyeliner with a soft felt-tip. Love reading your reviews.. 🙂

    1. Well, I haven’t tried oriflame or chambor one’s – But it’s good you mentioned maybe others can take a cue. Ans yes thank you so much Hami – I am glad to know you find my reviews helpful and you love reading them! 😀

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