MAC 188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush Review

MAC 188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush

Hello Ladies,

Recently I took a makeup lesson from MAC. Since we have an option to redeem the amount we pay for that for products on the same day, I choose the Fluer Power blush, Select Sheer pressed powder, 219 Pencil Brush and th 188 Small duo fibre face brush.

MAC 188 brush review

What is it :
A flat-topped, full circular brush used for lightweight application and blending of any formula colour – fluid, cream, powder or pigment. Ideal for creating soft layers or adding textures. Made from a soft blend of goat and synthetic fibres.

Price : INR 2300

My Experience with MAC 188 brush :
My plan was to buy the 187 brush. But the MUA suggested that I go for 188 as it would give me more control. Also she used 188, while applying foundation on my face and I liked the result. Also, I always go for very light coverage of foundation and this one seemed to fit the bill perfectly. So, without thinking much I picked the 188 brush.

MAC 188 brush review

As the name suggests, it is a duo fibre brush, with a perfect blend of goat and synthetic fibre. It is soft and has never irritated my skin. I have been using this for past 3 months and washed it around 30 times. It had never shed a bristle nor lost its softness.

I did my wedding makeup by myself and I used this brush for applying the MAC prologwear foundation on that day. I was very happy with the result. It gave me the perfect light flawless coverage, which I wanted.

The MAC prolongwear foundation, dries pretty fast. So, I used to work in parts. I pick up product on the tip, apply on forehead first, blend it well in swirling motion and then move to nose and so on.
That way just one pump of foundation is enough to cover my whole face.

I have also used this brush to apply cream blushes and it worked like a charm in blending it. It does not alter the base makeup while blending the cream blush.

Due to its smaller size it gives me more control on the amount of product I pick up. It makes it easy to reach around the eyes and nose. Just that it might take a couple of minutes more to cover the entire face than the 187.

It can be used for applying very pigmented powder blushes, to give that wash of color. Also can be used for applying highlighter.

I guess this brush can do almost all the work done by 187 and even more than that , with a little more time.


Pros :
1. Awesome brush for flawless foundation application.
2. Truly a multipurpose tool.
3. The smaller size makes it easy to reach around the eyes and nose.
4. Less product is used due to its smaller size. So no product wastage.
5. Perfect size for applying highlighter over the cheek bones.

1. Not for people who need heavy coverage. If there are lots of imperfection to cover, this is not the right brush to do that.
2. Expensive. After all its MAC.
3. The whiter synthetic bristles gets easily stained with the foundation.

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33 thoughts on “MAC 188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush Review

  1. Karpagam, this brush has been on my wish list for soo long but 187 does most of it. i guess I would eventually. It feels awesome to read such a positive review. 🙂

    1. Thanks Rati. I almost picked up 187, but somehow got convinced to pick this. I’m happy with my choice 🙂

  2. Totally agree with you Karpagam, its a multipurpose brush…i have purchased it recently maybe 2 weeks back..i use it almost every single day ..i love the way it applies the cream brush…….
    i also own the 187…i luv them both……
    sometimes i am tempted to buy 130 also…..:D

  3. Hi Karpagam! Thanks for the review. I was looking for a MAC brush to use for foundation – I will pick this one up now. Btw, bravo for doing your own wedding makeup! Can you tell me what products you used for wedding day? I’m also considering doing it on my own, but I’m no expert at makeup application!

    1. My first brush purchase from MAC includes this one and 219. Loving both . Do chk it out next time when you visit MAC store Parita 🙂

  4. QUOTE
    “Since we have an option to redeem the amount we pay for that for products on the same day”
    i didnt get this!!

    1. MAC charges, 6000 for the makeup lesson. They teach us how to apply makeup, in the way we want. We can buy products from MAC for that 6000 Rs on the same day.

      Hope I’m clear 🙂

      1. hey i am yet to buy a brush from MAC. you folks sure are tempting to atleast try this one. i love words like flawless, multipurpose..:)

    1. If you have a MAC wishlist, which would cost you more than 5000, you can take the lesson. Coz, you’ll get the lesson and the product as well. But make sure that the product you need is on stock before taking the lesson, as you have to redeem on same day 🙂

  5. I just picked up this brush last weekend. I’m in love with it. The mac MUA convinced me as well, AND he used the same brush to do a light foundation coverage with it. I’m not into heavy foundations, so this brush really gives me what I need from a foundation! 🙂 Great review!

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