MAC Art Supplies : Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker Review (Style Setter)

What is MAC Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker?

New Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker has the doodle fun of a pen, but with sophisticated, light and long-wearing results.

It’s all about artistic freedom! MAC Pro Longwear Lip Stain Marker

The shade style setter is  bright pink colour. It has blue undertones so the shade is mostly suited for people who have fair complexion.

MAC Pro Longwear Lip Stain Marker Stylesetter

What I like about MAC  Lipstain Marker ?

  • They stay on lips for pretty decent time. Good 4-5 hours I would say.
  • The felt marker tip is pretty soft. The felt marker tip feels a little funny to use in the beginning but then you kind of get used to it.
  • The lipsticks smell typical MAC vanilla and if you lick your lips, you would feel a little sweetness in a good way.
  • You may wear lipstain markers beneath your lipsticks to make your lipstick long lasting.
  • The marker applies the stain evenly all over the lips. Sometimes when you apply stain on your lips, it tends to get patchy. MAC Stain markers apply nicely and evenly.
  • They feel like nothing on lips.
  • They are very sheer so you can build up the color according to your preference.
  • They look super cute. Isn’t it? 🙂


MAC Lip Stain Marker Stylesetter

What I don’t like about MAC Lipstain Markers?

  • Lipstains always dry your lips.  MAC lip stain markers dry within a minute or two after applying so you have to have a lip balm underneath or a gloss on top so that your lips stay comfortable.
  • You should have very good lips to apply stains. Lipstains accentuate your fine lines so I find them best for layering and applying them underneath my lipsticks than wearing them alone. Your lips would look even worse if you have cracked or chapped lips.
  • MAC Style Setter

Overall I would say that if you like lip stains, you would love these as well. I am not a huge fan of lipstains, I use this only for layering purposes.

This is the swatch of pretty pretty Stylesetter.

MAC Style setter swatch

Tip : Lipstains are not creamy or moisturizing. Exfoliating lips would really help the lipstains to look good on lips. Please and definitely apply a lip balm underneath the lip stains. You would feel a drying effect after a few hours so you may apply lip balm of top as well. Lipstains are great for people who just want to hint of colour on their lips without screaming that they are wearing something on lips.

I am more of a lipstick show off person. 😉

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating : :-* :-* :-* + 0.5

MAC Art Supplies collection is releasing next week in India so I would be able to update the price then only. But they should roughly be around Rs 1000 here.

Do you use lip stains?

Note : The product shown in this entry was sent by the company for consideration.

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58 thoughts on “MAC Art Supplies : Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker Review (Style Setter)

  1. I waaaaaaaaaaannnnnt it…another colour please whoever is going to gift me this, get me a non-pink colour. Thank done..going back to work now..tataaaaa

    1. Yeah, it’s actually easier to use and you know you can just carry it around without any hassle of spillage or anything. Colour is indeed pretty. 🙂

    1. I knoew you guys would ask for it but I am super busy for a few days. Next is a also a lipstick review. will do it pakka in that. 🙂

  2. Rati, you know i want it… :drool: :drool: Stains in a pen tipo is gr8 for the control and precision… Brushes take the tint everywhere…. :silly:

    I love this shade but I want red…. :-* The muted red one… Forgot the name…. 🙁
    .-= Mrunmayee´s last blog ..My first MAC product!!! =-.

    1. Brushes also make the stain application a little uneven. Because it dries pretty quicly. By the time you are doing precision, your rest of the stain dries.

  3. If I get this, this would be my first lip stain. Rati you know I was really really waiting for this review. I might buy this one very soon after their launch but might b a different color. 🙂

  4. You HAVE to try MAC lipsticks, Poornima. As Rima says, “you will start feeling that all the lipsticks that you have been using so far were useless”. loll!!

    These can wait. 🙂

    😀 😀

      1. You have to and I would pick up the same shade you will pick. I must benefit something from the similar complexion. :rotfl: :rotfl:

  5. No, I have never used lip stains, in fact, if I apply this bright pink color, I will look too desperate….. 🙁 … the way, I am glad you did not pout with this lip stain on…….. 😉

  6. You should not apply a lip balm before applying lip stain. Coz lip balm makes your lips slippery and hence the stain will not stick to the lips..You can apply lip balm on top of the stain though. Make sure to use a lip scrub before using stains.

    I have a Covergirl lipstain that looks EXCATLY like this..Its a bright fuschia color..Its allright..not too crazy bout it..

    1. Jane, I can never imagine applying the stain directly on my lips. I feel very uncomfortable that ways. I always remove the excess balm even before applying lipstick or else even lipsticks slip. I def use a scrub or else stains look sad on lips. 🙂

      Btw have you tried lush bubblegum lip scrub?

  7. Uggh Rati…I would never want your lips to go through such insult!!!!!!!….I really love your “nude” and peach pout! :yes:

  8. not that kind of insult!!!!….I like your peach pout like anything…….this marker pen would spoil the poutiness…thats what I meant 😀

  9. Thanks for this review, Rati. This lip tint is definitely for me………where do I stop?!!!!!!!! Somebody help me!!!

      1. First I have to finish off TBS and Lakme lip stains. I have been eyeing the similar lipstains from Cover Girl (on their website) and now MAC has come up with these!!!!

  10. nice review rati
    have to check out on my next trip to MAC
    i love n lurve mac lipsticks n lipglasses …
    so i hope this is not going to disappoint me…
    but yes marker being dry on lips is the only concern…
    i do exfoliate my lips so i hope its not the worry either…

    1. I have not tried lip glasses as yet, Rashmi. I am just drooling over lipsticks and more lipsticks. lol!!

      Yeah, if you like lipstains you will like these as well. 🙂

  11. You’ve got me eagerly waiting for these to launch 🙂 …

    LOL at the “lipstick show off person” :rotfl: :rotfl:

  12. thanks rati
    for telling us about price increase on MAC lippies last week…
    hubby bought viva glam cyndi for 920/- only
    n u know today i bought one more lippie n the price was 990/-
    aww 🙁 really wonder whats going wrong with them

    1. yeah the prices of a lot of products have increased. 🙁

      They say that the taxes and etc have increased. Dunno the real reason though. 🙁

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