MAC Bare Study Paint Pot Review

MAC Bare Study Paint Pot Review

MAC Bare Study Paint Pot Review

Before I talk about this, let me tell you an incident. I came to USA almost 2 years ago and I requested my hubby to take me to buy MAC. He was so excited and started making plans to take me to a mall. Now, I was a bit surprised because he is not a mall person and definitely not a person who makes shopping plans. I thought maybe he is happy to see me. By the way, guess where he took me, to the APPLE store!!!! Yes, my face was all mixed emotions type. I let him frolic there and then quietly took him to MAC.  We had a great laugh afterwards and it made me think how little things have memories behind them 🙂

I got this paint pot on MUA’s recommendation and after using it a couple of times, this has become an integral part of my makeup routine. This is also my first purchase and my first re-purchase from MAC 🙂

MAC describes it as : Soft beige with gold pearl.  Finish: Frost.

Bare Study Paint Pot


$17.50 for size: 5g/0.17 Fl oz.

My Experience with MAC Bare Study Paint Pot:

I cannot express my love for this in less words. I use this mostly as a base under my shadows. I apply it with my ring finger and sheer it out. It gives me around 4-5 hours of creaseless wear. On most days when I do not have enough time to apply anything as hubby is out of the house in 5 minutes, I apply this as a light wash on the lids with a kajal/liner and it gives a nice sheen on my lids.  Also, it is really mousse soft and allows great “blendability” (is that a word?), but once it sets, you’re good for hours. I also use this as a highlight for my browbone, nose, cupid’s bow and on top of the cheeks. This is the most-used product in my vanity.


Bare Study Paint Pot

Bare Study Paint Pot

Packaging wise, its a glass pot which is a bit bulky, so you don’t really want to carry it around. Also, my first one cracked in an airline travel, so you might want to wrap it in some clothes or bubble wrap if you travel with it. These paint pots are  really worth every penny as they take ages to finish up even if used every day.  These can be applied with fingers or brushes and are absolutely not messy. I haven’t yet met a girl who has used these and doesn’t like them. It gives me a light pinkish-champagne sheen and makes the eyes look nice and bright.

Bare Study Paint Pot

Pros of MAC Bare Study Paint Pot:

  • Extremely creamy and blendable.
  • The jar is huge, you’ll get bored before you finish the product.
  • Its very soft and mousse-like to apply.
  • It gives a nice subtle sheen of highlight.
  • I have oily lids and it gives me 5-6 hours wear time.
  • It is said to be a dupe of MUFE Aqua Cream shade 13.

Cons of MAC Bare Study Paint Pot:

  • Some girls might not like the frosty shade.
  • It might dry up soon if you are not careful.
  • Almost $18 (which in my opinion is completely justified, but some girls may find it high).

Verdict on MAC Bare Study Paint Pot:

I would recommend it to everyone because it is really a delight to work with and looks real fabulous 🙂 Also, I feel its great for places where you need to look nice with minimal effort 🙂

Will I Repurchase MAC Bare Study Paint Pot?

I did and the next time, I want to try Rubenesque.

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33 thoughts on “MAC Bare Study Paint Pot Review

  1. Ohh this has good blendability? I have painterly and hate it so much because to even spred it well I have tug my lids .. And I thought all paintpots must be of this texture!
    Very pretty colour btw! 🙂

  2. Dear beeNii
    Lovely color likeeeeeeeeeeee it very much……………………………
    Funny incident , i also faced something like that few months back.when i
    told my Hubby that i wana buy MAc , he understood the same product as your Hubbydid But he did not take me to Apple counter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Laughing about the MAC mix-up! I can just imagine if I told my hubby I wanted to go to MAC he would think the same thing!

  4. LOL i think all men would think the same..few months back if i had told the same to D he too probably wud have reacted like that but now he knows better 😛
    its pretty color beeni and i love mac paint pots! reminded me of morning frost as even its champagne color n gives lovely sheen 🙂

  5. nice review bee 🙂 I think all men think the same…My hubby would also react like this only..
    I never tried MAC paint pots.. 🙁 Would love to try some day

  6. bee, it’s such a gorgeous color. Just pop it on, some liner and you’d be looking fresh within minutes. My painterly got over., Guess I am getting this next. yayyy!!! very pretty eye makeup. 🙂

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