MAC So Chaud Lipstick Review

MAC So Chaud Lipstick

Today, I am going to review one of my favourite mac lipsticks named so chaud! By the way I googled the meaning of chaud as soon as I bought it. Its a French word that stands for ‘hot’. Which means the lipstick name is so hot! And HOT it is!
mac so chaud lipstick
Price rs. 990
I had got this lipstick when orange/ tangerine was just introduced as the colour of the in its pure glory had only just started being spotted on runways. I’m quite experimental with what I wear, and hence couldn’t resist the idea of getting one for myself. When I swatched it for the 1st time I was a bit apprehensive and did not buy it immediately. But after reaching home couldnt stop thinking about it,and even dreamt of getting it. And there I was at MAC store soon enough and got my self this fierce beauty!:D

mac so chaud swatch
Mac describes it as a reddish orange. It’s more red than mac ‘morange’. Morange is purely orange, while it’s fun.. it may look like you just stained your lips with a barf ka gola (ice candy) , it’s fun and casual. But I love how the extra reddishness in “so chaud” makes it more sophisticated , slightly more formal and regal. It somewhat looks like mac lady danger , but on subtler side. Lady danger is more prominently on the shocking side. While this too has the shocking edge, it is relatively subtle. So this ones a win win for me 😀

• It is more on the warmer side with its fair share of yellow undertones. Since my skintone is more neutral leaning towards cooler side; it does make my skin look a little yellow (yes that happens to me if I wear any warm coloured clothing/makeup. My skin starts looking yellow and slightly dull). But I don’t mind it , because its such a fun funnn colour..!!

It is from the range of matte lipsticks from Mac. Matte it definitely is. But not horrid kinds. It is a creamier , smoother matte. No way near the incredibly matte “ruby woo” ( a veryy beautiful red mac lipstick but a very very matte one by the way!)

Staying Power:
The longest lasting lipstick that has ever gone on my lips..seriously! it stays on and on and on. Definatley 6hr+. After that it gets only a bit drying on lips, but fades only a little. Iv worn this for weddings and even after eating and drinking so much, especially even after the oily food, I don’t have to worry about my lipstick ditching me.

Let’s say even if you have to test its lasting power to the fullest, it wont disappoint you. As it leaves a deep fuschia even looking stain. I was quite surprised to see sucha beautiful pink stain left off by an orange red lippy. It that fun 😀
cotton swab
Seen above on cotton :- The remnant fuschia layer below the orange layer, removed with a makeup remover.
But when it’s time to remove all that makeup off, no makeup remover can completely remove that pink stain. While it may be annoying for some, I still love it 😛 my lips look naturally pinky pinky and no one would know thats not the colour of my lips 😉 yes that makes me over excited as I have naturally very pale lips devoid of any colour :/
lip swatch

What I Love About MAC So Chaud Lipstick

That it is a reddish toned orange. Yet it doesn’t take away from its orangeyness.. so I can safely say it’s a good orange.
• The incredible lasting power! It just wont ditch you! Pinky promise!
• It is matte but not a horrid , arid matte.
• The amazing pigmentation! Rich colour even in one swipe!
• The pink stain it leaves behind which has its own fair share of lasting power. Lasts for literally more than half a day!
• The usual yummy vanilla scent of mac lippies
• Sturdy bullet packaging
• The classy black and silver packaging.
lip swatch

What I Don’t Like About MAC So Chaud Lipstick

• Expensive!what else!but totally worth it

What Others May Not Like About It:

Apart from being expensive,
• probably the pigmentation..would not be so easy to work with for newbies.
• The strong pink stain it leaves, which by itself has a lasting power of another 6hrs+ as some people do not like staining lipsticks
• The colour may be too bright or bold for some.

Last words:
I am quite addicted to this one. I look for occasions or days when I can pull out and wear this. I wear it whether its day time or night time. The colour is lovely. It adds another dimesion to most outfits i wear. A matte that works even for my extremely dry lips. Not totally red not a regular orange, but a perfect melange which gives birth to a royal, bold orange.

Would I buy it again.
Yes , if it finishes though

Would I recommend.
If you like bright colours then yes!!
My rating
5 on 5 😀

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58 thoughts on “MAC So Chaud Lipstick Review

  1. Oh Freaking hot it is! no wonder it is one of MAC’s most sought after shades! I too wanna grab this beauty quickly. I love such shades a lot!

        1. Yeahh me too 😛 sounds like ‘show’ 😛 😛 i always look forward to your lipstick reviews, you’ve become like an expert on lipstick brands and shades!

  2. I am lusting after this since 2 months now but for some reason I chicken out. Now I’m definitely getting :)) it looks so se-xy on you

  3. Such a lovely awesome shade and your lip swatches are too good. When I got Lady Danger, I swatched this lippie side by side, but then I took Lady Danger. Now drooling over this one! 🙂

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