MAC Cinematics Collection Lip Bags Photos, Swatches

MAC Cinematics Collection Lip Bags

MAC Cinematics Collection Lip Bags

Price : Rs 2,300

There are 4 lip bags in the MAC Cinematics Collection. oh! the bigger pouch is for the colorful brushes  and the smaller one is for the lip set.

mac cinematics lip bags


Each lip big includes a Creemsheen lipstick, Dazzleglass Creme Gloss and a cremestick liner.

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Reel Drama : This one is the best lip bag that would work for most Indian skin tones.

  • Reel Drama Creemsheen Lipstick :  A yellow based semi opaque lipstick. It does not have shimmer but has a soft glossy sheen to it.
  • Scenestealer Dazzlglass Creme gloss : A shimmery semi sheer peach gloss.
  • Creme Stick Liner in Softwood : A deep wine rose lip liner.
It’s a Girl Lip Bag : (no swatches) This is a soft pink based lip bag.This lip bag is best suited for those with light skin tones.  It contains :
  • Innocence Beware Creemsheen lipstick :  Pale peachy beige lipstick. Best for light to medium skin tones.
  • It’s a Girl Gloss : A shimmery pale pink gloss
  • Creme O’ Spice Lip Pencil : A medium soft brown pencil. Would work as a perfect nude shade for a few.
N*de Scene: This one again is best for those with light to medium skin tones
  • N*de Scene Creemsheen lipstick : A pale champagne beige lipstick.
  • Lightly Prancing Gloss : This is a sheer pale peach with golden shimmer. Review HERE
  • Sublime Culture Cremestick Liner : A a neutral brown based pink.

Overnight Sensation : This bag again is something top look for. Great shades for everyday wear. Best for most Indian skin tones.

  • Pillowtalk Creemsheen Lipstick : A deep rose brown lipstick.
  • Overnight Sensation Dazzle Creme Gloss : A semi opqaue medium brown gloss
  • Cremola Cremestick Liner : A soft yellow based brown liner.

Swatches :

l-r Creme Stick Liner in Softwood, Scenestealer Dazzlglass Creme gloss, Reel Drama Creemsheen Lipstick , N*de Scene Creemsheen lipstick, Lightly Prancing Gloss, Sublime Culture Cremestick Liner , Cremola liner, pillowtalk lipstick, Overnight Sensation Gloss

mac cinematics lip bag swatch

mac cinematics lip bag swatches


Overall, I loved the concept. The lipstick and the lip pencil are full size. Each costs around Rs 1800. A co-ordinating gloss along with a pouch is also included in the set. Overall, it is a great value for money and if you like any of these sets, it’s definitely a time to save some money. 😀

Which of the MAC Cinematics Collection Lip Bags do you the the most?

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  1. very pretty. I liked ‘its a girl’ the best..btw, the like how the word ‘N*de’ has been spelt out fully in one place (where the pic is) and been ‘beeped’ in the other places.. 😆 😆

      1. Rati….I buy empty pouches for you….you buy MAc lip gloss, lipsticks, for me :shying: :shying: :shying: :shying: :shying: :shying:

          1. You know…they may sell empty pouches to me…, I have come to know how good I am at begging at making faces….they might even give me free nimboo pani and juice to drink when I go asking for empty pouches O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)

  2. my week has started quite eventful … there is paint happening in my house .. chai everything is smelling like paint. :tongue: you guys will get to see new walls and same khidki in coming days :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :silly:

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    1. lol @ MAC Avial… MAC should do a foodie collection… inspired from the colours of Indian food… Red Chilly l/s, Mint chutney e/s, Yellow Dal nailpaint…. 🙂

  4. Hello to ALL,

    I’m a newbie here and really trying hard to dive in and take the MAC plunge…but its making big hole in my pocket :scream: !!! And on the other hand it attracts like hell. :jog: :stars: :drool:
    How was it with you guys when u got started with it? Any tips for the freshers like us :snicker:

    Lots of love
    Tara :star:

      1. ha ha… sanjeev, that does not always help…. all husbands are not like you… mine went “1000 bucks for a lipstick!!! are you crazy” the first time he heard abt MAC!

    1. Tempting as hell… but if you are on a budget, don’t rush into your first purchase… read around and shortlist upto 3 things… try them at the store and take your time deciding… and have an iron clad will when you go there… its so easy to be lost like a kid in a candy store!!!! my first was siahi… i knew i had to have it when i saw the swatches… maybe you’ll be hit by that first love too… 🙂

      1. Exactly Anks…u said it! I’m feeling like a kid lost in a big candy factory!!!! :chewnails I think I should make a budget first and decide to go for basic things…m confused as hell with the brushes too…MAC ones look amazing but with that price I dont think it’s for beginners :yikes: Any other pocket friendly good brushes? :waiting:

          1. Thanks Rati…I wanted to congratulate you!!! You doing a fab job. :waytogo: I have been married since last 4 years but only after seeing e/s tuts on IMBB I have started applying them. :makeup: This looks like a great fun forum for all we gurlies out there :yahoo: …already loving it :love:

  5. I grew up with a phobia of lipsticks and lip glosses, but i still own some of them, however i have like 30 different lip balms…but i still would get the ‘its a girl’ one…its lovely :heart:

  6. Reel Drama is nice…even liked Overnight Sensation… :))
    On second thought even It’s a girl is nice…but wud wash me out 🙁

  7. Mjhe :headbang: sab kuch :headbang: chahiye!!! :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:
    Meri zindagi ye mac ke posts se barbaad hone wali hai. 😥 😥 I can’t get,but I can’t stop craving. :waaa:
    I’ll start saving up for my first MAC purchases from today only. 😐 College reach hone par at least I can get a few lippies. :preen: Ishmart girl bano,like me. O:)
    Rati…u know what? I’m counting my chickens before the eggs have even hatched. Abhi se dimaag mei planning ho rahi hai…That I’ll strut around malls wearing Crosswires,Cosmo,Twig,Fast Play and OMG the list goes on. :chewnails

  8. Hi,
    I havent started my MAC cosmetic shopping yet.. as said by Tara i get lost in the store.. But i guess i can start with the above collections.. :yahoo:

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