MAC and Colorbar Lipsticks Suggestions for Yellow Skin Tone:Ask IMBB

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Aditi Sharma asks:

I am regular reader of IMBB for two years now. It has helped me a lot in picking up the right products. I specially adore Aparajita for her eye makeup tutorials and innovative DIYs. Neha di I love your lipstick reviews too and Atika you always inspire me to dress up!

My query is that I am a 22 year old girl, just starting out into the world of makeup. Rati di’s MAC and Colorbar Lipstick swatches have tempted me to try out some lipsticks. However, I am clueless about which colours would suit me and which ones will wash me out. I have fair/ wheatish skin tone with strong yellow undertones!

I would request all the beautiful ladies here to suggest me some shades that will suit my skin tone.

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4 thoughts on “MAC and Colorbar Lipsticks Suggestions for Yellow Skin Tone:Ask IMBB

  1. Thanks so much for the kind words Aditi 😀
    mac mocha and twig would be nice and subtle for starters 🙂
    and colorbar nudes like aorable, coco cuddle, blossom all good for nuetral lip look since you are just starting 🙂

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