MAC Cremesheen Glass in Over Indulgence Review

MAC Cremesheen Glass in Over Indulgence Review

Before I start with the review, let me announce, “this is the most awesome lip gloss I have ever used.” MAC always makes it a point to make me go back to them 😉 When I got my first lipstick from them, the SA and I were chatting and she simply asked me to try this one.  I wasn’t so sure of getting a MAC gloss, but she insisted and I let her apply it on me and man, I was sold, hook, line and sinker!!!

MAC Cremesheen Glass in Over Indulgence Review

What MAC Says about MAC Cremesheen Glass in Over Indulgence:

A lip finish that fuses the creamy, sheen-filled nature of Cremesheen Lipstick with the shine of M·A·C Lipglass. Soft, comfortable, non-sticky. Applies with a doe-foot applicator. Use as a top layer to its namesake Lipstick or on its own.


Neutral Brown.

Over Indulgence


US$19.50 for 2.7 ml/0.09 US fl oz.

My Experience with MAC Cremesheen Glass in Over Indulgence:

This is my pop of color for the bland days. This gloss must surely have some feel-good pixie dust because it really makes me happy happy, sometimes, I apply it just like that at home.

Over Indulgence

Over Indulgence is a creamy, kind of milky, slightly warmed-up brown.  It’s like a muted peachy-brown on my lips, very MLBB type.  This is how having a crush feels like!!! It looks so different in the MAC swatch, but for me, its a neutral coral-brown with subtle micro-shimmer. It has some color coverage, but it is not entirely opaque or entirely sheer.  The formula is somewhere in between. The shade is very nice, apricot like. For some reason, it reminds me of Channing Tatum.”  :hihi:

Summing it up:

Over Indulgence

Yay’s of MAC Cremesheen Glass in Over Indulgence:

  • Very creamy, buildable formula.
  • It’s not sticky, goopy, or waxy.  Your hair won’t stick to it and you can “jhalko-fy” them without worry. 😆
  • It is very moisturizing on your lips even after it fades off.
  • It has that faint vanilla smell, makes me want to eat it!
  • It lasts a little bit longer than the other glosses I have used.
  • It has a normal doe-foot applicator. I like using them as opposed to brush applicators.
  • By itself, it’s a nice MLBB and on lipsticks, it adds a nice warmth 🙂

Over Indulgence

Over Indulgence

Nays of MAC Cremesheen Glass in Over Indulgence:

  • $19.50, ouchhh  :pray:
  • Don’t show it to anyone, a relative I met almost took it from me. I played really tricky cards, so she doesn’t take it. :haanji:
  • Can be duped easily, Revlon Nude Lustre and NYX Apricot Lip Gloss are very close.


I would suggest to try a lip gloss from this range if not this color. I swear to God :worship: you’ll come back and high-five me, its that good! Did I tell you I’m in love? :shy:

IMBB Rating:

4/5  (one point deducted for the cost).

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38 thoughts on “MAC Cremesheen Glass in Over Indulgence Review

  1. hii even i have got this one recently and i love it but i would have loved it even more if staying power would have been longer.

  2. beautiful!!..what a gorgeous everyday wear color especially to work. will go and pick up this at this point the Maybelline swirl (brown + gold) and this MAC lipgloss are a must have. I am getting bored of browns and mauve’s so this is a good color to wear..

  3. this looks so good on you Bee…and i loved the way u said “It’s not sticky, goopy, or waxy. Your hair won’t stick to it and you can “jhalko-fy” them without worry” :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  4. :woot: :woot: :woot: suchh a beautiful shadee 😀 😀 it suits ur skin tone :drool: :drool: ill also buy same shade

  5. Wow! Whatay color! Have been following IMBB silently for some time, but this beauty made me gush about it! :stars:
    Nice review Beenii! Can see how happy it makes you in the lip piccys! 😉 😉 😉
    Had a horrible experience with a Colorbar gloss recently – my lips got literally stuck with the goopy mess the SA tried on me!! :yikes: :yikes: But this one looks like it’s worth it! :haanji:Wish I could get this one (too expensive!) :waaa: :headbang: Gonna save up! O:)

  6. Beennnnisss, greattt revu… i dont have bhi aisa MAC glosss :worship: I ll buy one on ur recco :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  7. the shade :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:
    awesome long lasting yet no hair sticking too good to be true 😉

    relatives factors :lol2: esp from younger cousins wud luk v bad to say knw to dem 😉

  8. hehe Bee. i loved the way u hv reviewed it. :hihi: Had a fun time reading and this looks so beautiful on you :love: :love: :love:

        1. :lol2: :lol2: jam-malai! I will also call you that from now on Jomo :hihi: I want to try MAC, I don’t own anything from that brand…yet! I’m sold too, Beenii, will definitely save up for this one!!!

  9. What a lovely colour, Bee! :love: :love: It looks great on you. :woot: :woot: I am not surprised that your relative tried to take it from you. I myself would have stolen it. :tongue:

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