MAC Eye Brows Styler Spiked Review

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If you have read my last review, the one on the MAC Brow Sculpt in “Spiked,” you would know how much I prefer the original thin brow pencil over “Brow Sculpt.” But then, MAC went ahead and discontinued my beloved product and replaced it with this MAC Brows Styler. Is change always good? Let’s find out.

MAC Eye Brows Styler Spiked full packaging

Product Description:
A self-propelling and self-sharpening water-resistant brow definer with an added spoolie that adds shape, colour and density. Self-propelling, self-sharpening, brow-defining – and now with an updated water-resistant formula and added spoolie. Offers grooming alongside extreme colour precision in one dynamic microfine pencil that emulates fine hair-like strokes on brows for a perfected look. Confidently adds what you need: shape, colour and/or density. Like a pen, creates its own just-right point for striking arches. Easy to tote around – no sharpener needed.

Key Features:
Features excellent colour payoff. Long-wearing, 12 hours. Humidity- and sweat-resistant. Smudge-proof. Water-resistant.
$19/INR 1600 for 0.09 gm of product which is the exact same amount as the discontinued version. Clearly specifying this in case there are any question regarding change in quantity due to change in the packaging.

MAC Eye Brows styler old and new packaging

My Experience with MAC Eye Brows Styler Spiked:

The Brow Styler is ever so slightly thicker than the discontinued brows crayon, but thinner than the Brow Sculpt (that I had reviewed earlier). The thickness of the product in the tube seems just about the same as the brows crayon. Also note, that this new version, which is replacing the Brows Crayon is retractable unlike the previous discontinued product (this is a welcome change of sorts). My only issue with MAC crayons is the fact that one cannot see the amount of product left, which could be a pain if you are travelling. It meant that I had to pack a backup, just in case. The only other issue with the older version was the lack of spoolie which has been remedied with the Brow Styler. So, the Brow Styler also has a spoolie on its rear end, ensuring I don’t need to constantly carry a disposable spoolie in my hand bag along with the product.

MAC Eye Brows Styler Spiked packaging

Some of the concerns I have with the packaging of the Brow Styler: One, apart from being ever so slightly thicker (which is not a deal breaker), it does not feel as balanced in the hand as its predecessor. The quality of plastic used has something to do here. It’s not cheap but it doesn’t have the balance. Also, cap of the same shade on both sides, which are ever so slightly different in size – are a pain to figure. Just that extra 5 seconds ever single time can be irritating to say the least. In case of the chubbier Brow Sculpt, at least the cap on the product side is distinctly longer and easier to figure. The product comes packaged in an outer cardboard box.

MAC Eye Brows Styler Spiked spoolie

Quick update on my brows: I have dark brown hair with naturally sparse hair growth and lots of gap in between. And to add to this – my brows are naturally imbalanced. You can imagine the verbal torture that the salon-aunty subjects me to every time I go for threading! What I need from my brow product is to match my hair colour because I don’t just need to fill in, I also need for it to mimic individual hair that I need to draw to look like brow hair. I do not like a “solid-block Insta type” brows. Also, towards the tapering end – I need some help with keeping the longer hair in place to maintain the shape.

Color: The shade “Spiked” is described by the brand as a deep brunette. It is a dark brown shade, slightly shy from being a deep brown, which in this range would probably be “Stud.” I use this shade because it matches my hair the best. I picked this in the store. So, I did try the shade “Stud” too – one one each side. From a distance, one can’t really make out the difference; the MAC SA could not. However, their trained makeup artist was able to discern, and suggested I stick with “Spike.”

MAC Eye Brows Styler Spiked

MAC Eye Brows Styler Spiked outer packaging

Texture: It was too much to hope that they might have changed the product packaging, but would have kept the formula same, it was not to be. Well, considering the new version s supposed to be waterproof – the formula had to change, and with it – the texture. The product feels slightly waxy; not as waxy as the Brow Sculpt but definitely more than the earlier discontinued version. Despite this, the product does not accumulate on the hair. I am guessing this is because of the fact that the product has a finer tip which allows you to place the product more precisely on the skin than the chubbier Brow Sculpt. However, the texture of the product is definitely harder and waxier than the original Brows Crayon. This makes it harder to apply. It does not transfer to the skin in a single stroke like the previous one did. Net result, it takes longer to get your brows done and more difficult to have a natural look. Not impossible, but definitely more difficult and more time consuming.

MAC Eye Brows Styler Spiked old and new formulas

MAC eyebrow stylers

MAC Eye Brows Styler Spiked brow styler and brow sculpt

While I did not swim with this one to test if it is indeed waterproof; in the humid weather that I am in, my wear did not seem very different to that of the original discontinued product.

Pigmentation: The harder waxier texture takes more effort to build, but the pigmentation itself is good. The shade mimics my natural hair colour well.

MAC Eye Brows Stylers

MAC Eye Brows Styler Spiked swatches

Lasting Power: About 7-8 hours – depends on how much you sweat (it’s really humid right now!).

Pros of MAC Eye Brows Styler Spiked:

  • Creamy, glides easily.
  • Good pigmentation.
  • Does not smudge.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Hardly any learning curve.
  • Good wear time.
  • Will suit Indian skin tones well.
  • Good quality spoolie – manages to distribute the texture well.
  • Retractable.

Cons of MAC Eye Brows Styler Spiked:

  • Application takes more time.
  • Wish even more thought had gone into the packaging.

IMBB Rating:
A 4.5/5 product.
Do I Recommend MAC Eye Brows Styler Spiked?
I feel that the packaging on most parts is better, except the actual feel of it. While I am sad to see my beloved product being discontinued, I feel that I might be able to switch over to this completely in the long run (fingers crossed). So, yes, in the absence of the Brows Crayon, I will repurchase. Having said that, I wish MAC had not discontinued the previous product. The two could have co-existed amicably, one as a regular non-retractable version and the other as a waterproof, retractable, version with a spoolie!

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