MAC Eyeshadow Black Tied, Review, EOTD

MAC Eyeshadow-Black Tied, Review, EOTD

So you remember my 4 beautiful eye shadows I happened to pick up from MAC recently? This one is clearly my fav! I will tell you why!
mac eye shadow black tied

I am not an expert in makeup and I have my goof ups as well, but what I happen to realize is that black shadows, with some bling to it, like silver or gold or duo chrome, can go on the lid with ease, some concealer, mascara and you are done with a touch of nude pink lippy! This look can never go wrong , just apply the black on the lid till the crease and some highlight under the brow and done, you dont need to go for some kind of intricate eye shadow work! MAC Black Tied is one such shadow.

mac eye shadow black tied

MAC describes this as black with silver sparkle and the finish as velvet, and it is exactly that,it costs Rs. 720 for one refill pan like this one and let me tell you I have dropped the pan twice till now since I did not get a palette for myself, and nothing much happened to it! ๐Ÿ™‚

mac eye shadow black tied swatch

The shadow comes in a matte black base, now here is the twist, the matte black base on its own can be so hard to work with and the pretty silver sparkle in it which is not so chunky but not very fine as well, is what makes it perfect! I love the silver in it and it does not show up as much as it is sparkling the pics.It looks pretty and just there!

mac eye shadow black tied (4)

I dont find much fall out to the black base or the sparkle, I use this on a concealer, though you might find it a little chalky, i find the fall out quite minimum for a black eye shadow.Though I would still not wear it on the bare eye lid.The shadow is not a great crease color as it will be very hard to work with, it is best used on the lid till the crease and then blend the crease color of some nuetral shade with this one.

mac eye shadow black tied (2)

This is my color for a soft smokey eye and I love the silver in it, the lasting power is above average and I don’t have any issues on a concealer base as well.Such a pretty black and basic matte black are a must-have for everyone.It is not very satiny or velvety but for what it is, a matte black base with silver sparkle, I really dont have to worry much ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. kya fursat mein God has made ur eyes girl! beautiful! the color is lovely too…u sing falsies here na? which 1s? very pretty!

  2. oh my god.. stunning!! its only u who can rock any dull or bright color perfectly!! very pretty eyes hats off lady.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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