MAC Eyeshadow Cork, Blush Well Dressed, Plushglass Posh It Up, Bobbi Brown Lipstick Calypso

MAC Eyeshadow Cork, MAC Blush Well Dressed, MAC Plushglass Posh It Up, Bobbi Brown Lipstick Calypso


Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color Calypso : Calypso is probably my most used lipstick among all Bobbi Brown lip colors that I own.


  • Price : Rs 1,350
  • Finish : creamy matte
  • Color : a pink coral / deep coral pink
  • Texture : very creamy, goes on smoothy, is not drying but can accentuate fine lines of lips.
  • Longevity : goes on strong for 4 hours strong and then fades to a coral color. If you wipe it off completely you’d still have that coral stain on your lips. It goes on well for good 6 hours. Apply a lip balm underneath and bit of gloss on top.
  • Pigmentation : Super pigmented.
  • Goes Best With : light eye makeup/ coral blushes.
  • Skin Tones : all skin tones
  • Fragrance : none
  • Do I like It? I absolutely love Calpypso (esp for the color) but it does not fade evenly and rather starts looking patchy and weird after a full meal. You have to completely wipe off the color from your lips to reapply the lipstick. Otherwise it applies strange and tends to accentuate the fine lines of lips a lot. I have noticed that this looks better with a hint of gloss but if you want a super matte lips you just have to be careful about how it looks after a few hours.
  • Rating : 4/5





MAC Eyeshadow Cork :


  • Price : Rs 720
  • Finish : Satin
  • Color : muted golden brown / a yellow based medium warm brown.
  • Texture : smooth and applies evenly.
  • Longevity : all day long when applied with a primer underneath. No problem of fading or getting patchy as well.
  • Pigmentation : medium pigmented and builds up well.
  • Goes Best With : a wash of all over everyday color or a crease color. Works well as a transition color and the as a smokey eye shade.
  • Skin Tones :Light / on medium dusky complexions it may not show up that well. On my skin tone I have to keep applying a wash after the other for it to really give some definition. But this works excellent as a supporting color than a light wash of color all over the lid.
  • Fragrance : NA
  • Do I like It? Cork is the kind of color that may give you that look of dark eye circles even though you may not have. It always has to be used in combination with another color than as a wash of all over color. I highly suggest you not to use it on the lower lash line especially. It is a very potential eyeshadow to add in your 15 MAC eyeshadow palette since it is an easy to use basic brown shadow.
  • Rating : 4/5



MAC Plushglass Posh It Up : Posh it Up Plusglass and Nymphette Lipglass are exactly the same shades , just the different formulas.

Plushglasses are “Sheer lip colour with a pearlized high-shine gloss finish. Comfortable to wear: lush, multi-dimensional. Gives a cool-warm, vanilla buzz to the lips. Moisturizes, soothes and visibly plumps the lips to make them look luxuriously healthy and well-conditioned. Contains vitamin E for added environmental protection.”

I wear plusglasses on lipsticks always than on their own because on their own these impart sheer color on lips.

MAC Plushglass posh it up review

  • Price : Rs 1350
  • Finish : glossy.
  • Color : pink gold / a light pink with golden sheen.
  • Texture : smooth. The golden micro-shimmers are very fine and add that hint of sheen to the lips. No grittiness at all. The lipgloss is slightly sticky but not too sticky or gooey. It feels rather hydrating on lips.
  • Longevity : I mostly wear it on top of lipsticks and I find that it keeps my lips looking hydrated and softly shiny for good 4 hours
  • Pigmentation : sheer. Does not do much for me when worn alone.
  • Goes Best With : pink and coral lip colors.
  • Skin Tones : all skin tones
  • Fragrance : has a strong toffee fragrance, which you kinda get used to after a while. It may however bother some people. I have become neutral to the fragrance now.
  • Do I like It? Love love love. It is a perfect evening gloss. Shiny but not chunky. And it’s excellent to be paired with bright lip colors or even lighter shades to add that little bit extra to the lips. 🙂 You get a slight tingling sensation, which settles downs in a bit. And it does add a teeny bit plumpness to the lips. But well! all lip glosses make your lips looks a bit pouty any way. 😉
  • Rating : 4.8/5

MAC Plushglass posh it up review, swatch

MAC Plushglass posh it up review, swatch , photos

Posh it up worn on its own. I have worn it on top of MAC Girl About Town Lipstick HERE


MAC Blush Well Dressed


  • Price : Rs 1100
  • Finish : Satin
  • Color : Immaculate pink / a cool toned light pink
  • Texture : smooth
  • Longevity : 6-7 hours. (I have normal to dry skin)
  • Pigmentation : medium but builds up well. On my skin-tone I have to use a lot of it for it to show. Even though it is so light and cool toned it does not look chalky on my NC 35 skin tone.
  • Goes Best With : pink lipsticks and a great blush for everyday wear since it has no shimmer.
  • Skin Tones : light. Not very well suited for most Indian skin tones.
  • Fragrance : NA
  • Do I like It? I prefer Pinkswoon and Dollymix more for my skin tone but if you have skin-tone lighter than mine, Well Dressed is a fab pick.
  • Rating : 4.5/5

I have worn Well Dressed in both the pics shown in the post.




l-r well dressed, calypso, posh it up, cork

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24 thoughts on “MAC Eyeshadow Cork, Blush Well Dressed, Plushglass Posh It Up, Bobbi Brown Lipstick Calypso

  1. Oh! I love Calypso. So badly wanted this colour – finally picked it up in Bangkok (easier to go to Bangkok than to Delhi Saket!!) but for INR 2000!! N yes, it does settle in the fine lines. i have to be really careful around matte colours.

    You are looking gorgeous as ever!

  2. Calypso is such a pretty color n it looks even prettier on u rati di *haan ji* cork is a very versatile color.. u r so right about well dressed.. this color wont suit everyone.. it wont suit me as well *nababana* *nababana*

  3. Calypso looks so pretty 🙂 The colour is very nice. I don’t like lipsticks that don’t fade away well, cos I usually don’t get to do touch ups when I’m out.

  4. you look beautiful di….. *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*

    love the gloss and i think the Bobbi brown one is best suited on you *puchhi* *puchhi* 🙂 its just gives such a beautiful glow *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

  5. I loved calypso on u, *woot* bt i wonder it will nt work on me.. *nababana*
    I shud say these mac plus glosses luk picture perfect on u, loved them and serioulsy am thinking of getting them though it may nt suit me.. *hihi* I wonder hw u guys sport such colors which are not everyone’s cup of tea.. *woot* *jai ho*

  6. I love that Bobbi Brown lipstick shade, it’s so your choice kinda shade, and lovely. I also liked the Well Dressed blush on you, suits you. *puchhi*

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