MAC Eyeshadow – Filament

MAC Eyeshadow – Filament

Highly pigmented powder. Applies evenly, blends well. Create a customized palette of shades. Fits into Pro Palette case for easy storage and transport.


INR 720/pan

MAC describes this as “platinum silver (lustre)”.

MAC eyeshadow Filament

This is the last one I have due to review before I visit MAC again πŸ™‚ (will share my haul) This shadow comes very close to Forgery, just that it is a little dirtier and lighter with fall out, both have fall out and both are shimmer shadows, pretty hard to use and need a base. This one can be versatile if used well on a base, it could be a highlighter under the brows or even inner corner, but the fall out is a major put off.

MAC eyeshadow Filament (5)


The shadow is so pretty to look at, I picked this one up because I like shimmer shadows to brighten a dull day, but I am aware of how much the fall out could annoy you, especially if you are not looking for shimmer or chunky glitter on your cheeks in the middle of the day.

MAC eyeshadow Filament (2)

The shade is a dirty white shimmer and glitter, and the glitter is not well packed, it feels gritty and has be packed on a base, dont even imagine using this directly and blending it out, you will be left with no eyeshadow and glitter all over you face. You have to use it well.

MAC eyeshadow Filament

The texture is a little powdery and on a base (I used on a little black base) this could last you three hours, still it would twinkle a lot in the light and use it for night with your heavy party wear. no doubt its a pretty color, I wish it was tightly packed and had less fall out, but all MA eyeshadows have a special place in my heart so…

MAC eyeshadow Filament swatch

The shadow is so so pretty to look at and if you can make it work without the fall out then it would really brighten you eyes up, considering the shimmer texture it has the staying power will be very poor without a base.

grey eyes

When I was a kid, people used to say my eyes are like “nashili” :/ well I never seemed to like it, and hence my EOTD looks so thoughtful and sad.:P

kohl eyes

I will be using it somehow patting it on some base,it is is too pretty to ignore, though I do not recommend it much. You can find better options in this price range for a single shadow with shimmer.

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27 thoughts on “MAC Eyeshadow – Filament

  1. I too agree parita πŸ˜€ Nashili ankhein joh teri dekhi deewana yeh dil ho gaya…… Your EOTD is do beautiful and I always wonder how u give life to a dull shade and make more stunning to a good shade πŸ™‚ Neha ROCKS !!

  2. Wow Neha… your eyes are so beautiful… very true… nashili aankhein πŸ™‚
    your have dreamy thoughtful eyes… and they dont look sad for sure…
    the eye shadow color looks pretty on your eyes…

  3. It’s a pity that it falls out.. at this rate one might skip it.. but you rocked it Neha.. loved your EOTD.. πŸ™‚

  4. neha you rocked that color.. I like that bit of twinkle it adds to your lids. it would look so pretty for the evenings no. and I guess I’d agree with everyone else. your eyes are gorgeously nashili. πŸ˜€ sorry about the fall out. πŸ™

  5. You DO have “nashili” eyes :D; I mean that as a compliment πŸ™‚
    I quite like the color in the pan, but seriously lack the blending skills to deal with the fall out 😐

  6. haha thnks back then as a child it got me all confused “nashili” :/
    yes the color in the pan is droolworthy πŸ™‚

  7. Tooo good Neha! In love with your eyes lady πŸ˜€
    And I’ll say this for you too – you can even rock sawdust on your eyes πŸ˜€

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