MAC Venomous Villains Eyeshadow, Pigment, Greasepaint Stick Photos, Swatches

MAC Venomous Villains Eyeshadow ( Rs 900)

MAC Venomous Villains Eyeshadows
MAC Venomous Villains Eyeshadows

Vile Violet : It’s a matte violet eyeshadow. Pigmented and pretty.

Vile Violet
Vile Violet

MAC Vainglorious Eyeshadow : Check review and look HERE and HERE


MAC Her Alter Image Eyeshadow : It’s a pale whitish purple eyeshadow. Pigmented and smooth.

MAC Her Alter Image
MAC Her Alter Image

MAC Carbon Eyeshadow: Matte Black eyeshadow. It is also a part of MAC permanent line.

MAC Carbon
MAC Carbon

MAC Sweet Joy Eyeshadow : A pretty highlighter. A soft goldeny yellow eye shadow.ย  It is quite similar to MAC Nylon eyeshadow from their permanent line.

MAC Sweet joy
MAC Sweet joy

MAC De-vil Eyeshadow : It is an orange copper eyeshadow. It hasย  satiny finish to it. The shade is very close to MAC Coppering eyeshadow from their permanent line.

MAC De-vil
MAC De-vil


MAC Venomous Villains Eyeshadow Swatches
l-r Vile Violet, Carbon, Vain Glorious, Sweet Joy, De-vil. Top- Her Alter Image
MAC Venomous Villains Eyeshadow Swatch
MAC Venomous Villains Eyeshadow Swatch

I liked the eye shadows from this collection. All the shades are wearable and the shadows are nicely pigmented.

MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow (Rs 1,150)

If you are a fan of shimmery eye shadows, these might be good picks. These are mainly black based eye shadows with different colour shimmers. I am not a big fan of such glittery/ shimmery eyeshadows.

MAC Venomous Villains Mineralize Eyeshadow
MAC Venomous Villains Mineralize Eyeshadow

She Who Dares : The eyeshadow is combination of blue and green eyeshadows. Half eyeshadow is a blue black based with teal and dark blue shimmer. The other half has a blackish green base with forest green shimmer.

My Dark Magic : In this pan theย  left side has a blackish base with violet, fuchsia shimmer and the other half has blackish base with deep purple shimmer.

Check out more photos HERE

MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Venomous Villains
left- right she who dares, my dark magic
MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Venomous Villains swatches
MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Venomous Villains swatches
MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Venomous Villains swatches
MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Venomous Villains swatches

MAC Venomous Villains Pigments (Rs 1320)

MAC Brash & Bold Pigment : It’s a very dark reddish pink pigment. to me it’s just a bridal colour and it’s so bright that you can easily go wrong with it.

MAC Push The Edge Pigment : It’s a deep purple pigment with a slight sheen to it. It’s not completely matte.

MAC pigments venomous villains
MAC pigments venomous villains
MAC Brash & Bold Pigment
MAC Brash & Bold Pigment
MAC Push the edge pigment
MAC Push the edge pigment

MAC Greasepaint Sticks ( Rs 1100)

Read Review HERE

MAC Slick Black Greasepaint Stick : It’s a true Carbon Black greasy colour. Excellent for black smokey eyes.

MAC French Quarter : It’s a taupe black based greasepaint stick with bronze shimmer.

MAC Greasepaint sticks
MAC Greasepaint sticks
Slick Black, French Quarter
Slick Black, French Quarter
MAC  French Quarter, Slick Black
MAC French Quarter, Slick Black

So that completes the full Venomous Villains Collection. Radhika suggested that I also do a recommendation post so I’ll try to do that. ๐Ÿ™‚
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  7. Me louuuuingggggggg Vile Violet, Vainglorious, MAC Carbon, MAC De-vil!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Me louuuued the pigmentation too!! ๐Ÿ˜› but donno how to use them!! so can’t comment!! :soldier: :soldier: :soldier: :soldier: :soldier:

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      1. There was a MAC Dare to Wear Collection as well. I think they were thinking on the similar lines only– very very dark green, blue + blue + blue, orange + hanumaanjee orange etc etc :yelo: :yelo: :yelo: :yelo:

    1. you use them dry or wet – just the same way as eye shadows. Just pick them with a flat brush and pack the colour. you can use pigments on lips, cheeks, eye shadows. they are very versatile. If the quality of pigments is good you wouldnt have a major fall out problem.

      1. okieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…….. :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: These evil duos were teaching Priya to use H2So4, glycerine, rosewater, Mac Fix + and vaseline for using these pigments!!! … :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali:

  10. Take in brush – pat on eyelid. falls off …take some water and dampen brush and pat on eyelid. Something like this only everyone will tell you…but I suggest you just buy Mac Fix+….pour it into pigments and make a paste…store in fridge and use as required.

    :snicker: :snicker: :snicker: :snicker: And now I wait for someone to try this. :snicker: :snicker: :snicker:

        1. Errr, no you don’t really need water for pigments. Use a creamy or sticky type of base on your eye – Greasepaint stick or Paint Pot. Then you dip your brush into the jar (usually a flat shader brush like 239 or 242) and then tap the brush on the side of the jar to reduce fall out and pat the brush on your eyelid. Pigments are very easy to use actually – once you get used to them ๐Ÿ™‚

          The look of pigment vs eyeshadow is not that different – it’s just a preference. I was terrified of pigments because I kept having images of the pigment jar toppling in my bathroom and emptying pigment all over the bathroom floor. I’m quite nervous when I use pigments – but they are actually very fun to use.

    1. :vampire: :vampire: :vampire: :vampire: I’ll try it on your eyes firsttttttttt!!!…. If it succeeds – I’ll sponsor this whole MAC pigment thing for your babes!!! :snicker: :snicker: :snicker: :snicker: :snicker:

  11. Rads…..let cali do it with sulphuric acid na….why waste mac fix….anyway no need to store sulupuric acid in fridge also….can save a lot of electricity :yahoo: :yahoo:

            1. Do not use vaseline….how can you use vaseline…….okay, I wanna really help you out……use this thing, “phenyl”….it smells great and will stay for good 6 to 10 hours O:)

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    1. I think they can be applied with a brush…or with some kind of a dampening agent for the brush??? Will the makeup madam Rati pls clarify…am really worried Cali will make a paste and say its what Rads told me to do!

    2. Just take come powder in cap, press pigment on a flat brush and pack the colour on lids. It would work just like your regular eyeshadow, just more intense.

      Rangoli powder :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

    1. Heheeeee…she going to make a paste with Mac Fix+ and put in fridge…ehheheeeee…and I got scared ke she will try it for I told her not to do that…and now she is going to mix with Vaseline :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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