MAC Lady Bug Lustre Lipstick Review

MAC Lady Bug Lustre Lipstick Review

By Shainee Chakraborty

Howdy Beautiful belles,

Hope life is treating you well.  Well, this is my first review for IMBB. The product I am going to review is MAC Lady Bug lipstick in lustre finish. This was a gift from my husband on our first wedding anniversary. He had dropped me at a Central Bangalore Luxury Mall and had asked me to buy anything I wanted. I went mad at this lucrative offer. Literally, I was spoilt for choices, at first I thought about buying a dress from biggies like Zara, Mango, but felt too lazy to go to the trial room! Finally, I decided to visit the MAC store.  Other than Lady Bug, I had also bought my dream product, a Mac 217 brush. Although, I do not know how to use this brush, but these days I am learning from YouTube videos to see the wonders of this brush on my face (or rather on my eyes)! Anyway, back to Lady Bug!

MAC Lady Bug Lustre Lipstick


Enough had been already said about the packaging of MAC lipsticks in the previous reviews. I have nothing special to add. It comes with an outer cover where you will find all the details about the product. The expiry date (need to keep it safe) and manufacturing date is also mentioned in the outer box. It has a normal black bullet packaging, which is also the brand color of MAC and the inner body of the lipstick is silver in color. On the back side of the lipstick, name and finish of the lipstick is written. Packaging is such that you can carry it in your bag without any worry. Also, it comes under “Back-2-Mac” policy!


MAC Lady Bug comes in a luster finish which moisturizes lips well.


Even though it’s a bold color from the red family, but it doesn’t cover up my pigmented lips even after swiping the color 2-3 times on my lips. One of the reasons could be its moisturizing finish.

MAC Lady Bug Lustre Lipstick

Staying Power:

I had applied this at 8:30 am and when I checked it at around 12:30, the hint of color was still there even after talking non-stop and shouting at my students. It will stay for 3 – 3.5 hours without food. After that, first the glossy shine will start wearing off and the color will start fading. It doesn’t leave any uninvited stains on lips.


I had bought this for Rs. 1190/-, but heard that prices had been increased somewhere close to Rs. 1450 /-

My Experience with MAC Lady Bug Lustre Lipstick:

Whenever I am not sure about any product or go for unplanned makeup shopping, I always pray for a nice, approachable SA.  The SA was okay. Though she couldn’t give me enough time as there were lots of other prospective buyers and she was the only one to handle the things, but at least she wasn’t arrogant. She asked which color family I prefer and I replied promptly that anything except from the “red” family.  I really didn’t know what I was looking for. My last purchase from MAC was Rebel lipstick, which I thought was not my color, but I was happily surprised by the outcome. This time also I was expecting that kind of surprise! Even though I was ignoring red, I picked up Lady Bug from the lustre lipstick range. After that, I tried a few other colors as suggested by the SA like Girl About Town, Brick O La, etc., but that day I had made up my mind for the one I tried first, lady bug.

MAC Lady Bug Lustre Lipstick

I am very happy with this product. I am living in Bangalore since last one year. Lady Bug is a suitable product for Bangalore climate. Also, winter is approaching, so this is the right time to try it.  The Lady Bug’s color is reddish orange. It gives a glossy look after application on the lips. Even though it’s from the red family, it is not a bold color. Anyone can wear this at any time of the day and it will not attract unwanted attention. It also brightens up my face. If you are in a hurry and don’t have much time to do eye makeup in morning, then just apply some Lady Bug and you will look lively! It’s a weightless lipstick; I mean you will not feel anything on your lips after application. It has got a mild smell too, but it’s not bothersome. Do try this color once in the MAC store.

MAC Lady Bug Lustre Lipstick

Pros of MAC Lady Bug Lustre Lipstick:

  • Travel friendly.
  • Moisturizes lips.
  • Wearable color for anyone and anytime.
  • Smooth texture.
  • Feels weightless on the lips.
  • Very mild smell.

Cons of MAC Lady Bug Lustre Lipstick:

  • Poor pigmentation.
  • Stays for approximately for 3.5 hours without eating.
  • Expensive.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase MAC Lady Bug Lustre Lipstick?

Yes, if red is your color or if you are looking for a light red color lipstick, then do try this!

Would I Repurchase MAC Lady Bug Lustre Lipstick?

Why should I spend again for the same color? Probably I will experiment with other colors!

Lastly, thank you so much IMBB for posting my first article!

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  1. that’s a verryyy beautiful color Shainee and the lip swatches are stunning!!! :)) haha!! I was laughing at what you wrote in intro. 😛 You know when we women like to shop when we want to shop and not when someone else asks us to shop. Totally relate to that. 😀

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