MAC Launches its Pro Palettes at Exorbitant Prices

MAC Launches its Pro Palettes at Exorbitant Prices

MAC Pro Palette 2013

When I bought MAC blush pans back in December, I could get hold of only one blush palette. MAC had discontinued its blush palettes and after 6 months they have launched these new MAC pro palettes. And honestly, these are so ridiculously priced. It’s not even funny. The old blush palettes were priced at Rs 850 – Rs 900 and these new ones are for Rs 2200. They come with an option of separators… as in you can fix them within the palette and then fit in 6 blushes separately  Those separators are for Rs 825. So essentially the entire palette costs you around Rs 3,000. Why?

I suggest that you buy the palettes without separators only. You would be able to fit in 8 blushes or customise these as blush + eyeshadow palettes as well. The magnet of the palette is strong enough to hold the blushes. And while travelling, just put a bed of cotton wool on top of the blush pans to prevent them from breaking.

If you are someone who is planning to buy only a few blushes, I suggest that you buy blushes separately only. I didn’t have an option. Only I know how I have saved these blushes from getting crushed these past 6 months.

I am disappointed!

Anyway, here’s my blushes collection sans the old palette. Plus the top is transparent now so you can see the blushes without browsing through the zillion palettes. 😛 Something to be happy about. 🙂

MAC Pro Palette large

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18 thoughts on “MAC Launches its Pro Palettes at Exorbitant Prices

  1. OMG, they are horribly priced… noways, I would be able to afford them at least for the time being since I am off my full-time job. *waaa* But they definitely look interesting…. 🙂

  2. Ohhh man inflation is causing a big problem for make-up buyers as well lol *hihi* *shock* *shock* but you have a lovely collection *clap* pretty pics *happy dance* *pompom* *puchhi*

  3. Such high prices *waaa* *waaa*

    But ur blush collection is to die for.. *clap* *clap*

    Its so tempting to see ur collection *haan ji*

  4. Awesome collection u hv *clap* *clap*
    Btw I’m better nw jus met wid an accident in past n gt fracture but hopefully will cm back wid reviews n posts soon …
    And Rati thank u so much for sharing Clarins Serum I’m in love wid dat serum *puchhi* *hifive*

  5. This is ridiculous! Has everyone gone mad with their pricing! We are not making increments as fast as cosmetic companies are hiking the prices! And with the dollar-rupee conversion going haywire, I think the prices are going to become worse!! *headbang* *headbang* *headbang*

    But Rati, what an awesome blush collection! *jai ho* *jai ho* *jai ho* WOW!! Seriously, how do you figure which to use with what lipstick, eye makeup? Im sure you dont use all of them!!! Ok…time to do a blogsale!!! *happy dance* *happy dance* “WISHFUL thinking??”

  6. o mg write beautifully.. i was so able to feel the pain.. of spending a whopping 3000 bucks on a palette.. loved to blush collections. keep colouring our lives wiht the beautiful colours dear..

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