MAC Nail Lacquer – Steamy Review

MAC Nail Lacquer – Steamy Review

Hi Pretty Ladies,

I am back with another review for a nail paint from MAC – Nail Lacquers as they like to call it. This one is called “Cream Steamy” Nail Lacquer. (It’s a boring morning at work and I am just trying to cheer up by writing a review for IMBB :P)  I will be very honest in telling you that though I just love MAC, but I am always a little sceptical in buying a MAC nail paint because I always feel they are a tad bit overpriced for the product, I mean, a nail paint is a nail paint is a nail paint, differing a little bit on the packaging, etc., but I think, it offers a little more. Read further to know what it offers and if its really worth the price.

MAC Nail Lacquer Steamy Review


It’s an usual round bottle with a soft-grip brush. This is their all-time collection product, so can be bought any time.


I have used this nail paint at least 5 times now. I was definitely floored by the long-term wearability of MAC nail paints, which I think make them stand apart from other brands. I usually put a nail paint on Sunday evening (so that my nails can look the pretty best starting Monday :P), and mostly have to change the nail paint by Thursday because most of the brands lose their sheen and also start chipping by then. However, this one remains very nice for the whole week (can you imagine that). So, I change it by next Sunday, which is a whopping one whole week. Its awesome, isn’t it!!!!

MAC Steamy Nail Polish 1

These nail paints are actually chip-resistant in their true sense. These will lose sheen over time (if you wear it more than 5-6 days) but will never chip(as you read it right). Your nails will grow, but they will not chip.

Look and Feel:

This color is an extremely pretty pink. Its NOT a coral pink, it’s a dark pink in true sense. It doesn’t go towards red, its absolutely pink (I love all pink things).  It gives a very creamy dark pink look, which is shimmer-free.


It gives quite a nice color even after one coat, but I am definitely more satisfied with 2 coats always, since it increases the wearability and creaminess.

MAC Steamy Nail Polish 2


INR 750 ( I definitely find it very high for a nail paint).

MAC Steamy Nail Polish 3

Pros of MAC Nail Lacquer – Steamy:

  • Brilliant color – very nice pink.
  • Long-term wearability for a nail paint.
  • Good grip of the brush for easy application.
  • Doesn’t dry off, at least for 6 months.

MAC Steamy Nail Polish 4

Cons of MAC Nail Lacquer – Steamy:

  • The only one that I can think off is its super high price.

If you are looking for a perfect pink shade, and don’t mind the high price tag for a nail paint, then definitely go for it.

Would I Repurchase MAC Nail Lacquer – Steamy?

Well, probably no. This is only and only because of the high price point. Since this one was a gift from my hubby , I didn’t mind at all 😛

IMBB Rating:


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19 thoughts on “MAC Nail Lacquer – Steamy Review

  1. Wow! That’s surely special….BTW I got my perfect neutral shade from Mac yesterday in Double Shot….am floored by the Amplified finish of Mac. My sister got Dubbonet and fluidline in Biltz and Glitz. Got Dipdown for myself… on cloud 9.
    Also Inglot is reopening their store in Forum Mall right next to Mac but a separate store, i.e not inside Shoppers Stop. This store is comparatively smaller than their previous store but am something is better than nothing…what say Kolkata beauties?

  2. very pretty shade smita, agreed on the overpriced point but if it does not chip for a week, i think i dont mind getting this one. 🙂

  3. Many many people think that a nail paint is a nail paint but thats so not true. Cheap Nail paints contain some very harmful chemicals and since we tend to eat by our hands, we should be very cautios about what we put on our nails. MAC definitely is pricey at Rs. 750 but it does live up to the price doesn’t it? And the shade is really lovely.

  4. wow nice review! I agree..a nailpaint is a nailpaint at the end of the day..I wouldn’t mind changing it every 3rd day..but 750 bucks it too steep! I bought an OPI Nailpaint (French Quarter for your Thoughts) recently and that itself was quite expensive according to me (Rs.520) thought people all over the world rave about it..but still..I love the color and couldn’t find it anywhere so I’m ok with it 😉

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