MAC Paint Pot in Genuine Treasure Review

MAC Paint Pot in Genuine Treasure Review

Dear Beauties,

MAC paint pots are one of the best eyeshadow primers and cream eyeshadows in the market and this is no secret. I own a couple of paint pots and totally adore them for their pigmentation and lasting power. I am always on the look ut for paint pots and cream eyeshadows of unique shades which especially can be worn on their own. ย Today, I will be reviewing one such stunning paint pot from MAC Genuine Treasure.


MAC Genuine Treasure paint was part of the “Posh Paradise Collection,” which was launched during the summer of 2012 in India. Even though it was launched in April, I bought this one I think around July and thank God I bought it because its the most beautiful paint pot ever!

MAC Paint Pot In Genuine Treasure.2JPG

MAC Paint Pot In Genuine Treasure4

Product Description:

MAC described Genuine Treasure as “Reflects Antique Gold,” cream to powder finish.


MAC Paint Pot In Genuine Treasure3

My Experience withย MAC Paint Pot in Genuine Treasure:

The moment it was launched, I really wanted to buy this shade, but the hefty price tag was keeping me away, but I am so glad I finally got it in my local Pune store which still had a couple of pieces left since rest everywhere it was sold out!

MAC Paint Pot In Genuine Treasure5

Genuine Treasure comes in a round glass pot like all other paint pots from MAC. The shade is a stunning antique gold which looks like it has olive undertones with tonnes of glitter! Its one of the most unique shade in my collection and very wearable!

See how pretty it is? <3

MAC Paint Pot In Genuine Treasure6

The glitter is not at all chunky, but yes, it can be difficult in blending. Also, one has to blend it really quick since it dries super fast once applied. I usually love to wear this shade on its own, all over the lid, and smudge a little black liner in the outer corners and trust me it looks pretty!

MAC Paint Pot In Genuine Treasure7

I haven’t really faced any major fallouts with this eyeshadow, but yes, if you rub your eyes, it does come off! Like Groundwork or Painterly, this one is not opaque, you need to layer it to get that intense look, but the good thing is that it can be worn lightly as well as layered! Overall, a must-have paint pot for me!

MAC Paint Pot In Genuine Treasure8

Pros ofย MAC Paint Pot in Genuine Treasure:

  • Unique antique olive gold shade with glitters.
  • Glitters are not chunky.
  • The coverage is sheer and can be layered for intensity.
  • Stays on my eyes forever.
  • Dries to a power finish.
  • Can be used as a primer for eyeshadows.

MAC Paint Pot In Genuine Treasure EOTD2

Cons ofย MAC Paint Pot in Genuine Treasure:

  • There may be little fallouts with glitter.
  • Dries up real quick, so it needs to be blended very fast or else it might look patchy.
  • Limited edition and expensive!

IMBB Rating:



1350 INR

This is how it looks on me, sorry for the crappy pics, I don’t have my tripod here ๐Ÿ™

Even though there are some cons, but I would still recommend this shade to everyone! Its beautiful and very versatile shade and a must have if you are an eye makeup person!

Below is a pic of my December Haul ๐Ÿ˜€ December is a big month for me since its my birthday month, oh yeah, I am a capricorn!

December HAUL

So, below are the goodies which my hubby gifted me! He got the NAKED palettes as a surprise for me which I have been lusting after from such a long time! Love you hubby <3

So, hope you all enjoyed the review, until next time, take care and stay beautiful!

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  1. Hey Parita.. The paint pot is really pretty.. I would love to give this a try.. very versatile I must say.. and wat a haulll… u got N*ked.. that too from Hubbyy as a surprise giftt… wooohhoo..
    ejoy your stuff deariee ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. B’lated happy birthday Parita! The paint pot looks simply gorgeous! Your hubby is super thoughtful to buy you the bestest gifts ๐Ÿ˜€
    btw m a capricorn too, awesome’est sunsign ever isnt it ;P

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