MAC Pigment Rose Review, Swatches

MAC Pigment Rose

Hi IMBBians,

Hope you guys are fine and in good health. I think everyone here loves a bit of colour on their eyes, even those who are not comfortable using dark or bright colours on their eyes do make it up by using warm neutral shades. Four years back when I entered the world of eye makeup, I bought a warm neutral shade from Maybelline and used it for nearly 3 years. Then I moved on further to explore more shades in my comfort zone and bought my first Mac eye shadow. Today I bring you my first Mac pigment, so read on further to see its performance.
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Mac Pigment- Rose Review

21$ for 4.5gm(excluding taxes)

Product description:

Pigment is a highly concentrated loose colour powder that contains ingredients to help it adhere to the skin. Create a subtle wash of colour or an intense effect. Does not streak or cake. Easy to blend and long-lasting. Please note: Pigments are sold by weight not volume. Containers can appear to be less than full due to settling of the product.
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My take on the MAC rose pigment:

The pigment comes in a small transparent plastic jar with a velvety matte black screw cap which is quite sturdy. There is a small plastic cover inside to protect the pigment from spilling when you open the black cap. I personally feel there should have been a sieve-like cap for controlled application of the product. The jar is enclosed in a black outer cover which has the detailed information regarding the product. It also has a small round open space in the middle through which we can see the bottle inside and hence the shade. The packing is very strong and can be easily carried around without the worry of spilling the contents.
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The shade is a beautiful deep metallic rose with gold flecks, these pigments are loose glitter-like powder with intense pigmentation. They are not finely milled powder, a little coarse to look upon but not in texture. they are quite smooth texture-wise and very light-weight. It actually looks like the glitter powders I used to play with, when I was young for certain art and craft classes, but they were coarse in texture of course. I usually prepare my eyes first with a primer or an eye shadow base, then I work on my crease and blend it well, then apply a base colour on my lid either cream or light pink, at last I put the pigment all over my lid area. I soak my brush in eye drops and then pick up the pigment to apply on my lids, if you have any other medium like Fix+ to use the pigmentation, that is also fine.
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It is quite easy to apply according to the intensity you like, just soak the brush with required quantity of eye drops or Fix+to pick up the pigment, if there is excess moisture it tends to get watery on your eye lid, so just be careful there. It is also easy to blend the pigment, so I just give a light blend on the outer corners of the lid with the crease colour that I used so that the line does not stand out sharp.

You can expect certain amount of fallout during application due its powdery nature and if excess pigment is picked up by the brush there is a tendency to clump together giving an uneven finish. So it is always better to do your eye makeup first while using pigments and then the rest of your face makeup. I also tried to apply this on its own without a water base, but it gave a very messy, uneven finish on my eyes and the true intensity of the colour never showed up but it can be used in this manner for a sheer and soft look.

It gives a pure metallic finish on your eyes when used with a medium but if you use on its own it gives a shimmery sparkly look on your eyes. It also has very intense pigmentation and stays smooth on your eyes without any fading for a very long period as it stayed on my eyes for more than 7 hours and there was no fading or visible creasing, it just stayed put and I am really impressed with its staying power. It is always best to use a primer before you apply a pigment to avoid creasing and for a long-lasting effect. There is absolutely no difficulty in removing the pigment also, it can be removed even with plain water.
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I feel this shade is suitable for all complexions and is great for a party look rather than an every day wear. it is quite intense and your eyes will definitely stand out. Its particularly awesome for Indian outfits, a beautiful colour that merges with our traditional saree and salwars. The shade really compliments my NC 30-35 skin tone and overall it is a product that stands up to its claims even though it has its cons. This pigment can also be used with a lip gloss to give a rose gold frosty effect on your lips or on your cheeks to give a little illumination along with a blush-like effect.

Pros of Mac Pigment- Rose

  1. The beautiful metallic rose shade is flattering on every skin tone.
  2. The smooth texture of the pigment gives intense pigmentation when used with a medium and provides an even finish when used in proper quantity.
  3. The texture looks very coarse but actually its quite smooth and soft in nature.
  4. They do not irritate your eyes in any manner, even though there is immense fallout during application.
  5. It is very light-weight , even if you layer, it never feels heavy
  6. A tiny amount is only required to cover your eyes because of its intense pigmentation and because of this the jar can be used for a very long time.
  7. The staying power is amazing as it stays on for more than 7 hours without creasing or fading.
  8. The pigment can also be used in various other ways like a lip colour, blush or even a nail paint
  9. The packing is quite strong and travel friendly so there is no cause for any spilling.
  10. The quantity provided is worth the price as it will last you forever.

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mac rose pigment makeup swatch (2)

Cons of Mac Pigment- Rose

  1. The glitter-like texture is definitely messy and will create lot of fallout during application.
  2. It tends to clump and create an uneven, highly frosty finish when excess pigment is picked up by the brush.
  3. This pigment is mainly suitable for parties or weddings rather than an every day wear, the glittery and metallic nature of the pigment will definitely make your eyes stand out.
  4. They are highly shimmery and sparkly in nature, for some of us it might be a con.
  5. Even though it is travel friendly, application will always be time consuming and difficult when you are in a hurry.

IMBB rating:
4.5/5. I would recommend this shade for everyone who loves an extra pop of colour and shimmer for special occasions like a wedding or party. Anyone would love to use sparkle or shimmers during festivities and this shade is just apt for that.

Would I repurchase Mac Pigment- Rose?

I don’t think so, this one is going to last a lifetime for me, but definitely would like to try other shades like Melon and Tan from the range.

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  1. *clap* *clap* *clap* nice EOTD’s ….. i am not into shimmery shades at all plus not that good at eye makeup..phew!

  2. Wooooow *woot* I love the color Rose Gold and this is such a lovely pigmented shade *drool* love love loooove *drool* such pretty eotd’s Jotsna!! *jai ho* U do it the best *jai ho*

  3. WOW Jotsna… Tum to aaj kal SIXER pe SIXER maar rahi ho… This product seems so good… And ur swatches dear… GREAT, SUPERB, BREATHTAKING, just MINDBLOWING *clap* *clap*

  4. That looks fantastic on you, thanks for the review!

    Also: BRILLIANT idea, to mix it with eyedrops. You mean like i-tone? Or contact lens solution? One of the reasons I’ve kept away from loose pigments is the need to use Fix+ on them, and eye drops would be a neater and cheaper way to do things. Brilliant! *jai ho*

  5. *thankyou* Rohini. Yes u can use I-tone, but no idea about contact lens solution and definitely it is a cheaper option.

    1. Practice makes every thing perfect, I have been wearing eye liners since I was 13 *haan ji* , so time definitely helps you to master an art Rachita

  6. Love it! Not an everyday shade though. Love the swatches! But can it really be used as a nail paint? Wouldn’t it come off?

    1. *thankyou* Rene, Ya its not for every day wear. And it can be used as a nail paint when u mix it with a clear nail polish(base coat)

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