Mac Plushglass Fulfilled Review

Mac Plushglass Fulfilled

Hi there! 🙂 Today I will be reviewing one of my 1st purchases, and my only lipgloss from mac. I wanted a lipgloss that had a high shine but nothing shimmery. Hence I zeroed in on mac plushglass. These are quite sheer. Hence I could layer it on many lippies or wear it alone as they have a tinge of colour.
mac plushglass fulfilled

lip swatch
NOTE: in all lipswatches I have worn the plushglass above ‘very lightly’ dabbed pink lipstick.

Price rs. 1050 For 4.2 ml

What Mac has to Say about Plushglass:
Sheer lipcolour with a pearlized high-shine gloss finish. Comfortable to wear: lush, multi-dimensional. Gives a cool-warm, vanilla buzz to the lips. Moisturizes, soothes and visibly plumps the lips to make them look luxuriously healthy and well-conditioned. Contains vitamin E for added environmental protection.

My Experience With Mac Plushglass Fulfilled

Everything that’s stated above is true. It has that extra glamorous high shine finish without any shimmer whatsoever which I absolutely love!
It’s not completely transparent.

It has a tinge of soft peach in it. It doesn’t look flat like most sheer lipglosses. I don’t know how, but it does have a depth, like mac describes it has a multi-dimensional effect! Its true..I notice it once its on lips. And this separates it from regular clear or sheer glosses. It’s watery glassy shine always freshens up my face ☺

I can easily wear it as it is on my pale lips because of this above quality. 🙂
Fulfilled on top of ‘very lightly’ dabbed pink lipstick.
Swatch: Applied by itself its a sheer milky peach.

It’s slightly sticky but not very much. And slight stickiness I can bear 🙂
It’s not one of those glosses that would decrease the staying power of the lipstick beaneath. Or make it travel around mouth. Once u apply it it stays put. And somehow locks in the lipstsick colour. This elongates the weartime of my lippie underneath.

It doesn’t sting or or cause any tingling like other lipplumping products. I find them a bit scary. This one causes just a mild minty fresh buzz. I love applying this gloss for the same reason.And it does plump the lips to a good extent.

Since I have quite plump lips I do not need this effect. But it does make my lips look good as the plumping effect diminishes the look of fine lines 😀

It’s very moisturising. Makes lips incredibly soft. Even after it wears of my lips are baby soft and smooth for hours!

It has average to fairly good staying power. It stays for 2.5 hrs. After which the shine diminishes a bit. Though it still has sheen. Then it starts fading slowly but the incredible moisturising power doesn’t make me feel like the gloss is missing.

Moving towards its pros:
Although all that I’ve stated in my description are its pros. Let me put it here in short:

PROs of Mac Plushglass Fulfilled

• Incredibly glamourous glossy sheen without shimmer.
• Multidimensional and not a flat sheer gloss.
• Coconuty (mild) + minty fresh fragrance.
• Only a mild, rather refreshing buzz on lips while it plumps them. The plump effect diminimises the harshness of fine lines and gives lips that soft focus effect.
• Very moisturising and soothing. Makes lips look and feel babysoft.
• Looks awesome over lipsticks ( because its sheer) and looks awesome by itself as well .
• It does have average to fairly good staying power. I’m listing this in pros because it’s still more than most lipglosses. And longest wearing among my stash.

CONs of Mac Plushglass Fulfilled

• Other than the mac price tag;
• I only feel the packaging. The cap is very prone to attract dust and scratches. It can be cleaned I know;vbut overall the packaging starts looking extra dull and loses its charm for a product so expensive.

Last words: if you want extreme high shine gloss, plumped baby soft lips, and something that doesn’t interfere with your lipstick staying power much; THIS IS IT!

Would I buy it again? Yes! Once it gets over.

Do I recommend: Yes ! 😀

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27 thoughts on “Mac Plushglass Fulfilled Review

    1. Ya I agree.. Some stores have those kinds of sa while some stores are nice. I have a mac store right opposite my office. But I hate going there. I actualy prefer travelling 45 mins and going to the one in suburbs..!

  1. Nice review Neha.. Seems like a must have product.. I have a few lipglasses from MAC and totally love them.. Will try this one as well..
    And your lips look lovely with this pink and the gloss..

  2. nice review… i’m not much of a lip-gloss person, but a gloss which can be worn over lipsticks is always a good bet.. thanks….will check this out

    1. Thankyou ritu 🙂 yea even I’m more of a matte lippie person.. But I enjoy glossy lips once in a while. And this is one gives the best finish for lips 🙂

    1. It is nice supriya.. Don’t go on its plain looks hehe.. It can do wonders on lips.. Especialy if one has thin lips.. It plumps them a bit but most importantly texture is such that it will make lips look plush 🙂

  3. Nice review Neha..I never use a lip gloss..but i think i shud give this a u there are no shimmers..

  4. neha i love plush glasses. they are not as sticky as the lipglasses but are super sheer. i am totally digging glosses these days. i have one in pale pink. Loved the effect on your lips. Looks uber sexy. 😀

    1. thankyou..! 😀
      yes even i ahd stopped glosses for quite a while.. now i actually sometimes feel like going the glossy way.. specially after quoted by serena van der woodsen in gossip girl to her cousin charlie ‘ lipstick lasts longer but glosses are way more fun”
      hehe thts when i realsed yeah!! why did i stop wearing glosses 😉

      1. hahhah!! i remem that quote. not that it affected me , i just have started enjoying them a lot oflate. totally loving the shine on lips. 🙂

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