MAC Prep + Prime Colour Correcting Cream SPF 30 – Recharge Review

MAC Prep + Prime Colour Correcting Cream SPF 30 – Recharge Review


One of my favorite makeup brands is hands down MAC Cosmetics. The prices are reasonable compared to other high-end makeup brands and their color selections for yellow and pink toned skin tones are second to none. I was really excited when this Colour Correcting Collection came out a few months ago. The MAC Colour Correcting collection is supposed to enhance and perfect your skin tone, instantly re-texture and blur imperfections. The skin around my mouth is a bit darker, so when I apply foundation, it always looks a bit ashy around there. I picked the shade”Recharge,” which is supposed to brighten up dull skin.

 MAC Prep and prime colour corrector

Product Description:

A multi-tasking formula that evens skin tone, increases luminosity and inhibits oily shine while protecting from harmful UVA/UVB rays. This moisturizing primer also keeps skin fresh and hydrated throughout the day. The color Recharge (Apricot) brightens dull skin with yellow undertones.


$30 for 1 oz.

My Take on MAC Prep + Prime Colour Correcting Cream SPF 30 – Recharge

I had high hopes for this product, but I wasn’t impressed. When this product comes out of the tube, it is a nice orange color. When you rub the product into your skin, it becomes so sheer that it really doesn’t do anything for your hyperpigmentation. In order to cover up the hyperpigmentation, there has to be slight orange tinge on top of the dark spot to color correct, but this product was so sheer; you would never guess it has an orange tinge.

MAC prep and prime colour corrector

I am a NC42 in MAC foundations, and this product just blended into my skin color. If you are someone who is lighter in complexion, this may actually work really well for you. I applied two layers of this product to build up the intensity of the orange color, and then applied my foundation. Sadly, my foundation around my mouth area still looked a bit ashy.  I tried this product under my eyes to see if it would help brighten the darkness under my eyes. My under eye circles are not bad and the darkness is really light. Under my eyes, this product worked really well. It didn’t make my concealer, which I applied on top, to crease. The makeup artist at MAC told me this was to be applied all over the face, like a base which would brighten the complexion. Personally after using this, if you don’t have hyperpigmentation, I don’t know why anyone would want to use a sheer orange color on their face to brighten. It would probably give you more of a bronzing effect instead.

 MAC Prep and prime colour corrector

In conclusion, I would not repurchase this product. If you are someone who has fair to medium skin tone and hyperpigmentation, then this actually will be PERFECT for you. For someone who had tan to dark skin, I would skip this and probably try a more opaque orange concealer. If you are on the tan and dark side and hyperpigmentation that isn’t that intense, this may also work for you too.

Pros of MAC Prep + Prime Colour Correcting Cream SPF 30 – Recharge:

  • Moisturizes the skin throughout the day.
  • Gives face a dewy look.
  • SPF 30.

Cons of MAC Prep + Prime Colour Correcting Cream SPF 30 – Recharge:

  • Doesn’t brighten dark hyperpigmentation.
  • Expensive.

IMBB Rating:


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