MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover Review

MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover Review

Hello ladies,

YAY to Fridays! No, not because I can relax, but then I will have enough time to finish all of my assignments due the following week. How was your week? Did anything exciting? Tell me below! So today, I have another product for you all today. It is an eye makeup remover by dear old MAC 😛

MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover

Product Description:

A mega-effective remover that lifts off makeup without smudges or tears. Pro Eye Makeup Remover is a clear, lightweight liquid that gently and effectively removes all eye makeup, including waterproof and transfer-resistant products. It effortlessly removes Paints, Eye Shadows, Mascara and Liquid Liner. It contains Cucumber Extract to soothe and hydrate the skin and it’s perfectly safe for contact lens wearers. No rinsing is required and makeup can be immediately reapplied. Perfect for when you’re in a rush. For additional moisturising and conditioning of the eye area, try applying Fast Response Eye Cream after using Pro Eye Makeup Remover.



MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover

My Experience with MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover:

If you know me, you will know, that I am not too much into eye makeup. I only prefer treating my eyes to all that fancy smudging and blending, when there is a special occasion. On most other days, I simply cling on to my kohl and eyeliner. I picked this up recently, when my Maybelline eye make up remover had finished.

The packaging is classic MAC packaging, the black cap makes the bottle look extremely chic and classy. The liquid inside the bottle resembles a pinkish colour with hues of light purple. It has a slight fragrance, somewhat like the MAC Eye and Lip Makeup Remover, nothing that might irritate your senses as such. I made use of this for the first time, when I had applied loads of eye makeup and I mean, water proof eyeliner, heavy loaded waterproof mascara and oh yes dark coloured eye shadow. Well, I can say this, it did take off my makeup, but it took at least 2-3 swipes before everything was super clean around my eye area.

MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover

Okay, so I need to get this out, despite it taking the eye makeup off and everything, the product actually irritated my eyes and resulted in stinging of the eyes. Also, post application of this eye makeup remover, it made my eyes hazy and I was a victim of red eyes. The haziness did vanish post washing my face, but the redness still prevailed.

MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover

Overall, I was not a big fan of this product. Yes, it did remove my eye makeup, but it was not as efficient as my Chanel makeup remover/ toner. Moreover, it burned my eyes and made them super red and itchy, something I was not a big fan of.

Pros of MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover:

  • Lovely packaging.
  • Easy to use.
  • It is lightweight and is able to remove eye makeup properly in 2-3 swipes.

Cons of MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover:

  • Made my eyes itchy and red.
  • Dried out the skin underneath my eyes.
  • Made my eyes hazy.
  • Did not live up to its claims. Where was the cucumber?

Would I Repurchase MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover?

A definite no!

IMBB Rating:


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10 thoughts on “MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover Review

  1. Ohhhhh my 🙁 I thought ths would do a great job.. Sad it did not work.. Most of the eye makeup removers are duds .. I have one from Clinique n that is just amazing 🙂

    1. I love clinique products most of the time. I am using a one from chanel that I love completely. Thank you for commenting Saloni 🙂

  2. Eye stinging is a no no!
    I’ve tried so many different cleansers including high end ones and I keep coming back to two that never fail me. Neutrogena Oil Free which is cheap as chips and for a splurge, Darphin Intral cleanser.

    1. Hi payal 🙂 so nice to see you here:) hope you’re well! Will definitely give darphin a go post using my Chanel makeup remover. X

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