MAC Pro Longwear Lip Color – For Keeps

MAC Pro Longwear Lip Color – For Keeps

A longwearing lip colour that applies in two quick steps. Stroke on the special formulated colour base. Flip the stick, and apply the clear gloss. Soft and comfortable on…Kiss, drink, eat. Smudge, run, transfer and feather-proof. Pro Longwear Lipcolour is best removed with Cleanse Off Oil.
MAC Pro Longwear Lip Color - For Keeps

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So I got another lip color from Pro Long wear from Mac, I was eyeing cling peach but in a hurry I got this mauvish nude shade called for keeps, honestly I love these paint like long wear products and especially when it comes to glosses, I dont wear sheer glosses due to the awkward shape they make my lips look, on the contray these products that are like a lip paint and then you apply a gloss over them, are perfect for me to wear glosses whilst shaping the lips as well.

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This shade is perfect mauve nude for day wear and office, for all mauve pink lovers,check this out, let me warn you this is a frost shade, and still this is not a bad shimmer case,it is a pretty frost nothing bad, but I am glad it is not a matte mauve, but a nice silvery mauve, not a bad shimmer mauve.

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The color is a nice even mauve, with frost, it comes out evenly and lightly on the lips,it hardly looks like any color had been applied, it is more like nude mauve, girls who have mauvy pink lips,this will be an MLBB shade, on me this hardly any rightness and still makes lips pretty and not so colorless, of crouse the gloss adds more plumping volume look to the lips.

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Mac Pro Longwear Lip Color For Keeps (3)


The gloss is the thickest clear gloss ever, Mac has these thick gloss in the lip colors, and the gloss comes with a brush and the color comes with a doe-foot applicator, everything is nice and top quality, I enjoy the gloss since it is thick, once you apply the color you wait for it to dry totally, it is very drying after that, it makes lips very taut, that is when you apply the gloss, to moisten it up, the color under the gloss is locked, it is like nail paint, it wont go off unless you remove with oil.

mac for keeps swatch


The color lasts forever, it stays unless removed, but it goes lighter, that is not a problem here but with darker colors, it looks wiped off from the inside of the lips when it looks pretty bad, but for this one, it looks natural, you can coat the gloss again and again over the paint.If you apply any other product,the paint might rub off.

freshly applied waiting for it to dry

mac for keeps (1)

With gloss

mac for keeps (3)

mac for keeps (2)

After three hours

mac for keeps

So if you are okay with long wear colors and mauves, like glosses too, check this one out.

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  1. Ooh intesting concept Neha! And yes , you are true…with darker colors it might appear wierd. But with shades like this you are safe. Nice shade *powder*

  2. Hey! This is an interesting product….havent tried it…must check next time i visit MAC. Lovely swatches Neha!! And Gurrl….SLeep NOW!!!

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