MAC Prolong Wear Lip Color – Lasting Lust

MAC Prolong Wear Lip Color – Lasting Lust

A long wearing lip colour that applies in two quick steps. Stroke on the special formulated colour base. Flip the stick, and apply the clear gloss. Soft and comfortable on…Kiss, drink, eat. Smudge, run, transfer and feather-proof. Pro Longwear Lipcolour is best removed with Cleanse Off Oil.

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INT 1650

Keeping up the my spirit of red lipsticks and those non-transferable long lasting lipsticks that set like a paint, I picked one more, but this time from MAC, I thought if i love these paint like lipsticks from other brands so much, I am sure mac is a step ahead and I researched some shades but my favs were no in stock, since I picked up a nude lip glass too, the SA told why dont you pick up a red, it would go well with you 😛 probably I was wearing a red too so here it is.

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The cost is hiked too I think earlier they were 1500 but now these are 1650, not a joke, so I better use up every single drop in there very well 😛 I cannot let it dry up but the color is such,I am not sure the color would be worn often or not but still it is one of my prized possessions.

MAC Prolongwear Lip Color Lasting Lust ingredients

The packahging is simple like the others you might have seen, but I love the matte black case mac has, the carton is important too, these days we have seen colorbar too giving out ever product in a silver carton 😛 very much the size of mac, 😛 anyway lets see the lip color.

The color is like the brightest red you might have seen , OMG its like a neon red, and at first I thought this would be cheapy but it looked really pretty and really lit up my face, it really was standing out then it made me look ten shades lighter,it is a very bridal party color when you want to do a gold eye and tiny winged liner and then this one.

MAC Prolongwear Lip Color Lasting Lust ingredients

The texture of the paint is really soft I noticed and the applicator too is very soft, but the best part I like about the gloss side is that it is not like a gloss, it is unlike those other gloss or balms sides we have seen in long last lipsticks but this one is almost like a liquid lip balm, or vaseline, I dont know how to explain this but it is really creamy and soft and you need very very less of it.

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The gloss is very thick so chances of bleeding are less but if you apply too much, then it is a huge mistake, apply very less and may be spread it with your finger, after the paint dries in say 30 secs. The gloss comes with an applicator.

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The texture is very comfy to wear no dryness nothing , covers lip pigmentation of-course and no issues whatsoever.But I have noticed the paint too is ten times better than the other long last ones I have used it is very even and does not crack soon, I applied this and checked it after three hours, the gloss has half gone but the color intact, in another one hours I saw a little part of the paint on the lower lips chipping but the color was still intact and then had tea snacks, but the color remained but the chipping came off bit by bit and then says after 6+ hours I had to remove it, since it is a red, the chipped part would show more, honestly the other colors would be awesome , you can really count on these and these serve you way better than the others similar ones you might have tried.
MAC Prolongwear Lip Color Lasting Lust swatch

mac prolong wear lip color lasting lust
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4.5/5 only if you are a fan of these long last lip colors, try this , the paint and the creamy gloss are a step ahead of all.

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  1. *happy dance* yeahhh you reviewed mac first… pretty swatch… *powder* and do they have lighter pinky or coral shades in this range?

  2. Neon red…you described perfectly…You look so pretty in it *woot* , I would not be able to carry. Wanna try other colurs from this range. *thankyou* for the review

  3. Amazing colour huh *clap* *clap* *clap* you getting soo many reds na now *happy dance* *happy dance* love all the reds actually but this is a double benefit with a clear gloss as well *happy dance* *happy dance* you rock all reds *hifive*

  4. wwoaohhh!!! what a stunning red lip color neha. love love love!!! *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* Just love how it looks on your lips. 🙂

  5. I got my make up done from a professional MUA at for a party. I just lovved the lip color.. I even tried to read on his tube, but it was blank.. *headbang* *headbang*
    Now I know what was that!! *pompom*
    Thanks Neha.. N ur lipswatch as always is stunning!! *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

  6. my gosh.. i am in love with this red on ur lips.. *whistle* *woot* killer swatches neha.. *jai ho* *jai ho* maar daalaa….. *whistle* *whistle*

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