MAC Red Lipstick Review

MAC Red Lipstick Review

MAC describes this one as a “vivid bright bluish-red.”

MAC Red Lipstick Review

A classic (blue-based) red lipstick in satin finish by MAC, this colour is a make-up must have. I love the satin finish because it is adequately creamy without any shimmer or frost in it. The pigmentation is great and the colour is very rich.  The matte Russian Red is a great option for a classic red too, but I don’t particularly like it for myself because it is a little drying for my already dry lips. MAC Red is ideal for dry lips and, of course, for anyone else who is looking for a classic red lipstick.

I am a fan of bold red lipstick in general. I love orange-based reds, blue-based reds and purple-based reds. This particular red does a lot for my face. It brightens up my face and instantly gives me the “dressed up” look. It is great for occasions and it lends you the ready-to-go look quite easily. Although, this is an intense colour, it is possible to wear this one more often (on a regular basis), but simply dabbing it onto your lips for a hint of the red colour rather than an all-opaque full-coverage finish. This way you can make the lipstick a lot more wearable.

MAC Red Lipstick 1

Trying to buy the perfect red lipstick is undoubtedly a mind-boggling process. There are so many kinds of reds, so many brands and so many finishes. It’s really very difficult. However, this red is a traditional one. If you are looking for a traditional red, then, in every way, this one will fit the bill.

However, you must try it out in the MAC store (since you will have to take a trip to the store to buy it any way) and in natural lighting as well to see if you really like how this looks on you. I would suggest that you go to the store, try it on, and leave it on for some time (spend time at the mall, shop, eat, etc.). This way you will be able to see how it looks in different kinds of lighting and what its staying power on your lips is. If you are satisfied, then go back to the store and purchase it!


Swatch 1

Swatch 2

As I have already mentioned, you need not shy away from carrying off the boldness of this colour. If you feel like you won’t be able to wear this one too often, you should try varying the intensity (by wearing it more lightly on a regular basis) as per your preference and keep the bold look exclusively for occasions.  Quite often, I just dab a little bit of the lipstick onto my lips along with some lip balm and I am able to wear it more casually.



Tip: Whenever you are working to achieve bold lips, I think it’s a good idea to wear lip liner. It does a lot to define your lips and the make your lips more prominent.  If you are really uncomfortable with bold red lips, but still like this color a lot, then I would recommend the MAC Lady Bug lipstick in lustre finish. It is much less pigmented (because of the lustrous finish) and therefore more wearable. I almost bought that one before I settled for MAC Red, but then I realized that I would rather buy something that I absolutely love (and vary its intensity depending on the occasion) than buy something that I’m not absolutely in love with. But, if you are sure that you can’t carry off MAC Red, but still want to go with a similar (albeit less pigmented red), then I would say you try out Lady Bug 🙂

Red Lipstick

Finally, I would say that there are all too many reds out there and it’s a good idea to experiment with more than just one kind. I love orange-based reds and I’m looking to buy MAC’s Lady Danger (please tell me something about it if you’ve tried it). But, even then, I think that this colour (MAC Red) is much less casual and is definitely a timeless colour. MAC lipsticks are expensive, but they are worth every penny!


Rs. 990/- for 3g.

Shelf Life:

About 3 years (my MAC lipsticks usually last that long and stay in great condition).

Red Lipstick 1

Pros of MAC Red Lipstick:

  • Classic red lipstick! A make-up must have. If you are looking to get a classic red lipstick, then this is it. No shimmer, no frost — the original red lipstick.
  • Great texture. Satin finish. Very soft, easy-to-apply, and non-drying.
  • Very pigmented, great coverage, lots of colour!
  • Great staying power, easily lasts up to 3-4 hours.
  • Doesn’t feather, doesn’t crease, doesn’t settle in the lines.
  • This colour suits most skin tones.
  • You can make this a lot more wearable by just dabbing a little onto your lips for a hint of the color rather than going for a full-coverage red finish.
  • No parabens, of course. MAC doesn’t use parabens in any of their lipsticks.
  • Great quality. I am most impressed with the quality of all lipsticks by MAC and this one is no exception to that rule.

Cons of MAC Red Lipstick:

  • None, whatsoever!

Lip Swatches:

Red Lips 1



Great find in every sense of the term! If you are okay with the colour, then don’t think twice — just go get it!

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  1. looks nice on you but i can’t pull this color is a wedding or party kinda shade for me.MAC is always MAC na. I mean no cons

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