MAC Ruby Woo Lip Glass Review

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Boy does it feel good to start writing reviews for IMBB again after my little hiatus. You guys make my job so much fun and this additional incentive of sponsored products is like one of the two things a girl could ask for- the other being diamonds of course! Haha! So here I have another sponsored product guys, a fantastic lip gloss from MAC and I cannot wait to tell you all more about it.  You can read the lipstick variant of MAC Ruby Woo here.

MAC Ruby Woo Lip Glass

Product Description:
A unique lip gloss available in a wide variety of colours that can create a high gloss, glass-like finish or a subtle sheen. Designed to be worn on its own, over lip pencil or lipstick, it is the perfect product for creating shine that lasts. It is pigmented, very shiny and can impart subtle or dramatic colour. It contains jojoba oil to help soften and condition the lips.

MAC Ruby Woo Lip Glass

Product Claims:
A gloss in a wide colour range that can create a glass like finish or a subtle sheen. Conditions lips and smoothes lips.


MAC Ruby Woo Lip Glass

INR 1450, USD 15 for 4.8 ml (0.16 fl oz) of product. I have to let you know that the new price for these is going to be INR 1850, which is what one of the SA’s at MAC has told me and I have those girls on speed dial, so I would jump to get this now!

MAC Ruby Woo Lip Glass

My Experience with MAC Ruby Woo Lip Glass:

Now these lip glosses, or glasses, are great in themselves, but this one stands out even more because MAC took a fantastic lipstick shade “Ruby Woo” and converted it into a lip gloss! The lipstick is a matte finish one and you can use this lip gloss on its own, over a lip pencil to further intensify its lasting time and colour and use it directly over the lipstick to convert a shade which is matte finish, into a high power shine finish. Brilliant! I cannot stop ga-ga-ing over these lip gloss shades that MAC has come out with because it gives you so many different looks that you can accomplish!

MAC Ruby Woo Lip Glass

I personally love the Ruby Woo lipstick and I love its shade of red and even though I had never thought I would need a gloss in the same shade, I have been surprised with how often I have been reaching for this. This lip gloss is so super pigmented that you can just lightly dab this across your lips for a flush of colour or you can really layer this on for a blood red bold lip.

MAC Ruby Woo Lip Glass

This particular shade does bleed a little bit and I noticed this after I had it on for about 15 minutes. I think using a clear or red lip liner would help with this problem. I also love to just dab this colour on the center of my lips when I try to get some use out of (my previously reviewed) Maybelline Color Elixir Lip Color in Hibiscus Haven, to get that two toned pink and red effect on my lips. This colour however does not settle in fine lines at all.

MAC Ruby Woo Lip Glass

Also this lip glass is not sticky at all and neither does it feel heavy on your lips. It does transfer to whatever your lips touch, so you have to be careful with that. I love that there are no “chemical” smells to this lip gloss and it feels good to have it on. Being a lip gloss, it only lasts on your lips for 2-3 hours after which you will need to reapply. It does not leave a stain on your lips as it fades. It is also easily removable by dabbing tissue on your lips if you do not have make up remover nearby!

Red lips

Red lip glass

DUPE: This is a really close dupe for Urban Decay’s Revolution High Color Lip gloss in 69.

Pros of MAC Ruby Woo Lip Glass:

  • Not sticky.
  • Very well pigmented.
  • No chemical smell.
  • Great colour!

Cons of MAC Ruby Woo Lip Glass:

  • Bleeds a little.
  • Transfers to what your lips touch.

Red lips

Would I Repurchase MAC Ruby Woo Lip Glass?
This is the first time I have been able to sport a full shiny bold red lip, so I would definitely be repurchasing!

Would I Recommend MAC Ruby Woo Lip Glass?
Absolutely! Ruby Woo is a tested and tried great shade for the Indian skin tone, so a lip gloss in the same shade is genius! Try it out in store the next time 🙂

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6 thoughts on “MAC Ruby Woo Lip Glass Review

  1. That’s a hot shade no doubt since it is Ruby Woo’s version, but being the matte lover that I am, would anyday prefer the lipstick over this. You are rocking it though! 🙂

  2. Ruby Woo in a gloss form!!!!! The gloss lovers would be in seventh heaven after reading this review 🙂 The gloss is looking equally attractive on you Samrita. I am not a gloss lover because they are bad to my cutleries 🙁 Although the gloss is suuuuperb but i’d still stick to the lippie 😀

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