Makeup Look with MAC Russian Red Lipstick

I LOVE ME SOME REDS … and was in hunt for THE perfect RED for me. I searched so much and not to deny I even bought a few but wasn’t satisfied with the results. ( Please don’t ask what all reds I have, I would be embarrassed). So my hunt was still on in full swing and I was going up and down on internet hoping to find my perfect red.

After so called debating over which red lipstick to buy, I finally got my hands on MAC RUSSIAN RED Lipstick.And you know, that was one of the luckiest day in my life because I bought 5 MAC lipsticks at one go. Oohhhh! I was so happy and telling hubby that we will do this kind of shopping spree every time. He was like ??? Isn’t she still satisfied ? He is still in those thoughts …






And then we came home and all the modeling started with trying the lipsticks I bought and from all the five this one stood at No 1 .To tell you my hubby loves Red lipstick on me more then I do … I SWEAR!

rati beauty ad

Hubby remembered this so well , if by chance I wore some other red he would say is this “RUSSIAN RED” and sometimes I had to say yes janu see how perfect you are ( to make him feel proud, of course).

And you know Russian Red, by far, is THE BEST MATTE RED LIPSTICK you could ever imagine. I had quite a few reds in my arsenel but if I  have a occasion I wear this with golden eye makeup.

If you really wan to want only red buy this ,because you also know you wont be able to use red lipsticks all the time. So be patient and buy this one , it’s one of the most moisturizing matte lipstick. There are a few more choices but hmmmmm … So here goes my makeup or MAC up in this pic – MAC Russian Red Lipstick MAC Russian Red Lipstick

Face – applied my fav Ponds Tinted Moisturiser and MAC select cover up concealer under eyes and around nose and lips.





bare face
bare face




Eyes – eyelids

  • Primed my lids with painterely paint pot
  • Applied MAC goldmine eyeshadow all over the lid
  • MAC Amberlight eyeshadow on crease and outer V
  • Ricepaper to highlight
  • Loreal HIP black gel eyeliner
  • MAC chromagraphic eyepencil on waterline
  • MAC zoomlash mascara

MAC Russian red Lipstick

Cheeks – MAC MARGIN blush my fav. :):):) love you sweets

MAC Russian red Lipstick Lips –

  • Applied MAC select cover up concealer around lips
  • Outlined with NYX lipliner in hot red ( if you are going for party, please fill in lips)
  • Applied MAC RUSSIAN RED ( Please use lip brush for longer staying power) and pat your lips with powder
  • Dabbed l’oreal’s lipgloss in rebel red ( my only red lipgloss m eyeing on MAC Russian Red Lip Glass now)

MAC Russian red Lipstick No face powder or blot powder nothing ….

Was so eager to show Rati ….


69 thoughts on “Makeup Look with MAC Russian Red Lipstick

  1. I just can’t stop staring at those sexy lips….I am behaving a little pervy right now. Sorry!!! :rotfl: :rotfl:

    1. hahahha m soo happy wow u seriouslly making my DAYS i sware … out of words for the comments and compliments for u rati thanks dear…
      enjoying dear

  2. Woooow!!!!! you are rocking the red lips totally!!! :yes:

    I dont have the guts to even try this shade !!

    1. hahahah … i do have guts but on dotcom only …
      sorry actually i love me reds but now its low key affair …

  3. Niceeeee. Where do u pick up ur NYX cosmetics from? i ve been on an unsuccessful hunt 🙁

    1. hey i picked it up from USA but its available here in mumbai’s new beauty centre S.V.road

      thanks for compliments

          1. 😛 What logic Fathima. I’ll fall laughing now. :rotfl: :rotfl:

            You made it sound like ” I won’t have sex until I get married” :rotfl:

  4. dear rashmi….
    u read my mind here…i requested rati to do a review on red lipsticks from mac,as i have been dying to buy on myself……….and u did it ….cant thank u enough….
    u look really hot in that shade….and my skin tone is similar to urs… i guess this shade shud suit me also….i was confused between MAC RED,RUBY WOO and RUSSIAN RED…..
    guess shud buy russian red……what say????

    1. shilpa i did it for u only and i sware officialy for u coz i read ur comment and called rati and asked her abt it ….
      pls believe me …

      and yeah this one is a must ruby woo is bit drying i heared …
      u gonna rock this and do buy russian red lipglass …
      and pls share ur haul darling

      love n hugs

  5. ‘lovely lady lips” IdropsRash!

    and for some dumb reason i wanted to actually compliment with Black eyed Peas ‘My Hump’ song thinking it was “lovely lady lips” while its actually ‘lovely little lumps’ lol 😉 [talk about pervy today! all because of the red here :)]

    but then all you ladies out there, dont u think the following lines from it are so apt?
    What you gon’ do with all that junk?
    All that junk inside that trunk?
    She’s got me spending.
    (Oh) Spendin’ all your money on me and spending time on me
    Dolce & Gabbana,
    Fendi and NaDonnaKaran
    .-= Gaea´s last blog ..Wats with women- hues and buying =-.

  6. HOT! 😀

    I have a red but it is the wrong red for me and makes me look like a vampire 😛 So I put it on, wipe it off with a tissue, put clear gloss and use it like a lip stain of sorts.

    1. aww thats bad do buy urself a new red lippie …
      medium to dark – russian red
      sheer to medium – lady bug
      maroon – dubbonet
      bit shimmmer – fresh moroccon …

      i hope u gonna look at them

  7. You know I saw the Ambering Rose and Margin blushes today. MAC’s Ambering Rose is going to be my first blush from MAC. I just declared. 😛

    I do have Blush Ombre but that’s not the official blush from MAC…hai na. 😛

          1. We try to fool ourselves only. Imagine. I still sometimes wonder that I bought 2 #217 brushes. All these explanations… :silly:

    1. rati pls i m so sorry , but when i heared ur first blush u told me on phone rem. i was wondering … but yes actually u can say it wasnt ur first blush yeahhhhh sounds good now sweetheart

  8. Lookin nice Rashmi :)…You have pulled off the red color very well..I somehow haven’t got the guts to wear reds that much 🙁

  9. hi rashmi….
    thx doing this whole look for me….wud definitely buy this color….
    i hve mac lustre glass in venetian…..wud buy in russian red too……u knw my hubby loves red lips on my just like ur hubby loves them on you…………….i guess it better if u have ur husbands on ur side while buying makeup…. 😛
    now just like dear rati…..i m also waiting to see ur mac collection in entirety……
    i think i m one mac addict in the making….. 😀

    1. hahahahah are shilpa u wont believe just few min before dev asking me how much money u want for to the beach coll …
      but somehow topic changed and hmmmm
      lets see if today night ???? i could manage to hahahah

          1. u wont believe how much he gave me for TO THE BEACH hahahha thats a whooping amount for me hahahah

  10. I think I found my red..Saw and swatched the Colorburst Ruby today..lovely shade. May buy it…Wanna check out maybelline too before deciding on a red.

  11. Va va vroom! Talk about vivid…. I can not carry off a red lippie and am infinitely jealous of ladies who can… 🙁 u just got yourself placed high on the list… 😛
    .-= anks´s last blog ..Writing Vs Therapy =-.

  12. I drops Rashmi….you carry off red so well, :-* 😛 …..only a few are able to carry such a colour…but I am not flattering you, its a fact and I am in the jealous gang………………. :pumpkin:

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