MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder Review

MAC Select Sheer/Pressed Powder Review

During my wedding preparations last December I wanted to get rid of all the old make up stuff I had with me and get a new set for myself. No one could blame me then and now I repent that I didn’t shop much as that is the only time any one can shop without guilt. I visited the MAC store and I just asked them to show me all basic make up products that anyone would need. Since I always prefer simple make up I feared whether they’ll end up showing very colorful products if at all I mention it was for my wedding.

That is when I got this sheer/pressed powder for myself and I am happy with it. I didn’t get time to try other pressed/loose powders but I don’t repent for it now. I am glad that I got one and it goes well with my studio fix fluid foundation.

What does MAC say about the Select Sheer Pressed powder?

MAC Select Sheer/Pressed Powder Review

Micro-fine, sheer and silky. Pressed for portability. Goes on lightly. Won’t shift your shade or leave its mark. Lets skin’s natural vitality and freshness glow through. Comes with its own suede-finish sponge. Blurs lines. Makes skin look flawless.

I got this in NC 40 for my skin tone and for the price of Rs.1250

This suits me well and gives me a fresh and elegant look. I first tried it on top of my moisturizer and it was good then. When I really had to rush I just swiped it on my face and even that ways it was not bad. When I had the time for myself I tried it upon the foundation and it showed its best. Everyone could notice the difference in my face and I was very happy that I got it.

What I like about MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder?

  • It is very light on my skin and once I apply I can feel its presence for an hour max but after that it slowly blends well with my skin and gives a completely natural and simple look, the one I prefer.
  • As the name suggests it is sheer and hence does what it claims.

MAC Select Sheer Pressed  powder Swatch

  • Does a neat and minimal coverage. I won’t say it will cover blemishes but definitely fine lines and small flaws in the skin.
  • It is very light and powdery. Powder has very fine granules and it does not give a powdery look.
  • Does not clog my pores and also does not give a cakey look at all.

Mirror and Puff

  • Packaging is good with a reasonable sized mirror to apply the powder along with a puff applicator.
  • Availability in numerous shades to suit a wide range of skin tones. This shade suits me the best that I didn’t even wanted to try a shade lighter or brighter than this.


  • Compact and easy to carry.
  • Does not get messy in spite of carrying it with me always.
  • It works well alone (without any base) or just with a moisturizer or even with a foundation. The only difference will be the brightness but in all ways it looks really neat.
  • I need not apply it again and again as it lasts long. I just touch up once more in the afternoon while worn for an entire day.
  • Skin is smooth and looks even and it has never given me any breakouts.
  • It also gives a silky smooth effect when my skin is very oily. So I need not worry about the climate outside and it suits me the best in all seasons!!!!!  When my skin is oily it gives a silky finish and when it is not very oily it leaves my skin matte. In both ways I like the look.

What I don’t like about MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder?

  • It does not get over very soon. One should be really glad about it but I don’t feel like trying anything else until this is left, as I am satisfied with the finish this powder gives on my skin.
  • The puff applicator that comes with this is not very pleasing. I am not very comfortable using this. I think a brush will do a better job and even the coverage would be better.

My Rating – :-* :-* :-* :-*

Would I Repurchase? – No. For the only reason that by the time I finish this I would have got bored with it and I would like to try something new. If nothing suits me this good then definitely I’ll go for this again.

I actually didn’t notice “much” about this powder until I was asked to review. So thanks a lot HD, you made me realize that I have been using such a wonderful product. This review is for you. Sorry for the little delay 🙂

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47 thoughts on “MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder Review

  1. I have the MAC Blot Powder Pressed and it’s pretty much similar to the sheer powder you’ve reviewed. Like you said, it takes a long time to get over.. but worth it for the money we are paying 😀

    Nice review 🙂

  2. Just a quick qn.. What’s the difference between sheer powder and blot powder ?:-) Is it something like blot powder is for oily skin and sheer powder is for oder skin type?

    1. Blot powder is more for very oily skinned girls, it’s like a blotting paper, it will just suck up the oil on your skin. Hence it is not at all suitable for dry skin!

      A sheer powder is suitable for dry-combo to oily skin, provides very low coverage which may just wrk to even out the tone of people without any scarring, excessive pigmentation etc. or to set foundation and give that flawless finish!

      Sorry for butting in (couldn’t resist 😛 ) and hope that helps :))

  3. Thanks a ton Aarthi for this review :-* This was not at all delayed…infact you were v quick with the review…

    Since you and Rati both said that it takes a loooot of time for the powder to get over, it is totally value for the money you pay….but I agree…we tend to get bored easily na…wish if MAC could come up with smaller packings for this 😉 also since you are stuck with it for a long time you need to be very sure before purchasing…

    It will check this and the skinfinish powder and pick one of these soon

    Thanks again dear :-))

  4. I will definitely pick it up once my Mineralize skin finish gets over and you can do vice versa. 😛

    Thank god it has a compact and a puff, it’s so easier so carry around. That’s is really a touch up powder in real sense. Great review and now I am lemming for it. 🙄

      1. And this conversation just adds to my confusion 😛

        I am kinda liking the skinfinish more coz of the dewy look it gives but wht is putting me off is no applicator or mirror along which is a pro with this sheer powder 😕

          1. ya rite…after hearing so much of good things I hv brought myself to buy my first MAC product and ur advising me this

            If I buy both I dont think I will need any powders for the next 5-6 years since these just wouldnt get over !! Gosh cant even imagine that !!!

            1. :laugh: :laugh: Hey HD keep the reviews in ur mind and just try both once. You might be able to decide one 🙂
              Else try both, buy both and give skin finish to me and sheer one to Rati 😉 😉

              1. You know I really wouldnt mind doing that 🙂 Infact wud love to gift u’ll

                Somehow I am more generous in spending on others than myself …

                1. You are really sweet !!!!! Though I like gifting others if that is something I dont have and I really like it, Ill keep it for myself 😉 Selfish side of me :devil:

                2. Aww!! that’s very sweet of you, HD . But it’s more important that you pick up what suits your skin the most. 🙂

                  That would be the best gift. 🙂

  5. Aarthi…I’ve done that a couple of times…got something to gift someone and kept it for myself and had to buy another gift 😉

  6. skin finish or this? this has a mirror and a puff. hmm… i don’t like carrying around brushes. but correct me if i’m wrong, doesn’t the skin finish give a beautiful dewy look? i don’t want to get the wrong product, especially since it’s going to last so long.

    1. Ha ha ha!! I hv someone on my side…..I am equally confused Rima n in the exact state of mind as u….incase u make ur choice before me, do let me know

      Anyone here used both of these??

      MACQueen wht abt u?

      1. MSFN is a low coverage foundation which can equally be used as a setting powder :)) since it is mineral – it will never give a 100% matte effect, hence the ‘natural’. A lot of oily skinned people also like it though, cos of the ‘glow’ which never looks too greasy!

        This is more of a setting powder, I doubt if it has much coverage and is mainly good for touchups. MSFN is more of a by-itself product. :))
        .-= ki.´s last blog ..Quick tips =-.

          1. Rima,

            just for the ingredients sake it has bismuth oxychloride and it tends to break out a lot of people. Now I have a lot of products that has this ingredient and they never broke me out. So you see for yourself, just in case.

            I am not sure of sheer powder since i have not used it. Will ask Aarthi to let us know. :fingersxd:

              1. Rima
                My suggestion. Pls. ask the makeup artist at MAC to give you a trial. Apply it – dont purchase. keep it for 8-10 hrs and if you feel good about it then purchase. The MAC artist will definitely encourage you for that.

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