Mac Sheen Supreme Lipstick Quite the Thing Review

Mac Sheen Supreme Lipstick Quite the Thing

Hi beauties!
Today I am gong to be sharing with you all a review on the latest MAC lipstick I purchased. So here’s the deal, my mom has a wedding party to go to this upcoming weekend. She bought an emerald green dress and is pairing it with nude heels and a bit of jewelry, but not too much, don’t want to over do the look. My sister and I told my mom to keep her makeup very minimal, with a gorgeous emerald green dress, you don’t want too much color going on or else she’d look like a clown. So in her case, concealer, foundation, mascara and eyeliner would do the trick, and obviously lipstick. We said no to eyeshadow because that would over do the look and just make her everything look way too drastic. And after all, it is supposed to be a minimalistic look!
mac quite the thing lipstick
We made our way to our closest MAC store. I have to say, asking MAC workers to help us select the perfect shade for our mom’s new lipstick was probably the worst thing we could have done. The worker that was helping us barely said anything, nor did she seem like she knew what she was talking about. My sister and I knew more about what shade would suit our mom and her over all look better than the worker!

Originally, we thought a brightish pink would look best but my moms skin tone is quite fair, so bright pinks just didn’t suit her. After figuring that out, we moved onto slightly darker shades of pink that had a bit of purple in them. After trying out god knows how many lipsticks, we finally came across the perfect one for her! The shade that she selected is from their sheen supreme lipwear. The lipstick itself is called “Quite the thing!”. It is such a gorgeous colour! I swear, it’ll suit a lot of girls, which is why I wanted to let you all know of it! Who knows, maybe this will become your new favourite MAC lipstick for the season!
mac quite the thing
Now, let’s talk lipstick girls!

PROS of Mac Sheen Supreme Lipstick Quite the Thing

Color: The color is exquisite. If you’re looking for a lipstick that is not too pink but also not that dark, I guess a plum type color then I’d definitely suggest you buy this one. It’s the perfect match!
lip swatch
Application: You know how sometimes when you apply lipstick and it’s too dry on your lips even after you’ve previously applied lip balm? This lipstick isn’t like that. This lipstick has gloss and it’s almost as if it’s a super tinted lip balm. It’s so unbelievably soft on your lips. It’s a two in one package – a lip balm and lip stick. In fact, sometimes, it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing lipstick. And may I add the lasting hour for this lipstick is unbelievable. I wore it for seven hours straight and didn’t have to retouch it!

Smell: I know this is such a weird category to describe a lipstick, but I’ve tried so many lip products in the past and some smelt horrible. Luckily, MAC’s lipsticks are so well made that they smell delicious. I absolutely love the smell of their lipsticks!

CONS of Mac Sheen Supreme Lipstick Quite the Thing

Price: Doesn’t it suck when MAC has such pretty lipsticks but they are priced at $22 each? It’s quite unfair considering in the United States they charge $16 on their website. I swear, being a girl can be so difficult. All the makeup products we desire are always on the pricey side!

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  1. hey neha l this is such a perfect lippe thank you so much for the review! the sahde and you lotd is sooooooooooooper awesome! will someone make these lippies cost less please ??????????

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