MAC Sized To Go Pigment In Blue Brown Review

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How are you doing today? I am back again with my MAC purchase which is my first experiment with MAC pigments. I am yet to learn how to use this multi-purpose product other then as an eye shadow, but I certainly find it to be a wonderful product to share it on IMBB. We all are familiar with these pigments which are loose glittery powders, which provide intense pigmentation upon usage. Needless to say it is every makeup junkie’s dream product, provided we know the trick and tips to make every possible use of this gem. It is so thoughtful of MAC to launch these “sized to go” pigments which will definitely encourage people like me to try them once considering they are cheaper and available in less quantity than regular sized pigment. I so want to grab all MAC sized to go pigments now. Anyway, let’s talk in detail about MAC Blue Brown Sized to Go Pigment today!

MAC Pigment

I bought the 0.9 Oz “Sized To Go” pack for $10; price may vary store to store.

Product Description:
A highly concentrated loose colour powder that contains ingredients to help it adhere to the skin. Create a subtle wash of colour or an intense effect. Does not streak or cake. Easy to blend and long-lasting. Please note: Sized To Go Pigments are approved for usage in Eye/Lip area (except Violet, not approved for use in Lip area). Sized To Go Pigments are sold by weight, not volume. Containers can appear to be less than full due to settling of the product. All Sized to Go products are totally tote-able in an airport-friendly size of 30ml or less. Pro discount is not applicable.

MAC Pigment (1)

My Experience with MAC Sized To Go Pigment In Blue Brown:

I am happy with “sized to go” version of these MAC pigment which are pocket friendly and make it logical purchase at least for people like me, who hardly use them once or twice a week or a month! They come in same sturdy glass bottle packaging like usual MAC pigment just that they are smaller in size and quantity, though I didn’t find a safety lid beneath the cap. Never mind, they are still user friendly and travel friendly in my opinion. However, I find that due to its narrow opening I always end up using more than needed. I had to either tap it on my hands or on a clean paper to make use of pigment well and pack the rest inside same narrow opening which seem slight tricky in real than I think.

MAC Pigment (5)

The shade “Blue Brown” is a duo-chrome pigment as described by the brand. I find it looking totally different every time in different lighting. I am so impressed to see how we can build it up for a sheer wash of color to an intense pigmented shimmery finish with simple tricks. But it is not an easy task especially, for beginners like me as the shade tends to give reddish marsala hue with gentle sweep which looks tricky on my pale skin and I guess very few people are born with guts to sport marsala on their eye lids or all over body. I like it more intense on my eyes with perfect blend of blue brown shimmer finish, which compliments my skin tone without making me look like an alien or clown.

MAC Pigment (2)

As of now I have limited its usage to eye shadow and as top coat for my boring nail paints. I did try it once over my lip gloss and its sheer marsala hue was definitely looking fine on my lips. But I am not yet comfortable with its shimmery texture on my lips. I find it perfect for every skin tone beauty considering its multi-dimensional chrome finish, even medium/dark beauties would love to use it as their blush-bronzer or for body highlighter as I can imagine how it will give that pretty marsala sheen on tanned dark skin. Not to forget, it pairs up so well with our traditional Indian attires.

MAC Pigment (3)

Coming over the texture, I am in love with this soft powdery pigment. Initially I was really skeptical of using it being a fresher in eye makeup (obviously playing with pigments is not a cake walk). But I was impressed to see how comfortable it is to play with this pigment irrespective of using it very first time or several times! It is really impossible to pick up pigment from its packaging and I need to transfer it on back of my hand or on clean paper first. I simply swirl tapered crease brush or eye shadow brush on pigment and it comes up so intense and buildable on my eye lids. However it is a real trick to save our face makeup while doing so, as it often tends to fall out on my skin. I am a fresher and not perfect in eye makeup and hence I always mess up with fall outs.

But once we are regular with eye makeup we can easily get over with this issue. In fact, using eye shadow fix drops or glue would help with it but I am yet to try them and till then a good primer and NYX eye shadow base are good enough for me. Yes gals, it is not like any cheaper pigment which tends to look powdery or chalky but it adheres nicely to our eye lids with no glue! It looks like a silky powder, which smears on like butter with any good eye shadow or crease brush on our eye lids. I always used it over primer and eye shadows base and never felt need of using any other fix or glue other than a simple trick of dabbing it gently on lid with angled crease brush and then just pat with little pressure with any good crease or eye shadow brush and no blending brush.

MAC Pigment (4)

We can definitely get over the issue of fall outs with perfection and practice and hence, I find it so versatile and easy to use with multiple looks, provided we know the trick. I never found it creasing along fine lines or smudging a bit even in high humid weather or dry scorching summers. It stays on & on for good 8+ hours that too on my oily eye lids. I also love how it never fades and looks freshly applied even after 6-8 hours. I would definitely recommend this particular shade and pigment to all of you. Personally, I will definitely get this again once I finish it off apart from getting hold of every sized to go pigment! Moreover, these sized to go version are likely to finish off some day and are decently priced hence I don’t find any reason to skip them. Now let’s sum up pros and cons.

MAC Pigment (6)

Pros of Mac Sized To Go Pigment In Blue Brown:

  • A versatile shimmery duo chrome pigment which will suit every skin tone.
  • We can use it in numerous ways.
  • It is powdery in texture but soft like velvet which adheres on our eye lids nicely with proper practice and trick.
  • I never used any fix plus or glue to wear it on my oily skin.
  • It simply glides like silky velvet on my well primed eyes giving desired color pay off.
  • The pigment can be used as sheer wash of reddish marsala sheen or build up to intense blue brown pigmentation on our eyes.
  • It does not settle into the crease of the eyes.
  • It does not smudge or budge on my eyes once set.
  • It never fades and looks fresh even after 6-8 hours of wear time.
  • It does not look frosty but a classy shimmery pigment which will suit every traditional Indian attire and wedding look.
  • I find it perfect for bridal and Indian party wear.
  • Decently priced for a fair amount of product in sized to go travel friendly packaging.

MAC Pigment (7)

Cons Of Mac Sized To Go Pigment In Blue Brown:

  • Wearing a pigment is not a cake walk as a little mistake and our eyes, looks as if we have been punched in the eye.
  • The shade itself is not versatile unlike other shades which can be used as blusher, lip colors or bronzers.
  • It takes lot of patience, dedication and practice to wear it with no fall outs and neatness on eyes.
  • Using a blending brush with pigment results a fresh start or a total mess.
  • Its narrow opening often leads to wastage, since we need to tap it on paper or hand for further usage.

Well I feel that with time and practice we can easily overcome all if’s and but’s. Moreover, I believe in “no gain without pain” and these pigments are worth that pain! I am definitely getting them soon as I am gaining confidence with eye makeup brushes! If you are still thinking then I would suggest to just go and grab these sized to go pigment, before you make your mind to get a huge regular pigment pot.

IMBB Rating:

PS: I am yet to master eye makeup but tried my best to give you an idea of this pigment. Please don’t mind my blending mistakes. I had to go a long way!!

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  2. wow i love this pigment shade! Loved the way you have used this. Are these mini tubes available in India as well?

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