MAC Studio Moisture Cream Review

MAC Studio Moisture Cream Review

Hi Ladies,

There was a reason behind my buying MAC Studio Moisture Cream. I have a few dry spots on my face which tend to peel when I put foundation or powder on them. I tried to moisturize my face with many products before putting on any makeup, but it never worked! So, once I went to MAC to buy a concealer and this lady applied this cream on me before putting on the concealer and guess what, no peeling! So, I had to get it and thankfully I no longer have this problem.

MAC Studio Moisture Cream Review

Product Details:

Product name: MAC Studio Moisture Cream (Creme Hydrante).


Rs. 2000 for 50 ml.

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Product Description:

A super-rich creamy moisturizer boosted with skin-nourishing extracts including passion fruit, spinach leaf, green tea, algae, wheat germ and coconut. Moistens, feeds, firms and protects the skin. Promotes a healthy radiance.  Diminishes the appearance of fine lines. Good for day and night.


MAC Moisture Cream Ingredients

My Experience with MAC Studio Moisture Cream:

This product comes in a black and white jar with an inner lid provided to keep the product in place.  I have not used this product as a day or night cream. For that purpose, I use the much cheaper Olay cream. I apply it before putting on my makeup. It is super creamy, but when you apply it on your skin, it feels like a blast of water, glides on effortlessly and dries to a matte finish.

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Needless to say, it is very hydrating, at least for my dry skin. Also, it gets absorbed into the skin very easily. Anyway, the best thing is that it has helped tremendously with the dry spots on my face and I don’t witness a single flake on my skin after powdering it or applying foundation. Finally, my Holy Grail for dry spots!

I haven’t really noticed any firming of my face, but I think its mostly because my skin is still young and I use it only before applying makeup.

If you have dry skin and you want to use this cream, it gives even better results if used along with MAC Fix+.  Just spray your face with Fix+ and apply this cream. It will provide your makeup with a soft base.

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Pros of MAC Studio Moisture Cream:

  • Very thick and creamy, but at the same time light on the face.
  • Very hydrating and absorbs quickly.
  • Has a subtle, nice, fresh fragrance to it.
  • Did not cause me any breakouts.
  • Makes dry spots disappear by almost 98%
  • The first jar lasted for almost a year.

Cons of MAC Studio Moisture Cream:

  • Nothing really except its price, but which MAC product isn’t pricey?

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase MAC Studio Moisture Cream?

Of course, it does wonders for my skin. In fact, I am on my second jar now!

Do I Recommend MAC Studio Moisture Cream?

Yes, but only if you have dry and flake-prone skin. Otherwise, you can make do with other good and much cheaper moisturisers. However, I think you all can give it a try this winter, except perhaps if you have super-oily skin.

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17 thoughts on “MAC Studio Moisture Cream Review

  1. I know, people dont rave much about MAc skin care range. But i absolutely absolutely love it. On my 3rd. My HG moisturizer.

  2. soundsss so awesome. i need to try this for suree. thanks for sharing. i ahve dry skin and I am always on a look out for hydrating creams. 🙂

  3. Wow! Never knew MAC had a skincare product like this 🙂
    Thanks for the review Garima 🙂 This will be a boon to people who are unable to wear proper makeup due to their dry and flaky skin.

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