MAC Stylishly Yours Beauty Powder Photos, Swatches

MAC Stylishly yours Beauty Powder Photos, Swatches

Price : Rs 1500 each

mac stylishly yours beauty powder

MAC Too Chic Beauty Powder : is peachy gold all over powder. Mostly beauty powders can be used as all over face products to get that dewy glow. This own I feel would work best as a highlighter. The finish is quite frosty and as an all over face product it might give too much shine to the face. This one would look good on those with warm undertones.

MAC Too Chic beauty Powder

MAC Play it Proper Beauty powder : is a pale pink with soft whitish sheen. This would look good on those with very fair complexion or those with cool undertones. This one also I feel would be a great highlighter than as all over powder considering how frosty the product is.

MAC Play it Proper Beauty powder

Swatches : Left : MAC Play it Proper, Right : MAC Too Chic

Beauty Powder swatches

Beauty powders are one of the great products to look for in collections. They are very fine powders that can work as all over face powders or blushes or highlighters depending on the colour and pigmentation of the beauty power. I have the Brair Rose Beauty Powder. you may check out the full review and finish of the Beauty Powder HERE

These two in the collection I feel can be easily skipped.

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24 thoughts on “MAC Stylishly Yours Beauty Powder Photos, Swatches

  1. Seem to be very frosty & shimmery, though the golden one looks more of a universal shade suiting almost all skin tones/ colours & agree that it would be great as a highlighter than overall face powder.

  2. arent they a bit too frosty???? I feel they will show my pores. hehehe
    Loved the lipsticks though…. and the fluidline too…. grt consistency 🙂

    1. yeah bee too frost.. they’ll look shiny shiny.. bnt since the texture of beauty powders is super smooth i wonder if they’ll accentuate your pores. ?:) ?:)

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