MAC To the Beach Collection Photos and Swatches

MAC To the Beach Eye shadows ( Rs 900):

There are 5 eye shadows in this collection.

  • Fire cracker : It’s a muted coral colour. It’s very pigmented and has a frosted sheen to it.
  • Humid : It’s a moss green colour with golden undertones. Great for smokey green eyes. Would look flattering on most skin tones. Excellent shade!
  • Sweet and punchy : It’s a yellow based green. Actually it looks more yellowy than green. Pigmented and has a looks satiny.
  • Shimmermoss : It’s a teal blue colour. It’s very pigmented and a lot of people would be able to pull off this shade.
  • Sand and sun : this is my least favourite colour from the collection. It’s a soft peach colour. the finish is matte and it’s least pigmented among all 5 eye shadows. You may haveΒ  asoft wash of all over colour with this but other than that this didn’t impress me too much.

MAC To the Beach Eyeshadows

Here are the swatches:

MAC To the Beach Eyeshadows

My favourites : Sweet and Punchy, humid and shimmermoss.

MAC To the Beach Eyeshadows

Here is Sun and Sand : It wasn’t showing on my wrist so had to swatch it on my finger.

Sand and Sun Eyeshdow

Lip Pencils : ( Rs 900)

  • Life’s a breeze : It’s a warm pink colour.
  • Temperature Rising : It’s stunning orange colour. i was almost drooling over it but then this is not the kinds that could be pulled off easily. Those who can rock orange, I think this is a must pick. Delicious!!
MAC To the Beach Eye Kohl
Left Life's Breeze, Right Temprature Rising

MAC To the Beach Eye Kohl

Eye Kohls ( Rs 900): Since these are kohls, these could be worn on waterline and these are very much prone to smudging.

Rosemary and Thyme : It’s a dry henna colour and among the two pencils, I liked this one more.

MAC EYe Kohl, ROsemary and Thyme

Float on By : It’s a teal blue colour. A lot of people might just pick it up because this can be easily worn.

Float on by

The pigmentation and intensity of the colours is excellent. See the swatches.

MAC EYe Kohl

Lip Glasses : ( Rs 950)

Three shades :

  • Splashing : It’s a pinkish gloss with multi-colour shimmer to it. The gloss is barely pigmented and on lips it would come out mostly clear shimmery gloss.
  • Flurry of fun : It’s a peachy orange lipgloss with bluish shimmer to it. I liked it the most among the three . It’s such a fun gloss. πŸ˜›
  • Easy lounger : It’s a baby pink colour with multi -coloured shimmer to it. It’s the least shimmery and most pigmented among the three glosses.

MAC Lip Glass
Top to Bottom - Fun of FLurry, Splashing, Easy Lounger

MAC Lip Glass Easy Lounger
MAC Lip Glass Easy Lounger

MAC Lip Glass Splashing
MAC Lip Glass Splashing

Flurry of Fun
Flurry of Fun

Lipglass Swatches

MAC To the Beach lip glass Swatches

Nail Laquer : (Rs 750)

These are a little over priced for the glosses but tehse are the most interesting thing I found in the collection. Weird!

  • Scorcher : It’s a deep coral red colour. Stunning!
  • In the Buff : It’s a wet pale mud colour…I can’t think of any other explanation. It just looked like those childhood clay colour.

MAC Nail Laquer
MAC Nail Laquer - Left Scorcher , right - In the buff

MAC Nail Laquer

MAC to the Beach blush : Get Away Bronze ( Rs 1150)

It’s a metallic bronze colour and the colour payoff is quite high. A lot of people with deep wheatish complexion would pull off this colour beautifully. The blush also has a high sheen to it. Might look a little muddy on people with fair or light wheatish complexion.

MAC Get Away blush
MAC Get Away blush

MAC Get Away blush

MAC Get Away blush

Marine Life Highlight Powder : Rs 1550

It’s the most hyped product in the collection. The sea horse has golden wash of colour on it while the highlight powder is actually a deep coral and pink blush. i wonder why they call it a highlight powder because..

MAC MArine Life Highlight powder

actually there is no highlight in it… But anyway. The coral is actually an orangy-coral and you would love it if you like your blush to show. I was wearing it the whole day today. And the coral stays coral the entire day, it doesn’t turn pinkish or anything.

No matter how much I loved it or how easily I pulled it off, I know it would just be sitting pretty in my collection for most time of the year. So I just let it go. Call me a fool but I was also a little upset about the absence of hipness blush in the collection. Silly, I know…

MAC MArine Life Highlight powder

I would still agree that it’s what makes the collection look so beautiful.

MAC MArine Life Highlight powder

MAC to the Beach Bronzing powders: ( Rs 1250)

MAC Bronzing powders

Refined Golden : Soft brown with golden shimmer. For people with light to medium complexions.

MAC Bronzing powder
MAC Bronzing powder - Refined Golden

Golden’ : Deep Brown with golden shimmers. For people with medium to dark complexions.

MAC Bronzing powder
MAC Bronzing powder - Golden

MAC bronzing Powder

MAC Lustre Drops : Rs 1150

The look like cute eye drop bottles. πŸ˜› Lustre drops are liquid highlighters. The MUA told me that you can mix these in foundations of an all over glow or just use them on the highpoints of the face to highlight your features. They look like molten liquids, you just need teeny weeny amount of these for every use.

MAC Lustre Drops
MAC Lustre Drops Up - Pink Rebel, below- Sunrush

And there is a very thin nozzle

MAC To the Beach bronze Body Oil

Both the lustre drops have a peachy undertone. Sun rush isΒ  a peachy golden colour while pink rebel is a pale peachy pink colour. These are not at all glitter. they just give a high shine to your face. Tried and tested. πŸ˜‰

MAC Lustre Drops

MAC to the Beach Bronzing Oil : RS 1250 . Bronzed oil for all over body.

MAC To the Beach bronze Body Oil

MAC To the Beach bronze Body Oil

MAC to The Beach lipsticks :

  • Beach Bound : Its a very sheer peach colour and it’s quite shimmery as well. It had to swipe the lipstick quite a number of time on my wrist to even seen the colour.
  • Lazy Day : This is THE lipstick I liked from the collection. It’s a soft pink colour. Nothing great about it but it reminded me a lot of Lady Gaga .
  • Thrills : It’s an orangey copper colour and has lot of golden shimmer to it. You wouldn’t like it too much if you don’t like orange toned lipsticks on you.
  • Fun bathing : It’s a deep rose colour and has a multi colour shimmer to it.

MAC To the Beach lipsticks

MAC to the Beach - Glaze
MAC to the Beach - Glaze

MAC to the Beach

MAC to teh Beach - Lazy Day
MAC to the Beach - Lazy Day

MAC to the Beach - Thrills
MAC to the Beach - Thrills

Kill me because I took the swatches of the lipstick but forgot to click it. I think I’ll kill myself only. :zombiekiller:

Overall I think it’s an excellent collection. Everyone can pick something or the other from the collection. :yes: to MAC for such a great show.

Ahem! Ahem! I might show you Hipness blush tomorrow or day after. Not promising but I might. :shy:


39 thoughts on “MAC To the Beach Collection Photos and Swatches

  1. i just got back from MAC…and I got me self some goodies from the collection… πŸ˜€
    so here is my lisut that I finally got…(i could not get hold on the blushes…they only had 2 pieces stock and were sold out by the time I hit the store πŸ˜₯

    Lip products:
    Lazy day
    Flurry of fun

    for the eyes:
    rosemary and thime
    float on by

    and one mineralized face and body lotion…

    I din’t get the bronzer as they are also available in the permanent line (so not in a rush to get them) πŸ˜›

    1. No…the sea horse was all sold out… πŸ˜₯
      I don’t understand the funda of launching a collection (and calling it one) if there are not enough products…
      the store opens at 12:00 pm I was in @ 3:00 and they were all gone!!! :-X

  2. The shouldn’t use it..just keep it somewhere so IMBB guests coming in to your house can admire it..its so pretty..and looks sad with all that gold wiped off πŸ™

  3. i only like life is a breeze lip pencil…but 900 fr a lip pencil…..naaaaaaaaaaahhh wud prefer buying a lipstick in same amount…

  4. the sea horse looks so cute but what a waste it will be for me! just as you said, it would only sit prettily at home and swim around.
    beach bound looks so nice in the tube. can you believe that i’m lusting after a sheer, golden lipstick?

      1. It reminds me of a lipstick from the maybelline color sensational collection. Don’t remember which one….have been thinking about since morning..

        Golden can relate…sheer cannot relate. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

        It’s a very pretty blush, Rima. Even Sanjeev complimented me today but I know I wouldn’t be wearing it that often…ummm..think sooo… and now I am twinking. πŸ˜›

  5. Rima,

    The sheer golden lipstick in good, but if you have a warm skin tone, this one could make one looked a little washed out… πŸ˜›

  6. Hi Rati…….I dropped in this evening and picked up 4 things from MAC. Thrills lipstick, the Flurry of Fun lip gloss, the eye kohl in Float, and the Chromagraph eye pencil for the lower eye rim in the light skin shade (it’s still in my bag). Hope you’ve read my last night’s email and the email I sent just before going out today. I just love the Thrills lipstick, it is so frosty and these days I am liking peaches & corals so much. Looking forward to your reply.

    1. Did get your mails, Sabrina. Would be replying in awhile. Had a busy day. πŸ™‚

      Glad you are loving thrills so much. It’s pretty. πŸ™‚

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