MAC Virgin Isle Cream Colour Base Review

mac virgin isle cream color base
Hi, I’ve been a regular reader of this blog and this has been my go to place for any review before buying any product! I feel this is a great forum for people to discuss make-up and other things and really bond. This is my first review to IMBB and I look forward to any comments and suggestions.

mac virgin isle
Gonna start off with my latest MAC acquisition- the limited edition Virgin Isle Cream Colour base, part of the Stylishly Yours collection. Its a coral-orange shade with high pigmentation. I found that most pictures of this product on other blogs looked almost neon orange and I was extremely skeptic at first about getting this but when I saw this at the store and swatched it, I knew it was more Coral with pinkish undertones than Orange and fell in love with it right away.
virgin isle product
Orange is the new fuschia and is the “IT” colour of the season. And it looks really great on Indian skin for both the cheeks and the lips. It is a cream finish and has no sparkles or shimmer or frost. I’ve been wanting to get a nice coral blush for a long time and I’m glad I found this. I mostly only wear cheek tints and wanted to try out a cream blush. I stay away from powder blushes coz I like my make-up to look dewy as opposed to matte. I swatched a few MAC cream blushes but i didnt like the feel of them. They have greater oil content and would slide on my face coz my skin is oily! And then I discovered cream colour bases. These arent as oily as the cream blushes and manage to look dewy but not greasy! Perfect for all skin types!
product brush
This shade can be used on cheeks and lips but isnt safe for use on eyes (as per the leaflet that comes with the package). I guess this could be because of the presence of the red pigment which some people are sensitive to. Anyhoo, this package is like any other MAC CCB and comes in a black round box with a clear panel on top. You get 3.2g/0.12 US Oz of the product for Rs.1000.
mac brush
Its creamy but not too soft. It is intensely pigmented and just one swipe will give you enough colour. I love how it looks on the cheeks. I use an angled fluffy blush brush and i lightly dab it over this pan and then run it across my cheeks n blend. This way the colour payoff is more even as opposed to applying with fingers which may turn out patchy. Although this doesnt dry down to a powder finish, it doesnt turn greasy either. It stays on my skin for a good 4 hours before fading slightly coz I have oily skin. Dry skinnies will definitely find that this lasts longer. I apply this and then pat my sheer compact powder over it to settle it. This doesnt slide on my face even if I sweat. Its quite waterproof and splashing water over it doesnt remove it. However, it will be removed if you rub over it with a wet cloth.
For the lips I use it either with my MAC 318 retractable lip brush or my fingers. I jus swipe it once and apply it all over my lips. This feels drying on the lips so I find it works better with lip balm underneath and light gloss over it. It also slightly stains the lips. I find it lasts on my lips for 4 hours with light snacking and drinking water in between. Sometimes the stain will be left over and I just need to reapply the gloss over it. I love wearing this shade on my lips and find it brightens my complexion without looking OTT! Would definitely suit most Indian complexions.
I’m medium complexioned- NC40 with a normal to oily skin and 27 years old with mild acne marks on my face.

Pros of MAC Virgin Isle Cream Colour Base

• Very good pigmentation. A little goes a long way.
• Gives a dewy look, not greasy.
• Will suit all complexions-fair, wheatish and dusky.
• Will suit both normal and dry skinned people
• Multipurpose- can be used for both cheeks and lips
• Amazing colour- perfect shade of coral-orange.
• Doesn’t settle in pores or fine lines

Cons of MAC Virgin Isle Cream Colour Base

• Drying on lips- need a balm underneath it
• Not as long lasting as cheek tints but still better than other cream and powder blushes. So this is not really a con!

I absolutely love this and hope they make it a part of their permanent line because I would definitely want to repurchase this! (Although I’m not sure when I’ll be able to finish it up coz there’s so much product and its deeply pigmented too)

On most days in summer I just apply moisturizer and compact and apply this on my cheeks and lips and some kajal and I’m sorted! Looks amazing! Must buy! Highly recommend this to everyone! 🙂 :-*

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    1. The lip brush is MAC retractable 318, the blush brush is a part of a set i ordered from This site is Hong Kong based and quite cheap. Quality is ok. Wanna get Sigma brushes soon!

  1. I have the magenta version of this TPS and I love it to bits. these were the must haves from stylishly yours. Agree with your review 100% . I have dry skin so it lasts all day on me . The staying power is commendable. Great review and lovely pics. :))

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