MAC VIVA GLAM CYNDI – Swatches and Review

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MAC VIVA GLAM CYNDI – Swatches and Review.

How many of us here lust after classic red lipsticks? Having said that, how many of us do actually have the courage to pull a classic red lip? Definitely not me! I try so many bold colors at home, but when it comes to sporting it outside…I chicken out and stick to the same old pinks. So, when MAC launched the VIVA glam with Lady gaga and Cyndi Lauper. I was super excited. Why? Coz I read so many people claim that Cyndi is such a wearable bold color. So I had to check it out for myself.
MAC Cyndi Lauper


So, I hit the MAC counter and went straight to Cyndi and gave it a try. Voila! It instantly added some much needed color and brightened up my face. Cyndi had me at hello! (Ok, that was corny, I know. Please don’t judge me 🙂 )

What is special about this lipstick?

MAC says:
A limited edition VIVA GLAM Lipstick named after celebrity spokesperson, Cyndi Lauper. Features a high-lustre finish and a light coral-red colour. As with all VIVA GLAM products, every cent raised through the purchase of VIVA GLAM Cyndi goes to the M•A•C AIDS Fund to support the fight against HIV/AIDS.

The color is such a beautiful coral/reddish color. It looks totally scary in the tube. Looks like bright orangish red. I was so excited about this shade that I forced Rati to let me write a review even though she has already has an article and some swatches. The best part of this lipstick is that it is a luster finish, which means that it is moisturizing. That automatically means that it applies on very sheer. I love that this doesn’t go on very dark on the lips and it’s buildable. When I say buildable you’ll still get a glossy color rather than how a matte lipstick would be. But I have to put it out there. This may not be a daily wear kinda lipstick. Coz it is bright. But for evenings/parties/weddings this’ll be the PERFECT shade.

Please pardon these crappy pics and my crappy lipstick application. The camera flash does no good to the beauty that is this. I took these pictures in the night, so had to use flash.The color looks washed out but in real it looks much brighter in the tube.

MAC Cyndi Lauper


  • Loving the color. It’s a bright, bold color. But I think a lot of Indian complexions can carry this with ease.
  • Love the packaging. The inside case is bright red in color. Since it’s a viva glam inspired by Cyndi lauper, the lipstick case has her autograph in red. (Not that it means much to me , but just looks nice 🙂
  • Love the glossy finish.
  • Staying power is decent. Upto 4 hrs if don’t eat/drink anything. Even if the glossiness wears off, it leaves behind a beautiful red stain on the lips.
  • The money from VIVA GLAM sales go for a very good cause. So, it feels good to spend on such stuff knowing that somebody is going to benefit from it.

I absolutely adore this lipstick. It’s my special red lipstick. I really wish I had this lipstick during my wedding. It would have been the perfect reddish coral shade. So if you are getting married in the near future or on the lookout for a reddish lipstick, please go check this out. But promise you’ll try this baby when you hit the MAC store next time. I think a lot of you will fall in love.


8 thoughts on “MAC VIVA GLAM CYNDI – Swatches and Review

  1. But the application looks too sheer. Its not looking glamrous. I am dissapointed. I love red lipsticks and intense ones. The effect is so chic

  2. I think red for everyone is different. I mean some people look hot in billboard reds also. I also liked this lipstick. Infact that’s the kind of reds I can also carry. :yes:

    1. I agree, I was looking at it from a different perspective. This definitly would be more wearable on daily basis. Jane thumbs up to you

  3. Yeah this not the classic red. Its a great mordern interpretation of teh classic red in that a lot of people will be able to carry this off 🙂

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