Maggi Recipe : Hot and Sweet Manchurian Style

How to make hot and sweet Manchurian style maggi

Now that I have revealed my secret project :p, I have very little time to go to the market πŸ˜› thus I ended up with no oregano in my house .The last time I wrote about how to make the maggi in red sauce , I got so many comments from you guys telling me about how you do it and I was so excited to try out your styles . Then one day when I was making starting to make my maggi I realized I had no oregano and I couldn’t make my usual maggi . I tried to make a maggi without oregano which would be as tangy as the last one . I ended up with this maggi recipe Hope you guys like it . This is not the actual Manchurian recipe πŸ˜› its just my version .
You will need
1) Onions – 2 big ones
2) Tomatoes- 4 big ones
3) Garlic- 8 to 10 cloves
4) Green chili sauce
5) Soya sauce
6) Salt- to taste
7) Sugar- to taste
8) Atta maggi noodles or normal ones- 1 cube


1)First you will take the maggi noodles and boil them till they get soft , then drain them and pour cold water on top so that they do not become soggy . drain it in the sifter.


maggi 2
step 3
maggi step 3

After getting your noodles cooked , we will cook our sauce
2)Cut the garlic and onions into small pieces so it can be grinded.

 step 4
maggi step 4

3) Grind them together.

 step 5
maggi step 5
 step 6
maggi step 6

And you can also grind your tomatoes into a puree

maggi step 7
maggi step 7

4)Now put this mixture in the pan with oil and cook it till it gets golden brown , try not to burn it else you will have a very bad taste of the sauce .

step 8
maggi step 8

5) Add salt and puree in the pan and let this cook for 10 to 20 minutes on low heat .

 step 9
maggi step 9
 step 10
maggi step 10

6) Add the green chilli sauce as much as you want and the soya sauce around 1 table spoon .
because of the soya sauce it would become a bit black

soy sauce
soy sauce
 step 13
maggi step 13
 step 14
maggi step 14
 step 15
maggi step 15

7)coming to the sweet part, add sugar to it. The quantity of the sugar would be less than that of the salt you put you put in one spoon of salt, a little less than one spoon of sugar is required.

 step 16
maggi step 16

8)After that is done you will take your noodles and put them in the sauce , stir it around and cover it up for the noodles to soak up the sweet and sour flavor .

 step 17
maggi step 17

And you will have your maggi noodles , sweet and sour style .

 step 18
maggi step 18

Points to remember-
1) The flavor in this is from the garlic and onion so use it as much as you can
2) Make sure not to put more sugar than salt.
3) If the sauce gets too sweet or salty just add a bit of water in the sauce before putting noodles in it . cook it and then put noodles in it

Hope you guys enjoy this maggi

maggi step 19 ready
maggi step 19 ready


How do you prefer your maggi to be? πŸ™‚

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