How to Make Breasts Bigger at Home

Women’s breasts are considered one of the most beautiful and vital part of a women’s beauty. In today’s world, most celebrities are opting for surgical treatments for bigger breasts. But, they come with a lot of health risks and is against the laws of nature (personal opinion). However, there are natural ways to enhance your breast size. Breast size also depends a lot on parents genes, hormones and nutrition. Often young girls neglect the diet which causes improper growth of breast. Today, we are going to discuss about natural tips which can increase breast size.

How to Make Breasts Bigger at Home

How to Get Bigger Breasts at Home

1. Nutrition is the Key:

Nutrition is the most important role in a women’s beauty, be it skin, hair, nails or breasts. The body needs proper nutrition to function and to look beautiful. For bigger breast, it is advised to consume foods rich in estrogen and phytoestrogens, the hormone responsible for breast growth. Foods rich in estrogen and phytoestrogens are
• Milk – consume at least one glass of milk daily.
• Yogurt.
• Soy milk.
• Soya beans- Soy contains phytoestrogens and also isoflavones, which fight against cancer cells that may occur in breast tissue.
• Dried nuts- they are rich in healthy fats and build beast tissue and promotes breast growth.
• Eggs (for breakfast).
• Lentils.
• Whole grains.
• Fish.
• Cheese.
• Peanut butter.
• Pomegranate.
• Cherries.
• Carrots.
• Tomato.
• Quinoa.
• Olive oil.
• Flax seeds – used in breast enlargements pills.
• Fenugreek seeds- often used in breast enlargements pills.
• Linseed oil.

Tip: consuming too much estrogen can cause harm than good, always consume in moderation.

2. Exercise:

Young woman bench pressing with dumbbells in the gym working triceps and chest

There are many exercises that you could easily perform at home to increase breast size and some of which include
• Push ups: Come in a plank position, keep your hands right below your shoulders, hands should be shoulder width apart. Go low without touching your chest on the ground and come up. If you’re a beginner, it’s too challenging. So, touch your knees on the ground, folding your feet and perform a push up, gradually learn to do a push up without the support. 10 repetitions with 3 sets. (Beginners can do 5 reps with 3 sets)

• Wall push up: This is exactly like a push up. But you will be performing it standing, using a wall. Keep your hands on the wall at shoulder level. Exhale as you push off the wall and your arms are stretched straight. Perform 15 repetitions with 3 sets.

• Chest press: Lie flat on a bench holding lightweight dumbbells and feet flat on the floor. Push the dumbbells so that your hands are over your shoulders. Keep your chest out and chin up during the exercise. Perform 15 repetitions of 3 sets.

3. Massage:

This is one the most effective methods in increasing breast size. It allows nutrient rich blood to flow to breast tissue. Also, it promotes health blood circulation. It removes toxic buildup which causes cancer. Simply use mustard oil/ fenugreek oil and gently massage in circular strokes at night for 5-10 minutes.
Tip: Sleep without a bra as it allows your breasts to grow (especially if you are in growing age). Also, it keeps breast diseases and cancer at bay.

4. Eat vitamins:

Young woman taking pill

Consider multivitamin that includes vitamins A, E and C These there vitamins increases breast size and promotes healthy skin. Vitamin A nourishes the skin. Vitamin C increases the collagen production. Collagen production is vital for keeping the skin tight, toned and firm. This will help breasts to stay tight without sagging. Vitamin E helps in overall skin health.

5. Herbal Pills:

Breast enlargement pills contain a combination of natural herbs like fenugreek, fennel, wild yam extract, saw palmetto, damiana, dong quai blessed thistle and mother’s wort these are the common ingredients used in some of herbal breast enlargement pills. You can buy such pills online, please don’t look for discounts and cheap products, as sale products often contain cheap ingredients. Always choose a trusted reputed site when it comes to body/skin.

6. Breast creams:

The market is flooded with variety of breast creams which promises breast enlargement. You can choose from a wide range of products. You can choose organic/herbal products as they are safer to use. It is important to buy from a reputed site and also check customers review prior your order.

7. Wear the right size bra:

women measuring bra size (1)

According to a survey, 8 out of 10 women wore a wrong sized bra. Signs that your one of them- your straps or falling from your shoulders, your straps are too tight and causes lines on the skin. The cups are baggy or left with some space, the underwire pokes you,The bands rides back. Use a bra calculator and calculate your bra size you just need a inch tape. Wearing the right size can make your breast appear fuller also it will make your body look one size smaller.

How to Measure your Perfect Breast Size

• Calculate your band size. Just under your cups the area where your tie your bra hooks. Measure using a inch tape.
• Calculate your cup size. The area where your breasts are the fullest. Exactly on the nipples.
• Wrap around the inch tape and don’t tighten the tape hard nor loosen it too much, this way you’ll get accurate numbers.
• Follow the chart and get your perfect fit.

Remember, god made every one of us, you’re unique and beautiful in every way. Never underestimate your self worth! Love yourself and don’t just go crazy over getting big boobs. There are so many celebrities with decent sized breasts and yet they look sensational. (Can’t name them) Thanks for reading!

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